Nickrj’s rant for Superbrawl V


This is one of the tapes I bought at so here it is!


The video begins with the Nasty Boys visiting a science center and an aquarium.


Live from the Baltimore Arena in Baltimore, Maryland on Feburary 19th 1995


Your hosts are Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan. Vader is simply obsessed with Hulk Hogan and we get video footage to prove it as he is wild coming out of his limo and then he destroys 4 men during a tag match on the Main Event program.


Alex Wright VS Paul Roma

Roma jumps Alex to start it off. Press Slam. Alex comes back with a sunset flip and 2 armdrags and into an armbar. Roma reverses it though and Alex kips up and takes down Roma with the armdrag. Hiptoss for 2 back into the armdrag. Paul Orndorff (Roma’s tag team partner) comes out to the ring now. Armbar by Alex. Firecarry takeover back into the armbar. Roma gets up and drops 2 elbows on Alex. Backbreaker and another one and a third one. He throws Alex to the outside next to Orndorff. Roma knocks him off the apron and Alex fights back on it. Roma blocks a sunset flip though for 2. Wright blocks a hiptoss and gets a backslide for 1. Small package for 2. Roma answers with an elbow. Roma chokes Alex and gouges him. Snapmare into the chinlock. He gets leverage with his feet on the ropes. Alex gets up and starts fighting back but misses a dropkick. Roma to the top rope and hits a flying elbow but doesn’t cover. He does but picks him up. He misses a charge and Alex fights back again. He botches a hip toss showing how green he is and hits a lame spin wheel kick for 2. Backwards cross body for 2. Roma takes control. Slam by Roma and he talks with Orndorff but Alex dropkicks Roma into Orndorff and rolls him up for the pin at 13:21. Pretty boring match. *. Roma was fired after this show for not cooperating with Wright here. Why is it whenever Bobby says he wants a replay they don’t give it to him?


Bunkhouse Buck (with Col. Parker and Meng) VS Hacksaw Jim Duggan

Duggan wins a slugfest to start. More punching in the corner but Buck gets an eyegouge but takes a hiptoss. Clothesline sends Buck to the outside. Buck pulls him out and they brawl some more outside and Duggan is rammed into the post. Duggan with a weak kneedrop into the chinlock. He works on the left arm and pulls on it. Atomic Drop and a right hand for 1. Chinlock again. He knocks down Buck for 2. He rams him time and time again to the turnbuckle. Buck grabs a rope and hits him in the throat with it. Duggan is thrown to the outside again and Buck goes after him. Back inside Buck goes to the chinlock. Yawn! Duggan sets Buck on the top and hammers on him but takes a right hand. They kick each other in the corner and Duggan gets the knockdown. Backdrop by Duggan for 2. Chinlock again. Buck gets out of it and gets a couple of knees. Duggan fights back again and hits an elbow for 2. Chinlock again! How much resting are these two guys going to do? Duggan chokes Buck with his suspenders and he pounds on him some more. Duggan spins him around slowly and slams him and a knee drop gets two. Then you guessed it, another chinlock. Just end this thing already! Duggan headbutts him and blows him down. That’s how low this match is getting. He drags Parker on the apron and Duggan does the 10 punch count and he rams his shoulder into him. Duggan goes to a weak hammerlock on the left arm. COME ON END THIS MATCH DUGGAN! Slam by Duggan but he takes an eye gouge. Buck throws Duggan into Parker and Duggan hits the three point stance clothesline for the pin at 11:56. Wow what a bad match. -** Meng then beats down on Duggan for fun or lack thereof.


Kevin Sullivan (with The Butcher (Brutus Beefcake)) VS Dave Sullivan

They go into a slugfest to start and Dave gets a slam on his brother and another one. Weak elbow sends Kevin to the outside. Back in Dave throws Kevin into the turnbuckle several times and does the 10 punch count. Backdrop by Dave for 2. Shoulderblock and Dave is tripped by Bruti. Kevin throws Dave to the outside. Butcher gets some shots in and chokes him with his boot. Kevin kicks him out there. Shot to the throat and a weak baseball slide by Kevin. Dave gets back in and runs into a boot. They trade some weak punches and Dave bites Kevin’s stomach. Boot to the throat by Kevin. Chop by Kevin and another one. Kevin pulls Dave to the outside where Bruti rams him to the steps. Right hands by Dave. Crowd is bored with this but they are waken by a high choke by Dave. Shots to the throat by Kevin. Headbutt followed by a butt splash. He misses a 2nd one though. Dave rams Kevin into the turnbuckles and pounds on him and bites him. Butcher taunts Dave. Kevin rams Dave into Butcher and Kevin rolls him up for the pin at 7:18. Another horribly bad match. -* Butcher is in serious pain after that one and Kevin leaves Butcher after that.


