Nickrjís rant for Supertape Volume 3


A coliseum video release from January 1991


Your hosts are Sean Mooney and Lord Alfred Hayes who are both pretending to fly an airplane. Sean says that for the next 2 hours weíll be crusing at an altitude of 3 feet.


Intercontinental Title Match: The Texas Tornado (Kerry Von Erich) VS Mr. Perfect

From Toronto Maple Leaf Gardens in 9/90 and R.I.P for both men. Tie up to start and Kerry shoves Henning to the corner. Tie up again and the same result almost. Tie up again and Perfect gets a sleeper 90 seconds in and an extended one at that. Tornado powers out but Perfect hooks it on again. Tornado rams Perfect to the corner and Perfect gets some shots in now as Tornado has a bloody nose. Snap mare and necksnap by Perfect followed by a small package for 2. He misses a dropkick though and Kerry with those punches but he takes an eyerake but hooks the claw on Perfect who came from the 2nd rope. Discus punch sends Perfect to the outside. Tornado goes out after him but heís thrown into the ringpost and Perfect beats the count back in at 7:37 winning the match but not the title. Not a good opener 1/2* Henning would win the title back later in the Fall though.


Jimmy Snuka VS The Barbarian

From the same show as above and both these guys pretty much sucked at this point though unlike the last match both these guys are still alive. Stallfest to start. Tie up and Barbie establishes that heís big with a shove but Snuka just woofs at him. Tie up and Barbie gets a tackle but Snuka no sells it too. This is turning into a classic already. More stalling and Barbie gets a side headlock and a tackle. Chops by Snuka now. He goes to the 2nd rope and hits another chop and Barbie is no selling everything. Flying tackle brings Barbie down though and he goes to the outside. More stalling. Side headlock by Snuka and a shoulderblock and both men go nowhere. Cross body for 1 by Snuka and a bad dropkick. Barbie wants the test of strength now. Snuka decides to woof some more before tying up and Barbie gets a knee lift. Geez Barbie finally takes advantage 7 minutes in. Snuka counters a head down and chops some more. He grabs the right arm of Barbie. He blocks a hiptoss but Barbie does the same and nails Snuka. Knee lift nicely sold by Snuka and Barbie kicks him to the outside. Barbie rams him to the post backfirst and then into the railing. Címon get this over with already! Snuka gets a sunset flip but Barbie drops the knees and Snuka rolls him over for 2. Bear hug now by Barbie. Perfect. Snuka fights out of it and Barbie hooks it again. Sean says this has been an exhausting encounter for both men, even more exhausting for me. Snuka fights out of it and gets a headbutt on the headdown and does the 10 chop count. He goes to the 2nd rope and hits a lame flying headbutt. He hits a knee drop for 2. Spinning cross body but Barbie reverses it for 2. Snuka runs into a boot and Barbie gets the pin with his feet on the ropes at 15:13. Yep 15 minutes of this crap. -*** Horrible match.


Tugboat VS Earthquake (with Jimmy Hart)

And I thought things canít get any worse after that last match. I think this match was from Fargo, ND on 10/22/90. Tugboat jumps Quake to start and hits an avalanche and a hiptoss. Tug gets a sideheadlock. Shoulderblock and both men donít move. Quake poses and draws some heat. Tie up again and Quake goes to the headlock now. Another shoulderblock and no one moves and another one. Dropkick by Quake! Not a good one but impressive for a 470 pounder. He now goes to his slow offense on Tugboat. Elbow drop and another one for 2 Ĺ. Another shoulderblock and Tugboat hits a clothesline and a big splash but Hart diverts the ref and gets nailed by Tug. Tug does a dropkick now and Quake is tied up! Quake and Hart takes some shots and Dino Bravo runs in for the DQ at 6:23. You bet this match sucked but the two dropkicks were impressive. DUD.


Profile now on The Legion Of Doom who came to the WWF in June 1990.


