Monday Night Raw from Danville Pennsylvania on July 10th 1995 (taped June 26th)


The show opens with a video package on Sid. Vince says that he’s the most offensive weapon (and I mean offensive) in the Million Dollar Corporation. But when faced with an opponent just as big as him (like Diesel) he chickens out. This first happened the night after Wrestlemania; April 3rd when Shawn Michaels gives crap to his then bodyguard Sid. Sid responds by powerbombing him 3 times. Diesel comes out to make the save and Sid takes off. 3 weeks later. Diesel defends the title against Bam Bam Bigelow. Tatanka causes Bigelow to lose the match and Ted Dibiase fires Bammer. But Bam Bam doesn’t want to be fired so he quits. Sid then comes out and powerbombs Bammer but Diesel makes the save again and again Sid leaves. At the first In Your House on May 14th. Diesel puts up the title against Sid and Sid powerbombs Diesel infecting Diesel’s elbow in the process. But Diesel kicks out and hits his jackknife but Tatanka interferes. Bam Bam makes the save and Sid takes off. At the King Of The Ring, Diesel and Bammer faced Tatanka and Sid. Diesel jackknifes Tatanka but wants Sid. But Sid chickens out thus robbing the point of that match. But at the 2nd IYH Diesel will face Sid in a lumberjack match for the title! We will see an interview with Sid later on.


Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler. Tonight we’ll see Savio Vega in action and the Allied Powers will face Tatanka and Henry Godwinn


The Roadie (with IC champ Jeff Jarrett) VS Jerry Flynn

Oh you didn’t know. Your ass better…. Oops, Too early for that. The Roadie will face the 1-2-3 Kid in two weeks at IYH but here he pins Flynn with a hurricurana powerbomb counter at 2:38.


We go back to November 1993. Jeff Jarrett with Buddy Lee gets rejected at Nashville so he released an album called “Ain’t I Great.”. Then to late 1994/early 1995 Jarrett meets Rip Taylor in Las Vegas. And we see Jarrett’s With My Baby Tonight video again.




Savio Vega VS Mike Curry

USA cuts out with local commercials when Vega enters the ring. Vega gets a Russian leg sweep takedown for the pin at 1:34.


We go back to yesterday and the final day of the Special Olympics and the closing ceremonies.




Promo for In Your House July 23rd in Nashville Tennessee on PPV.


Vince is in the ring and he introduces Ted Dibiase and Sid for an interview.


Vince: Well Ted Dibiase, what are you going to do with this monster?


Ted: First of all McMahon for all you Doubting Thomas’s out there who think in your feeble minds that my man Sid is a coward. Or that he’s afraid of anybody or anything let alone Big Daddy Cool, let me assure you that in less than two weeks. We’re all going to find out that not only Sid is not afraid of you Diesel but that he is in fact what he says he is. The master, The ruler of the world. And let me assure you of this also Diesel. We’re not coming to your garden party alone oh no. We’re bringing some of the best lumberjacks the best friends if you will McMahon that money can buy. And you know what I can buy with my money as a matter of fact. Come on down boys. Let everybody take a look at you.


Vince: And here they come, I suppose the lumberjacks represented by Ted Dibiase and Sid (In order the lumberjacks are I.R.S, Tatanka, Henry Godwinn, Jean Pierre Lafitte, Jacob and Eli Blu, Rad Radford, Mantaur, Skip, Hunter Hearst Helmsley, Jimmy Delray, Kama, Sir Mo and King Mabel)


Ted: Come here McMahon. Diesel if you’re listening what are you going to do if Sid grabs by the throat you with one hand and physically launches you over the top rope and you land in the hands of Tatanka IRS and Henry Godwinn. What are you going to do Diesel when fear grips your body and you try to escape and there’s big Mabel looking at you. What are you going to do when fear overtakes you and you run up into the stands Diesel. And the Mantaur and Rad Radford and Jean Pierre Lafitte physically run into the stands and bring your screaming fighting kicking body and bring it back into ringside and throw you back in the ring with Sid. I’ll tell you what you’re going to do Diesel. It’s going to hit you you’re going to realize “Oh my god. What have I done? What have I gotten myself into here? How can I escape?” (Laughs) There is no escape Diesel because there’s one thing you can do in less than two weeks. Climb into the ring and pay the price and the price you pay Diesel will be the World Wrestling Federation Title. And there’s only one thing left to say (Diesel chant by the crowd)


Vince: Listen to that! That’s what Diesel brings to the ring.