World Tag Team Title Match: Harlem Heat (with Sister Sherri) VS The Nasty Boys

The Nasties music is the same as in the WWF except they added some guitar and their singing on it. Brian Knobs will start it off with Stevie Ray but instead they taunt each other to start. Booker T gets the tag and he starts with Brian. Brian gets a shove into the corner surprising Booker T. Slap by Brian and he pays for it. T misses the ax kick and Brian shakes him on the ropes and sends him to the outside where he is nailed by Jerry Sags. Sags gets the tag and a double clothesline. Low headbutt by Sags and an elbowdrop to the thigh. Inverted atomic drop for 2. T fights back and tags Ray. Ray hammers away on Sags. Choking in the corner by Ray but he misses a charge and Sags hammers on Ray and tags Knobs who gets a legdrop to the thigh and an elbow. Sags is back in and grabs the leg and drops on it. Knobs is in again and splashes on the knee. Ray gets in but gets hiptossed and thrown to the outside. Sags hits him with an elbow out there. Knobs runs into a boot but slams Ray and pounds on him. Sags gets the tag and T grabs him on the outside and Ray dropkicks him to the outside. Sherri rams Sags’ head into the rail. T gets the tag now and gets a snapmare but misses a legdrop. Sags hits a kneedrop and tags Knobs who drops an elbow for 2. Sags back in again and he hits a clothesline for 2. T kicks him to the outside though. Ray hits an axekick as well. Sherri nails him with a right outside. Snapmare by Ray. Sags goes to the outside where he’s nailed by T. Ray snapmares Sags into the chinlock. High ax kick by Ray and he tags T who nails Knobs and hits a knee drop on Sags. Chinlock again. He backs Sags into the corner who tags Ray who hits a fameasser for 2. Headlock into a powerslam. T is in and misses a kneedrop. Sags gets a powerslam. Knobs gets the hot tag and he pounds both both Harlems. He hits a clothesline on Ray and a double DDT to a big pop. Big splash on T for 2. All four men are in and Sherri goes to the top and nails Ray instead of Brianand Brian rolls up Ray for the pin at 17:06. But another ref comes in and tells the first ref what happened. And the Nasties have been DQ’d for an over the top rope throw. Nothing like an old Dusty finish to ruin this match. **


Blacktop Bully (with Meng and Col. Parker) VS Dustin Rhodes

Bully is Barry Darsow. (AKA Smash, Repo Man) Commissioner Nick Bockwinkle comes out and says Meng must leave ringside or be suspended. Dustin brawls with the Bully to start it off. Flying lariat followed by the 10 punch count. Bully clips the leg though and starts hammering on Dustin. Bully tries choking Dustin with his own jacket. Bully shoulders himself on the post and Dustin kicks Bully from the top rope to the outside. Side headlock takedown by Dustin. Shoulderblock for 2. Armwringer by Dustin. Slam by Bully but Dustin hangs on. Kneelift by Bully and a shoulderblock. Kneelift and an elbow drop by Dustin. Eyerake by Dustin but a snapmare and chinlock by Bully. Dustin reverses into a hammerlock. Bully gets out of it and hits a shoulderblock but Dustin stops on a leapfrog and rolls him up for 2. Armbar now. Drop toe hold by Dustin but Dustin maintains control. Bully backs him to the corner and Dustin gets a 2nd rope back rope elbow. Dustin fakes him on the 2nd rope and catches him with an uppercut. Suplex by Dustin for 2. Sunset flip but Bully makes the ropes and still gets rolled over for 1. Double axhandle by Bully and he throws Dustin to the outside. Dustin hammers on Parker and catches Bully on the outside. Back in the ring Bully blocks a monkey flip and hits a clothesline for 2. He throws Dustin thru the ropes again and Parker gets some licks in. Back in Gutshot by Bully and a double axhandle. Dustin catches him with an uppercut. Back suplex by Bully for 2. Chinlock by Bully. Dustin misses a crossbody and goes to the outside. Bully rams him on the apron. Dustin pulls down Bully and rams his leg to the post. Snapmare but misses an elbow. Double axhandle followed by a snap suplex. He goes to the 2nd rope and Dustin catches him with a clothesline which looks botched. Dustin fights back now and hits a backdrop. He tears the shirt off Bully and hammer on him. Inverted atomic drop and he hits the bulldog but Parker puts Bully’s leg on the ropes. Parker gets suplexed inside the ring as a result. Dustin goes for a suplex on the apron but Parker grabs the leg and pulls him down as Bully gets the pin at 16:09. Decent matchup but of course the ending of this match led to the KING OF THE ROAD match next month. *3/4


