Monday Night Raw from August 7th 1995 (Taped July 24th) from Louisville, Kentucky


The reason why I donít have the July 31st edition is because I accidentally taped it in SP mode so I decided to tape over it.


Last week. Razor Ramon and Savio Vega challenged Owen Hart and Yokozuna for the tag team titles. Razor pinned Owen with the Razorís Edge only to find out that Owen was the illegal man. The match continued but without Jim Cornette at ringside. Razor gives the signal for the Razorís Edge but then TV time ran out. So the match up restarts this week. Also WWF Champion Diesel faces Sir Mo as the buildup for the WORST TITLE MATCH EVER at Summerslam continues.


Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler


Tag Team Title Match: Owen Hart and Yokozuna (with Mr. Fuji and Jim Cornette) VS Razor Ramon and Savio Vega

Are you sure that Savio Vega was never a part of the clique? It sure seemed that way with him being tagged with Razor frequently. Owen is pissed tonight as he as to go thru these guys again twice in one night. Vince announces that Gorilla Monsoon was announced as the new WWF interim president and he already changes one of the matches at Summerslam. More on that later. Yoko starts with Razor. Yoko slams Razor but misses an elbow. Savio is in and so in Owen after a little while. This shouldíve been the first round of the KOTR tourney as well as the opening match on that card IMO. Either that match or Razor VS Owen. Little bit of armwork by Owen. Razor is back in and he goes to a hammerlock but Owen does a drop toehold. Razor holds on to the arm. Razor pulls Owen out of the ring where Savio throws him back in. Nice guy. Owen takes control of the arm with a hair pull and in comes Yoko. How does this guy eat so much? 10 times more than I do and I weigh 265 pounds. Owen back in and a bit of teamwork leads to a DDT for 2. Rude awakening for another 2. Chinlock by Owen now. He hits an enzuguri for 2. Double headbutt by the champs and Yoko comes in illegally with a nerve pinch.



Owen tries a Flair pin but doesnít get it. Owen sends Razor flying over the top rope. 7 feet I suppose. Yoko gets the tag as Owen throws Razor back in. Yoko punches Razor down and does the foot to the throat. Back to the nerve pinch. Razor gets up but Owen gets the tag. He gets hammered as well. Spinning heel kick by Owen for 2. Razor blocks a hiptoss and hooks a backslide for 2. Slam by Owen. He goes to the top and hits a frog splash for 2. Extended sleeper by Owen. Razor gets up and scores a back suplex. Razor gets the cover for 2. Both Razor and Owen collide and Savio gets the hot tag. Savio starts hammering Yoko. Leg lariat and he rams both Owen and Yoko together. Owen hammers on Savio in the corner and Yoko hits a samoan drop and drops the leg for the pin at 12:08 to retain. Decent match.


The report card with Dean Douglas. Dean teaches about Teamwork this time around and he reviews the matchup that just ended. He gives Razor and Savio a grade of Two Tís. Terrible Twosome. He draws an exclamation point as the conclusion of his report card.


Right before they go to commercial, Diesel high fives Shawn Michaels backstage and Vince has to act all surprised saying ďHey that was Michaels out there!Ē




Jerry Lawler visits Isaac Yankem who uses an x-ray machine on a kidís teeth. By now Isaac is scheduled to face Bret Hart at Summerslam.


Fatu VS Tony Devito

This is Fatuís debut match as Make A Difference Fatu. Why didnít people think this was a good gimmick?


Promos: Nerf Max Force, Justice League Task Force by Acclaim, Judge Dredd Action Figures from Mattell. By now Alfred Hayes is now longer does these. Todd Pettingill is.


Fatu goes over in his debut by pinning Devito with a Frog splash at 2:44. Are you sure thatís not Danny Devitoís brother he just beat?


Vince hypes a Fundraiser drive with an address.




SummerSlam Insider by Stridex.


Todd Pettingill is with interim president Gorilla Monsoon standing by.


WWF Title Match: Diesel VS King Mabel. Yup this is the WORST TITLE MATCH ever. Mabel thinks heís the new WWF generation. I donít.

IC Title Ladder Match: Shawn Michaels VS Razor Ramon. This was changed by Gorilla Monsoon as it was originally supposed to be an IC title match between Shawn Michaels and Sid. But instead Gorilla wants a rematch from Wrestlemania X for the fans. Todd talks to Gorilla about why he wanted to be Interim president. Gorilla wants to be the most fan friendly president ever. He also announces a new match.

Womenís title match: Alundra Blayze VS Bertha Faye. Thatís the equivalent of Diesel and Mabel right there.

Also Bret Hart VS Isaac Yankem D.D.S

Undertaker VS Kama Oh goodie. Thank god Gorilla changed the IC title match.

Itís all Sunday night August 27th at 7PM EST from Pittsburgh




Another Goldust gold glitter promo


Kama (with Ted Dibiase) VS Troy Haste

Monday Night Raw is brought to you by Stridex pads. The two Undertaker fans set up a black wreath for Kama. Kama hammers on Haste as Sid is talking to Vince on the phone. Kama destroys the black wreath and Sid isnít happy about Gorilla changing the IC title match. Kama gets a crossbar submission at 1:24. Kama continues to bad mouth the UT fans. Geez why were these two guys ever a good idea?


Next Week on Raw: Shawn Michaels VS Jerry Lawler. He did accept the challenge!


WWF Champion Diesel VS Sir Mo

Mo comes out to the ring as Barry Bidinski plugs in a cool looking Shawn Michaels T-shirt with all of his quotes over it. Also a special caged edition ofWWF magazine.




Diesel comes out and gets a big (albeit canned) pop. BTW this is the buildup to the WORST TIóWell you get the idea by now.


Promos: Judge Dredd by Acclaim, Nerf Max Force, Judge Dredd action figures by Mattell


We know that both Mabel and Shawn are around so who knows what will happen. Mo does the handshake trick but it doesnít work. Mo gets a cheapshot and starts kicking away. Diesel reverses it and starts hammering Mo. Clothesline in the corner for 2. Eyerake by Mo. Diesel no sells a clothesline and Mo hits a spinning heel kick for 2. Diesel still has an injured back from Mabel at IYH. Diesel slams Mo and he hits a butt splash on the ropes for 2. Big boot knocks Mo to the outside. Mabel starts coming to the ring. He jumps on the apron and distracts Diesel but he climbs down. Mo sends Diesel over the top rope. Shawn Michaels comes out to protect his friend Diesel from Mabel. Mo throws Diesel to the post.




Mo gets a 2 count as we come back. Elbow to the neck for 2. A weak camel clutch by Mo. Come on my mother can do better than that! Even my Grandma! Mo goes to the top rope and misses an elbow. Diesel is up and hits the sidewalk slam and the big boot. Jackknife finishes it at 6:51. Mabel comes in and clotheslines and legdrops Diesel. Shawn comes in and dropkicks Mabel to the outside. He tries a slingshot splash but Mabel catches him and rams him to the ringpost. Thereís another injury by Mabel right there and all he did was put him backfirst to the post. And everybody wonders why this guy is getting a title shot. Just horrible. Diesel saves Shawn from any further harm and the King taunts Michaels from his position. Michaels wants at the King as the show ends.