Ted: Tell him Sid the only thing left to say.

Sid: See Diesel. I am Sid! I am the master! And I am the Ruler of the World!


Wow. Diesel is in for it now.




Barry Horowitz has been around for several years and usually gets pinned. But in 30 seconds. We’ll see something he hasn’t ever done.


Promos: Nerf Max Force, WWF Raw for Sega 32X from Acclaim, Judge Dredd action figures from Mattell.


Yesterday on the Action Zone. Skip faces Barry Horowitz. Skip dropkicks Barry and decides to do pushups. Barry catches Skip with a ¾ nelson and it happens! Barry finally wins his first WWF matchup! Sunny can’t believe it!


Hunter Hearst Helmsley VS Matt Hardy

Here comes the Game looking like a butler at this point. MNR tonight is brought to you by Pep Boys! Vince announces that Jack Tunney retired as WWF president on July 4th! Lawler thinks it’s just like the All Star Game tomorrow night. “Who cares?!” Matt doesn’t even try to do any Twist Of Fates on Hunter (he does do a moonsault but misses) and Triple H gets him with the Pedigree (can’t believe he still uses that today.) at 3:12.


In Your House report with Todd Pettingill. It’s in two weeks in Nashville.


Lumberjack title match: Diesel VS Sid. Next week Diesel will introduce his lumberjacks to counter Sid’s

IC title match: Jeff Jarrett VS Shawn Michaels. Jarrett will also sing his new hit single With My Baby Tonight live in his hometown.

Tag Team Title Match: Owen Hart and Yokozuna VS the Allied Powers

Razor Ramon and Savio Vega VS Men On A Mission. After Mabel won the KOTR he and Mo attacked Vega who had wrestled 4 times and a crippled Razor Ramon who had injured ribs.

Bam Bam Bigelow VS Henry Godwinn. Bammer wants revenge on Henry as the hog man cost Bam Bam the match against Sid last week.




Next week: Shawn Michaels VS I.R.S.


The Allied Powers VS Tatanka and Henry Godwinn (with Ted Dibiase)

Vince plugs the Superstar line where on Option 5 is the Superstar challenge game where Shawn Michaels is waiting for your challenge! The heels jump Lex Luger and the British Bulldog to start and Luger gets caught in a DDT by Tatanka. Tatanka goes thru his crappy offense. Henry comes in and hammers away on Luger. Tatanka back in and a double elbow for 2. Tatanka hits Bulldog to allow another double team.




Luger is still in trouble as we come back. Henry comes in again and a double clothesline for 2. Elbow by Henry for another 2. Henry misses an elbow and Luger gets the hot tag. Bulldog who’s fresh hammers on Tatanka. Bulldog catches Tatanka but Tatanka falls on top for 2. Vertical suplex by Bulldog for 2. All 4 men in as Henry on the outside trips Bulldog. Slam by Tatanka. He goes to the top but Bulldog catches him and gets the running powerslam for the pin at 5:50. Dibiase’s move replacing Bundy with Godwinn backfires.


Promos: Judge Dredd from Acclaim, Nerf Max Force, Judge Dredd action figures from Mattell.




Next week we’ll see Tag Champs Owen Hart and Yokozuna along with a special interview with Diesel and Jean Pierre Lafitte in action and Shawn Michaels VS IRS.


Jerry Lawler visits his dentist Isaac Yankem who works on a girl in the chair. Lawler asks the girl who her favorite wrestlers are. The girl says Diesel, Razor Ramon and Bret Hart and Issac puts her through hellfire and toothpaste. End of show.