Six Man Tag: The Legion Of Doom and The Ultimate Warrior VS Demolition (Ax, Smash and Crush)

From MSG on 9/21/90. UW gets a big pop as the WWF champ! The faces send the Demos outside to start. Animal is nailed by Smash though back in. Power slam by Animal for 2. Hawk gets the tag and he goes to work on the right arm of Crush. Shove fest follows. Eye rake by Crush takes control and a backbreaker. Clothesline by Hawk and a dropkick sends Crush down. Flying tackle and a fistdrop for 2. Headlock by Hawk but is eyeraked and Ax comes in as does UW. UW kicks away on Ax. He slams Smash and Crush as well and Ax. He goes way off the mark on a splash though and Gorilla notes that. Ax now pounds away and tosses UW to the outside. Smash and Crush work over him on the outside. UW fights back on Smash but is leveled again. Crush is now as is Smash. He puts UW in the corner for a triple team but LOD stops that. Animal stops the Decapitator and UW tags Animal. Clotheslines on all 3 Demos. They go for the Doomsday Device but it turns into a 6 man brawl. Animal gets pummeled in the melee. Bear hug by Crush. Animal reverses it but heís nailed by Smash. Ax puts his head down and gets nailed. Crush is tagged and he draws Hawk in allowing a double team in the corner. Back suplex by Smash for 2. Full Nelson but Animal breaks out of it. Ax is back in again and a snap mare into a chinlock. Crush in and he pounds on Animal some more. Animal gets a clothesline and gets the hot tag to UW. Clotheslines on everyone. Flying tackle on Smash and the big splash wins it at 13:04. Mediocre but worthwhile. *


The Legion Of Doom VS Demolition (with Mr. Fuji)

From Wrestling Challenge. Animal starts with Crush. Animal slams Crush but misses an elbow. Slam by Crush but he misses a legdrop. All 4 men in already won by the LOD. Smash is in with Hawk now and he wants a test of strength. Hawk pummels on him however and does the 10 punch count. Clothesline and a flying tackle. Clothesline by Hawk and a suplex attempt but Crush nails him. Hawk is thrown to the outside where heís nailed by Fujiís cane. Back in Smash chokes Hawk as does Fuji. Crush comes in and hits a top rope double axhandle and hooks a bear hug. Smash gets a blind tag and they double team Hawk now. Snapmare into a chinlock by Smash. Hawk powers out of it but is nailed. Smash draws a double team. Crush continues the onslaught. Smash in again and drops Hawk on the top rope for 2. They go for the decapitator and hit it but Animal makes the save. Hawk gets a clothesline and makes the hot tag to Animal. Animal gets a powerslam but is caught in a double team. Double clothesline by Animal though. They go for the Doomsday Device but Fuji hits Hawk with the cane. Smash gets a back breaker and Crush hits a top rope kneedrop for 2. Back suplex by Smash. He goes for a piledriver but is picked up and Hawk hits the top rope flying clothesline for 3 at 10:01. Little too boring for me 3/4*


Call Of The Action segment with Lord Alfred Hayes and we look at Shane Douglas who looks good in this match but didnít last long because he probally wouldíve become a jobber. We learn moves like Duck Under, Sunset Flip, Back Elbow, Side Forearm, Boot To The Midsection, Standing Front Suplex and Flying Bodypress.


Marty Jannetty VS Paul Roma (With Hercules)