Gene Okerlund does an interview with Ric Flair who gets a huge pop. He decides to sit at ringside for these last two matches


Sting and Randy Savage VS Big Bubba Rogers and Avalanche

This is Savage’s first WCW PPV wrestling wise. We see the Great Muta in the audience (with no face paint) Sting starts with Avalanche. Av shoves him to the corner. Sting gets the crowd fired up. He’s shoved into the corner again. Av pummels on him in the corner but Sting gets 2 clotheslines but Bubba hits him on the ropes. Bubba is in now and he hits a backbreaker. He goes to the top and Savage crotches him and Sting gets a superplex!! Bubba is hammered like a ping pong back now and Bubba does the rocking chair spot and he’s to the outside. Savage with a double axhandle from the top on Bubba on the outside. Crowd is going nuts for this! Savage and Bubba continue. Savage gets an armdrag. Bubba takes control now and Savage gets a sunset flip and Bubba misses a butt splash and he’s rolled up for 2. Savage slaps Av who gets the tag and he shoves of Savage. Savage tries to slam him but the old JUST TOO FAT comes into play again. Av takes control but misses an avalanche and tags Stinger. Sting kicks on the legs and clips Av. He hooks the Scorpion and all 4 men are in. Stinger splash on Bubba and Av but Av clotheslines him. Step over by Av as Savage goes after Flair at ringside. Elbowdrop by Av. He misses a charge and Sting slams him! Bubba nails him and Sting hits the low headbutt on Av. Savage gets the hot tag and hits a top rope double axhandle. He hammers on both fat boys and all 4 men are in again. Slam by Savage on Bubba. He goes to the top and he hits the flying elbow on Bubba. But Av is the legal man. Sting takes down Av with the flying clothesline and pins him at 10:17. I thought Savage was legal. Oh well it was a surprisingly good match **1/2.


WCW World Title Match: Hulk Hogan (with Jimmy Hart) VS Vader

Vader is very over here tonight. Tie up to start and Vader powers him to the corner. Hogan comes back with some rights and Vader takes off his mask. Tie up and Vader is in the corner and he is hammered. Clothesline and Vader no sells it. Hogan grabs the left arm and elbows him. Spinning arm scissors on Vader. Vader gets up though and chokes him with the boot to the throat. Vader starts hammer on Hogan in the corner now. Clothesline and an avalanche in the corner sends Hogan to the outside. Hogan throws Vader outside over the rail and into the audience right next to Ric Flair. Vader gets back in the ring and continues to get hammered in the corner. Hogan with the 10 punch count. Clothesline by Hogan. Big boot and he clotheslines Vader to the outside. Hogan pounds on Vader some more and chokes him with his boot. Slam but Vader is JUST TOO FAT. Belly bump by Vader. Weak clothesline. Slam by Vader. He goes to the 2nd rope and hits the Vader Bomb and Hogan kicks out! Choking by Vader. He goes to the top rope this time and misses the moonsault! They fight on the outside now. Hogan grabs a chair and nails Vader with it. Another chairshot. Back in the ring Vader gets the chokeslam. Elbowdrop. Vader hammers on him in the corner. Suplex gets 2. Hogan hulks up. 7 right hands and the big boot. He stalls before hitting the legdrop but Vader kicks out!! Vader belly bumps Hogan into the ref and he’s down. Vader powerbombs Hogan but there’s no ref. Flair runs in the ring and does a fast three count and then kicks Hogan before leaving. Vader hits a big splash for 2! Hogan pummels Vader and hits the big boot and clotheslines him outside. Flair is back in the ring and draws the DQ at 15:09. Hogan beats up Flair for fun but Vader catches him and a double team occurs. Flair slaps the Figure Four but Savage comes in as does Sting and they make the save. Vader and Flair high five as they leave. Bad ending but a good match ***1/4. Either the fat guys tried tonight or this is JUST THE INTRODUCTION TO THE OPPOSITES.


Summary: The last two matches saved the show somewhat but not much. All of this stuff would lead to Uncensored which I’ll get to as soon as I get it. However for this show RECOMMENDATION TO AVOID