Nickrj’s rant for Monday Night Raw


From Canton, Ohio on September 18th 1995 but taped August 28th.


The show opens with last week’s match the British Bulldog VS Razor Ramon. The Bulldog wins thanks to interference from the 1-2-3 Kid, Dean Douglas not withstanding. The Kid then challenges Razor to a match to gain respect and Razor accepts.


Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler


The 1-2-3 Kid VS Razor Ramon

It was two years ago that the Kid upset Razor Ramon in the Manhattan Center on Monday Night Raw and now he’s going to try to do it again. After the challenge last week Razor slaps the Kid and the Kid cries. The Kid jumps Razor to start this match. He knocks him out of the ring with some spinwheel kicks. Razor is getting angry and catches the Kid in mid air and kicks him on the top turnbuckle. Fallaway slam from the 2nd rope for 2. Hard chops by Razor and he tosses him around. The Kid just broke the pole vault record again. Spinning right hand knocks the Kid to the outside. Razor with some shoulders and he works the left arm. He blocks a hiptoss and chokeslams the Kid for 2. Kid throws Razor over the top rope to take control. Slingshot dropkick to the outside. Kid with a nice leg lariat for 1. He leaps and hooks the sleeper. Razor reaches for the ropes but goes down to one knee.




Kid still has the sleeper applied but Razor gets back up and hits a belly to back suplex. Both men are out. Razor gets the cover for 2. Right hands by Razor. Razor with a quick follow up to the corner remembering his mistake from 2 years ago. Eye rake by the Kid. Irish whip and the Kid is sandwiched between Razor and the ref. The ref is down on the outside and so is the Kid. Razor is out on the inside and Dean Douglas comes out and he frog splashes Razor from the top rope. Razor is out and the Kid and the ref both get back in the ring not knowing what happened and the Kid gets the slow 3 count at 7:06. The Kid has beaten Razor again! Vince thinks Dean Douglas beat Razor and that he’s going to pay for it this Sunday night at IYH.


The Report Card with Dean Douglas…


Dean: Let’s get started with lesson 101. (He writes down each grade and what it stands for on the blackboard.) 1-2-3 Kid. I give you a grade of D. A D which stands for Dumb because you think that you defeated Razor Ramon where it was I who did. Razor Ramon, I give you a grade of E which stands for Elevate. Which is what you’re doing by facing Dean Douglas. Just like the people climbing the ladder. You tried at SummerSlam and failed and this Sunday night you’ll also fail. For my performance tonight. I give myself an A which stands for (Writes an !) the conclusion for my excellent performance. For this Sunday night I give an N. It requires no homework. It doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. At the end of IYH Razor Ramon. You can say it’s a No Brainer. Who will be victorious at IYH this Sunday night? Look at the Acronym. (Circles all 4 grades which spell DEAN) Dean Douglas (Laughs)


Savio Vega and Bob Holly VS Tatanka and Kama (With Ted Dibiase)

This past weekend on Superstars Ted Dibiase gets slopped for the 2nd time by Henry Godwinn. Anyway you can tell Vega’s push is going nowhere when he’s teamed up with jobber Holly.




Savio starts with Tatanka. Hiptoss by Savio and two dropkicks. Kama gets the same thing as well. Kama gets the tag as does Holly. Holly under the legs and some weak armdrags. Some armwork and Vega is back in. He gets dragged in the wrong corner. Tatanka slides under the ring the grabs the leg of Holly. Distracting Vega so Kama can get some kicks. Holly comes in to intervene but ends up distracting the ref to allow a double team. Slam by Tatanka and an elbow. He says something to Holly to draw him in the ring and allow another double team. Kama with a fameasser and he shoves Holly to allow yet another double team. Hey Holly weren’t you tag team champs with the 1-2-3 Kid? Double clothesline spot and both men get hot tags. Bob with a botched dropkick and a kneelift by Holly. Bob goes to the top and hits a missle dropkick for 2. All 4 men are in. Bob does the 10 punch on Kama and he goes to the top but gets caught and powerslammed for the pin at 5:48. That powerslam was right on Holly’s head.