From MSG on 9/21/90. This came after Shawn Michaels was injured at Summerslam at the hands of Power and Glory. Marty jumps Roma to start with a dropkick and an atomic drop. 10 punch count in the corner. Hurricurana by Marty! Roma pulls Marty out of the ring in a pretty nasty bump. Roma knees Marty on the apron in another bump. Roma is pulled outside the ring and rammed backfirst into the apron. Roma now kicks away. Sunset flip by Marty but canít get him over. He takes control but puts his headdown. Knee to the throat by Roma. Marty is rammed hard backfirst to the buckle. Roma goes to the top and gets an axhandle for 2. Backbreaker and another one and he power slams Marty! He stalls before covering Marty for 2. Backslide for 2 by Marty. Roma goes back to work though. Small package by Marty for 2. Side headlock by Roma now and a fairly long one. Clothesline oversold by Marty! Back to the chinlock. Marty rams him back first but misses a stinger splash in the corner. Back to the chinlock again but this time Roma tries to get leverage with his feet on the ropes. Marty gets back up and blocks and reverses into a snap suplex. Inverted Atmoic Drop and a clothesline. Flying elbow. Kneelift by Marty. Roma runs into a boot and Marty gets a 2nd rope face slam. He goes to the top rope and hits the flying fist but Herc pulls Marty out of the ring so Marty hammers on him. He goes back to work on Roma but the slam is pulled down by Herc and he holds on to the boot and Roma gets the pin at 13:38. Decent match but a little too much resting by Roma. **


Big Boss Man VS Ted Dibiase (with Virgil)

A fan favorite match and not a bad choice as these two had a feud at the time. Dibiase wanted Boss Man to steal his Million Dollar Title held by Jake Roberts but Boss Man later found out he was being payed for it and he didnít like it as he thought it was a matter of justice so he returned the belt to Jake and released him turning him babyface. Dibiase retaliated by attacking the Boss Man at Wrestlemania VI before the Boss Manís match with Akeem and now we have this match from July 1990. Boss Man chases Dibiase around to start. Ted tries to leave but comes back and Boss Man clearly says ďYouíre going to get your ass kicked!Ē to Ted! This was 1990 too! Ted is stalling to try to psych the Boss Man out but it doesnít work. Boss Man goes to work on Teddy. Inverted Atomic Drop and a shot to the face. Ted is hammered outside as well and chokes Dibiase with his belt and lashes him with it. Backraking and Ted is begging now to the Boss Man. Big splash misses though. He grabs the Boss Manís knifestick and hits Boss Man in the stomach with it away from the ref. Ted knocks the Boss Man out of the ring. He throws him into the post and Boss Man really sells it! Now into the steps. Boss Man comes back with a chop but Ted goes after the bad right shoulder of the Boss Man. 2nd Rope Double Axhandle. Chops and he rams Boss Man backfirst to the corner. Clothesline and a gut shot brings him down again. Boss Man with some shots again and gets up favoring the right arm and shoulder. Ted gets some gut shots though. Bearhug by Dibiase. Boss Man gets his shoulder up the third time though and a double clothesline spot occurs. Dibiase gets up first and he goes to the 2nd rope and takes a gut shot. Clotheslines now by Boss Man. Inverted Atmoic Drop. He brings Virgil into the ring and kicks him and rams him into Virgil and clotheslines him out. Ref DQís Boss Man at 11:00 though for beating up Virgil?!! What the heck was that about? Oh well the match was ok while it lasted *1/4


Clip Montage now of the WWFís most outreageaus hits!


Intercontinental Title Match: Mr. Perfect (with Bobby Heenan) VS Jake Roberts

From Superstars prior to Summerslam 90. Jake goes after Bobby and pays for it. Perfect misses a charge though and Jake goes to work on the left arm and drops him high over it. Armbar now and several knees to it. ďWeaselĒ chant begins for Heenan. Jake continues to work on the left arm. He turns it into a hammerlock. Armdrag by Perfect but Jake goes right back to the arm and an elbow shot. Another elbow sends Perfect to the outside. Jake drags Perfect back in but takes an eyerake. Heís backdropped over the top however. Perfect nails him outside though and rams his arm into the post. Back in Perfect now goes to work on the left arm of Jake. It lasts a long time too. Perfect counters a headdown. He runs into a boot eventually and Jake fights back with right hands and Perfect doing his overselling again. Short clothesline and he signals for the DDT and Bobby comes in for the DQ at 10:23. Another boring match which was pretty much mostly armwork. 1/4*


Summary: Well, not much really good on this tape pretty much. At least the Bushwhackers donít wrestle on here. RECOMMENDATION TO AVOID