Nickrj’s rant for Monday Night Raw


This is the first ep of the so called new fall season which aired on September 11th 1995. But it was taped in Canton, Ohio on August 28th. Meanwhile over on TNT, Nitro was airing it’s 2nd episode live. So Eric Bischoff was able to give out the results of this two week old Raw and it allowed Nitro to beat Raw handly throughout the remainder of the year.


On the other hand we get a nice new opening sequence called Raw On The Roof. Tonight we’ll see an IC title match between Shawn Michaels and Sid and Razor Ramon VS The British Bulldog. Vince says it’s an explosive twin bill that Cal Ripkin Jr. might call in sick to watch!


Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler


Razor Ramon VS The British Bulldog (With Jim Cornette)

The Bulldog had turned on Diesel on the last Raw 3 weeks ago and he now has a buzz cut and a new manager. Razor was coming off losing the IC ladder match to Shawn at Summerslam. After that loss he attacks Dean Douglas in his classroom. Razor throws his toothpick in Corny’s face and he starts with some armwork. Bulldog gets nailed with a right hand and knocked to the outside. They tie up again and Ramon continues to work on the left arm and shoulder. Bulldog takes control and hits a vertical suplex. Bulldog goes to the lower back now. Razor nails him with a right hand but gets faced slammed. Clothesline gets 2 for Bulldog. Bulldog with a press slam.




Bulldog gets 2. Lawler says Razor has taken 5 straight slams. Bulldog goes for the powerslam but Razor uses the ropes to cover Bulldog for 2. Slam by Bulldog and he goes to the top but he gets caught and slammed. Right hand by Razor and a fallaway slam for 2. Double reversal spot knocks the ref down. Razor hits the Razor’s Edge on the Bulldog but there’s no ref. Dean Douglas comes out and he climbs to the top and hits a flying kneedrop. The 1-2-3 Kid comes in to intervene but he’s dropped on the ropes and knocked off the apron. Dean heads back to his classroom as the Bulldog hits the running powerslam. The 1-2-3 Kid accidentally splashes Razor from the top and the ref DQ’s Razor at 7:02. Both Bulldog and Corny destroy the Kid and Razor.




Vince is now in the ring with Razor and the Kid. Vince explains the situation that Razor interfered in the 1-2-3 Kid’s match VS Dean Douglas over the weekend and that tonight the Kid costs Razor the match against the Bulldog. Kid says that Razor always treats him like a kid and that no one gave him respect that the Kid beat Razor the first time so we challenges Razor Ramon to a match next week on Raw. He leaves and Razor accepts the Kid’s challenge


Next week we’ll see the Tag Team Champions Yokozuna and Owen Hart VS Men On A Mission.


The Smoking Gunns VS Rad Radford and The Brooklyn Brawler

The Gunns get jumped from behind however they recover and they hit the sidewinder on the Brawler for the pin.


Promos: Milton Bradley Karate Fighters, Batman Forever from Acclaim, Slick 50 Car Oil


We get another Goldust promo looking over Hollywood at night.




Tonight Monday Night Raw is brought to you by Levi’s and Skittles


Dr. Isaac Yankem D.D.S VS Scott Taylor

Jerry Lawler’s evil dentist faced Bret Hart at Summerslam and the match ended when both Lawler and Yankem caught Bret’s head in the ropes and they pulled on his legs trying to tear his ear off. Yankem pins Taylor following a D.D.S (DDT)


In Your House 3 report with Todd Pettingill.


The 3rd In Your House will air in Saginaw, Michigan on September 24th.


It’ll be the site of the first ever Triple Header


WWF Champion Diesel and IC Champ Shawn Michaels VS Tag Team Champs Owen Hart and Yokozuna.

All 3 titles will be on the line. Whoever pins who will win the titles. Todd says that President Gorilla Monsoon says that if any of the four participants are counted out or DQ’d the title will change hands.

Also Razor Ramon VS Dean Douglas

Bret Hart VS Jean Pierre Lafitte. Lafitte stole a pair of Bret’s sunglasses from a plant last month on Superstars.

Bam Bam Bigelow VS The British Bulldog

Savio Vega VS Waylon Mercy


IC Title Match: Shawn Michaels VS Sycho Sid (with Ted Dibiase)

Sid is on his way to the ring and Barry Didnski plugs a WWF T-Shirt and Shawn Michaels’ hat and sunglasses.


Shawn cuts a promo in the back and gets disgusted at a ladder.




Shawn comes out to his usual big pop. He had a tremendous ladder match with Razor Ramon at Summerslam and now he’s putting up the title again against his former bodyguard. This actually was the original match at Summerslam before Gorilla Monsoon changed it. Sid backs Shawn into the corner to start but Shawn uses his speed to take control. Flying clothesline sends Sid down. Sid goes out of the ring to regroup with Dibiase. Headlock by Shawn and can’t budge Sid. Sid sends him over the top but Shawn skins the cat and dropkicks Sid to the outside. Headlock by Sid and he catches Shawn and drops him down. Sid pummels Shawn in the corner. Into the corner Shawn goes and Sid kicks a field goal and nocks Shawn off the apron. He drops Shawn face first on the apron. Ted gets some shots in as well. Shawn is hurt and he avoids getting counted out by rolling back in the ring.




Sid has a bearhug now on Shawn. Shawn breaks it up. Hiptoss by Sid. Shawn hooks a leg scissors but Sid nips up and he chokeslams Shawn. Shawn sells it very well. Sid sets up for the powerbomb but gets backdropped. Shawn starts hammering back. Flying forearm by Shawn. He goes to the top and hits a flying bodypress for 2. Sid turns it around but Shawn hits 3 superkicks on Sid for the pin to retain!! As Eric Bischoff said on Nitro that night “He beats the big guy with 3 superkicks!” Shawn then fakes another striptease.




Ad for In Your House 3


Dok Hendrix interviews Shawn Michaels and Diesel backstage about the upcoming tripleheader. Shawn says that he has put the past all behind him tonight and that he and Diesel want to make history again. Diesel says “We’re not only two dudes with attitudes but we’re two champs with all the straps.”


Promos: Frank Thomas Big Hurt Baseball from Acclaim. Tootsie Roll candies. Batman Forever from Acclaim.


We get clips from next weeks ep. Men On A Mission VS Yokozuna and Owen Hart and Razor Ramon VS The 1-2-3 Kid.