Welcome to the first in a series of Monday Night Raw archives from the Raw’s I taped from 1995 and 1996. You’ll notice that I won’t do match ratings or summaries because this is just TV and the real shows are the big 3 hour PPV’s. However most of the stuff that transpires on the show leads into the PPV’s. So let’s have some fun huh?


This first show is from Danville, Pennsylvania on July 3rd 1995 (taped June 26th) This of course was right after the disastrous King Of The Ring show that saw Fat Albert become the king and Sycho Sid chicken out.


The show opens with what happen last week when the Roadie interferes with Savio Vega right when he was about to win the IC title from Jeff Jarrett. Shawn Michaels doing guest commentary doesn’t like it and attacks both men. Tonight we see what happens after the show went off the air and we also see Bam Bam Bigelow VS Sid


Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler. Lawler has a bottle of Scope mouthwash as a result of the Kiss My Foot match he had with Bret Hart. I have since taped over the first couple of minutes of this so I don’t remember what they said here. But I do remember that we will see the Raw debut of Waylon Mercy


The 1-2-3 Kid VS Mike Bell

The Kid is coming off of a serious neck injury and the crowd chants “1-2-3!” Vince makes fun of Jerry’s bad breath. Kid gets a flying clothesline for 2 but he runs into a foot. Bell gets a powerslam for 2 and goes to the chinlock. Vince sings “Yummy yummy yummy you’ll get toe jam in your tummy” to Lawler as he saw the sign in the audience. Kid comes back and he hits the spinning heel kick and hooks a ¾ nelson for the pin at 3:01.


Todd Pettingill with your In Your House #2 report. Coming July 23rd  at Nashville Tennesee.


WWF title Lumberjack Match: Diesel VS Sid ten of the thirty lumberjacks have been signed. Sid has IRS, Kama, Eli and Jacob Blu and King Mabel on his side. Diesel has Adam Bomb, Razor Ramon, Savio Vega, and the Smoking Gunns.


Last week on Raw after they go off the air, Jeff Jarrett challenges Shawn Michaels to an IC title match. Shawn puts on the belt and lays out both Double J and the Roadie. Jeff Jarrett puts the IC title on the line at IYH against Shawn Michaels


Also 1-2-3 Kid VS The Roadie and the Tag Team Title Match: Owen Hart and Yokozuna VS The Allied Powers (Lex Luger and The British Bulldog).


Commercial break.


We see Jeff Jarrett’s new music video “With My Baby Tonight.” Great song and video but of course this was actually the Roadie singing. We’ll see more about this later on in the archives.


Bob Holly VS The Brooklyn Brawler

Holly’s still doing that racecar gimmick and he’s coming off losing to the Roadie at the KOTR. Lawler states that Bret’s foot is the smelliest there is, the smelliest there was and the smelliest there ever will be. Vince plugs in the superstar line saying Ted Dibiase making offers to his lumberjacks including his closest fans. Holly gets a spinning hurricurana and he pins the Brawler with a flying bodypress at 2:54.


Next week The Allied Powers VS Tatanka and King Kong Bundy. Commercial Break


We go back to this past weekend on Superstars. Adam Bomb VS Henry Godwinn. Henry drinks some of his slop from his bucket before the match. This match lasted about 30 seconds until they were both counted out of the ring as Henry throws Bomb into the steps and then he dumps his slop all over Bomb.


Henry Godwinn in the ring now with Barry Horowitz but first we get some promos.


Promos: Nerf Max Force, Preferred Stock cologne and sweet Tootsie rolls.


Henry Godwinn VS Barry Horowitz

Lawler mistakes Dok Hendrix by calling him Doc Rivers. Horowitz at this point still has yet to win a match on MNR but the crowd likes him. Barry does get some offense but falls victim to the slop drop at 2:57.


Barry Bidinski (Where’s wrestlecrap.com?) out to plug T-Shirts with Shawn Michaels, Bam Bam Bigelow and Adam Bomb on them and also a AB football.


Sid and Ted Dibiase come to the ring for the big matchup tonight but Henry Godwinn is still at ringside. Ted looks to try to make an offer to him.




Bam Bam Bigelow VS Sycho Sid (With Ted Dibiase)

Henry blocks Bam Bam’s way in the entry way and they get into a slugfest. Bam Bam is confused now coming into the ring. But he gathers himself to face Sid. They tie up and Bam Bam tries a right hand but the ref steps in between. Sid powers Bammer into the corner and gets a right hand. Shoulder block by Sid and Bammer gets a flying tackle. Sid misses and avalanche and takes a flying clothesline. Bammer goes to the top but Ted distracts him. Bammer goes after Ted and Sid nails him from behind. Back inside Sid takes over offensively with some kicks. Bammer catches one but misses an enzuguri and Sid gets another kick.




Sid has a camel clutch on Bammer. Bammer stands up and drops him back first. Bammer runs into a boot in the corner and takes a chokeslam. Sid makes the throat slit gesture. He sets up the powerbomb but gets backdropped and headbutted. Bammer goes to the top but Henry Godwinn comes out and pushes Bammer off and Sid gets the pin at 5:37. Sid gives Bammer a powerbomb for fun as a Diesel chant starts.




We look at the opening ceremonies at the Special Olympics this past weekend. WWF Superstars were on hand to meet and greet the disabled Olympians. Diesel speaks about the real meaning of sports.


Waylon Mercy comes out to the ring to face Jeff Hardy. Waylon seems to act like a nice guy he shakes the ref’s hand and Hardy’s hand.


Promos: Nerf Max Force, Judge Dredd from Acclaim, Justice League Task Force from Acclaim


Waylon Mercy VS Jeff Hardy

Mercy just hammers on Hardy. Lawler plugs the Star Wars Trilogy starting Wednesday night on USA. Vince announces that tomorrow that America will be 219 years old.


Lawler: Who’s that Helen Hart?


Vince then gets some news that Henry Godwinn will take King Kong Bundy’s place in the big tag team match next week. Has Godwinn sold out to the Millon Dollar Man? Mercy gets a brain buster and hooks the sleeper for the submission with a crazed look on his face at 2:58. He shakes the ref’s hand again. This character was great.


Jerry Lawler decides to visit his dentist Isaac Yankem D.D.S. He talks to a boy and a girl and swears revenge on Bret Hart. We get to see Isaac Yankem for the first time and he looks like Kane. No seriously.


Vince plugs next week. Savio Vega and The Roadie in action, also The Allied Powers VS Tatanka and now Henry Godwinn.




We relive the big match tonight where Sid pins Bam Bam Bigelow thanks to Henry Godwinn and the big powerbomb. Lawler gives Vince one big whiff of his breath as we leave.