Here are some rants from the WWF and WCW Past and Present


I’ve now decided that I’m going to do some tape trading with these videos just like I’m doing with my gameshows. Any rant that’s on this page I have the video except for ones marked with an asterisk (*) which I rented or have on DVD. E-mail me and we’ll try to work out a deal!





The first one!


Wrestlemania II

Live from three cities!


Wrestlemania III

The first Granddaddy of them all!


Wrestlemania IV

A 16 man tournament for the WWF title!


Wrestlemania V

The Megapowers EXPLODE!! (or should I say IMPLODE?!!!)


Wrestlemania VI

The Ultimate Challenge in Toronto!!


Wrestlemania VII

Superstars and Stripes Forever!!


Wrestlemania VIII

The Battle In HoosierLand!!


Wrestlemania IX

Caesar’s Challenge!


Wrestlemania X

Filled with Wrestling, Ladders and Lame celebrities!


Wrestlemania XI

The NFL and WWF Collide!!


Wrestlemania XII

The One Hour Showdown!


Wrestlemania XIII

A Very Bloody Rattlesnake!!


Wrestlemania XIV

Degeneration X Raided


Wrestlemania XVI *

A Fatal Four Way Title Match with the McMahon’s at ringside!


Wrestlemania X-Seven

Houston, We’ve got a problem here.


Royal Rumble 1989  *

The first one on PPV


Royal Rumble 1990

The Hulkster and the Warrior collide!!


Royal Rumble 1992

The Vacant WWF title on the line in the rumble!


Royal Rumble 1995

A Wild Night in the Sundome!!


Royal Rumble 1997

A huge dead crowd at the Alamodome cheering their hometown hero!!


Royal Rumble 1998

Fire is just a 4 letter word


Royal Rumble 2000 *

Street Fight in New York City!!


Royal Rumble 2001

Madness in the Mardi Gras city!!


Survivor Series 1987

The first one with Hogan and Andre again!


Survivor Series 1988

The Mega Powers VS The Twin Towers!


Survivor Series 1989

Remember Zeus?


Survivor Series 1992

A lot of interesting matchups here


Survivor Series 1993

4 Doinks against 4 Fat Guys


Survivor Series 1994

Towel match for the title!


Survivor Series 1998 *

Another 16 man title tournament


Summerslam 1989

Feel the heat!! Uh what heat?


Summerslam 1991

A Match made in Heaven and in Hell!


Summerslam 1993

USA VS Japan. Where have I seen that before?


Summerslam 1994

Two brothers Caged!


Summerslam 1997

Bret’s last match in the USA?


Summerslam 1998

The Highway To Hell!


King Of The Ring 1993

The End Of Hulkamania in the WWF! (At least for 9 years.)


King Of The Ring 1994

Bret and Diesel hook at it.


King Of The Ring 1997

Last man standing huh?


King Of The Ring 1998

Proof that Mick Foley is a crazy man.


Canadian Stampede 1997

A Huge home coming for the Hart Foundation


Badd Blood 1997

The First Ever Hell In The Cell!


Best Of The WWF Volume 11

A Tribute to Roddy Piper


No Way Out Of Texas 1998

8 Man non sanctioned Brawl!


No Way Out 2000

Mick Foley’s last match?


Unforgiven 1998 *

Fire in the ring!


Over The Edge 1998

Want to see Mad Dog Vachon and the Crusher?


Hacksaw Jim Duggan *

Mr “Hoooooooooo!” Himself


Demolition *

These guys were cool


Invasion Of The Body Slammers *
Slick teaches Kamala how to bowl. Yawn.


Monday Night Raw Prime Cuts

How would you like them cooked? Rare or Well done?


Revenge Of The Taker 1997

More proof that Mick Foley is a crazy man



What’s so super about this tape?


Supertape 2

This is more like it


Supertape 3

Back to that crap again.


Winter Combat 1996

Best of In Your Houses 4 and 5


Smack Em Whack Em

The Bushwhackers try to improve a house and nearly kill Alfred Hayes in the process


Hulkamania 6

Superstars and Stripes Forever!




July 3rd 1995

Bam Bam Bigelow VS Sycho Sid


July 10th 1995

The Allied Powers VS Tatanka and Henry Godwinn


July 17th 1995

Shawn Michaels VS I.R.S.


July 24th 1995

Bret Hart VS Hakushi


August 7th 1995

Diesel VS Sir Mo


August 14th 1995

Shawn Michaels VS Jerry Lawler

August 21st 1995

The Undertaker VS Tatanka


September 11th 1995

Shawn Michaels defends the IC title VS Sycho Sid


September 18th 1995

Yokozuna and Owen Hart VS Men On a Mission


September 25th 1995

The Undertaker VS The British Bulldog


October 2nd 1995

Bret Hart VS Jean Pierre Laffitte


October 9th 1995

Diesel, Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker VS Yokozuna, Owen Hart and The British Bulldog


October 16th 1995

Steel Cage Match: Bret Hart VS Isaac Yankem




Clash Of The Champions 6 Rajun Cajun

Flair VS Steamboat Part 2


Clash Of The Champions 9 New York Knockout

What a knockout this was for me.


Bash At The Beach 1995 *

Hogan and Vader Caged Yippee!


Bash At The Beach 1996

The N.W.O is born!


Bash At The Beach 1999  *

A Boxing match, An Eight man elimination match and a junkyard hardcore battle royal! That means a good show right? Yeah.


Great American Bash 1995 *

The Renegade wins a title. What a shock.


Hog Wild 1996

Live from Biker Country


Road Wild 1999 *

Nash and Hogan. Rodman and Savage, Goldberg and Steiner, Sting and Sid. Whew!


Slamboree 1999 *

Piper VS Flair. Wake me when it’s over.


Spring Stampede 1997

DDP and Randy Savage go at it.


Spring Stampede 1999

This definitely was a stampede.


Starrcade 1988



Starrcade 1997

18 months in the making. Was it worth the wait?


Starrcade 1998 *

Goldberg is 162-0. Will it end here?


SuperBrawl V

Hogan and Vader go at it.


Uncensored 1995

Unwatchable is more like it.


Uncensored 1997

Pretty Watchable is more like it.


Uncensored 1999 *



Here are some other things I have


Backlash 1999

World Tour 1990

Wrestlefest 1990

SuperBrawl IX (1999)

Macho Madness (1988)

Wrestling’s Most Embarrasing Moments (1987)

Supertape 4 (1991)

More Saturday Night’s Main Event (1989)

Cause Stone Cold Said So (1997)

WWF Raw 9/11/95

         9/18/95 9/25/95 10/2/95 10/9/95 10/16/95

         1/29/96 2/19/96 2/26/96 3/11/96 4/1/96

WWF Mania 2/10/96

WWF All American Wrestling 1/13/91 (about ¾ of the ep but cuts off during the Royal Rumble report.)



Mick Foley Hard Knocks and Cheap Pops (2001)

Triple H, The Game (2002)

Hulk Still Rules (2002)

Best Of Raw Volumes 1 and 2 (2001)

Bloodbath, Wrestlings Most Incredible Steel Cage Matches (2003)

The Ultimate Ric Flair Collection (2003)

Wrestlemania XIX (2003)


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