We go back to earlier tonight where Dean Douglas costs Razor Ramon against the 1-2-3 Kid. Razor cuts a promo saying that he’s going to carve the Dean up.




Promo for Wrestlemania XI the special. Saturday September 30th.


Jean Pierre Lafitte VS Brian Walsh

We go back to last month where Pierre steals a kid’s Bret sunglasses and also steal Bret’s jacket that he has in his possession. Vince speaks to Bret Hart on the phone during the match. Bret says that Lawler and Pierre go great together because a liar and a thief get along great. He says that he’s a thief that needs to be put in his place. Pierre beats Walsh with the cannonball (after nearly slipping off the top rope) at 3:17.


Promos for Milton Bradley Karate Fighters, Batman Forever from Acclaim, Slick 50 Car Oil


Officials are tighting the ropes for the following match and we get a promo for the first ever TripleHeader match this Sunday night. Diesel and Shawn Michaels VS Yokozuna and Owen Hart.


Tag Team Champs: Yokozuna and Owen Hart (With Jim Cornette and Mr. Fuji) VS Men On A Mission

The jobbers carrying King Mabel to the ring are struggling. Gee I wonder why? We get a look at the King Of The Ring where Mabel was crowned the King and then Summerslam where he sits on the back of Diesel.




Tonight Monday Night Raw is brought to you by Levis, PepBoys and Got Milk? Out come the champs and we see a clip of where they beat the Smoking Gunns at Wrestlemania XI. Mabel and Yoko staredown but they don’t start. Mabel says “I’M THE KING!!!” I wish you never were. Vince plugs The Hard Way on the USA movie this Thursday night. Mo and Owen start and Mo takes control with an elbow. Mo runs into a boot and Owen takes over. Mo with a powerslam and he tags the Hey Hey Hey man Mabel. He misses a charge and Owen does the 10 punch count. Big mistake there. Mabel taunts Yoko. Mo is back in and slowly works over Owen. He is working on the lower back.and he taunts Yoko as well. Mabel chokes Owen in the corner. Mo with a sunset flip and he gets him over. Owen takes Mo over the top rope to the outside and Yoko is in for the first time but he wants Mabel. Owen does a number on Mo outside. Yoko now takes control over Mo and gets a chop that can be heard all over Ohio. Yoko and Owen pummel Mo in the corner.




Both Owen and Mo miss leg lariats. They both get hot tags and Mabel and Yokozuna are in and the crowd is exploding for this matchup. Tell me this world is insane! Mabel with a clothesline that shakes the entire building. He throws Owen into Yoko. Mo is back in and a double clothesline on Yoko. Mo peppers on Yoko but gets nailed by Owen. Owen is in and he hits a missle dropkick for 2. Rude Awakening by Owen. He goes to the top and get crotched. Superplex by Mo for 2. All 4 men are in and Yoko knocks Mabel to the outside. Drop Toe hold by Owen and Yoko hits the legdrop and Owen gets the pin at 9:01. Yawn.


Shawn Michaels and Diesel cut a promo. Both get great lines in.


Shawn: Is it my imagination or is the nose of Owen Hart getting EVEN BIGGER from all the lies that he and Jim Cornette have been spreading over the past couple of weeks.

Diesel: If Ace is the place give big John Madden a call because when this is all said and done we’re coming home with all the hardware.


Vince is in the ring to interview the champs and Jim Cornette




Jim talks about the triple header match and Vince gets the crowd pumped by mentioning Diesel and Shawn Michaels. Jim says it’s not two dudes with attitudes but two fellows that are yellow. Jim also reminds Diesel and Shawn that the last time they were partners that they broke up and they won’t trust each other. He promises that either the WWF or the IC title will belong to either Yoko or Owen this Sunday night.


Promos: George Foreman For Real from Acclaim, Milton Bradley Karate Fighters, Batman Forever from Acclaim


Jerry Lawler gives his royal prediction for the triple header with a drum roll. He says that Yokozuna will become a 3 time WWF Champion by beating Diesel. The show closes with a promo for next week’s match. The Undertaker VS The British Bulldog