Nickrj’s rant for Road Wild 1999


Live from Sturgis, South Dakota on August 14th 1999


Your hosts are Tony, Mike and Bobby.


Six Man Tag: Vampiro and the Insane Clown Posse (with Raven) VS Eddy Gurrerro, Kidman and Rey Mysterio Jr.

6 man brawl to start it off. Vampiro gets hit with a clothesline and a snap suplex. Tiger Bomb by Kidman. Eddy comes in with a cannonball and a legdrop by Rey. Vampiro is thrown outside and Kidman throws him back in. Kick to the leg by Eddy followed by a monkey flip. Vampiro with a reverse enzuguri and a chop. The ICP beats up Eddy and he’s thrown outside and beat up some more by the ICP. Eddy is pummeled in the corner and Jay hammers on him. Jaw jacker. Shaggy 2 Dope gets the tag and hits a vertical suplex followed by an elbow. Vampiro is in now and Eddy hits a springboard hurricurana. Vampiro with a chokeslam though. The ICP with a double suplex. Eddy gets Jay crotched on the top and he hits a superplex. Rey gets the tag and a senton and an asai moonsault. Raven pulls out Rey on the outside and he is Vampiro spiked on the floor. Rey is thrown into the steps and chopped on the floor. Sidewalk slam by Jay for 2.  Shaggy is back in, “Like, Yeah Scooby-Doo!” Elbow gets 2. Knee smasher follows. Vampiro is back in and he tosses him off on a power bomb. Knee to the low part. Rey is backed in the corner and he’s beaten by Jay. Power slam by Shaggy for 2. Rey gets nailed with a clothesline but Shaggy is nailed with a boot and Rey hits a springboard moonsault. Kidman gets the tag and hits a dropkick. TAW backbreaker by Eddy. 6 man brawl with Rey hitting a bronco buster. Vampiro kicks his own partner and Kidman hits the Shooting Star Press on Jay for the pin at 12:21. Good start you guys! ***1/2


World Tag Team Title Match: Kanyon and Bam Bam Bigelow VS Harlem Heat

4 man brawl to start with Harlem Heat winning it. The Triad stalls before getting back win. Kanyon continues the match with Stevie Ray. Test of Strength and Ray falls for it so he gets pummeled. Ray gets a press slam though. Bammer comes in and gets slammed. More stalling by the Triad. Booker T comes in now and pummels Kanyon. Hammerlock by T and he gets elbowed. Choking by Kanyon followed by some slow offense. T gets a so so dropkick for 2. Ray is back in as is Bammer. More stalling. Tie up and shoulderblock goes nowhere. Another shoulderblock and no one moves. Clothesline by Ray. Low headbutt by Bammer though. Kanyon with a double axhandle and a snapmare. Elbowdrops. Choking by Kanyon. Bammer comes in and they hit a double avalanche. Snapmare into a chinlock. Yawn. Kneelift by Bammer and a headbutt for 2. Kanyon gets the tag and a kneedrop for 2. Slam by Ray but misses an elbow. Ray slingshot Kanyon into Bammer on the top rope. T gets the tag and a clothesline. High kick for 2. Bigelow pulls down the top rope and sends T to the outside. Kanyon gets a fameasser from the top rope for 2. He tries it again but gets powerbombed. Ray gets the tag as does Bammer. Ray hammers on both heels but Bammer hammers on him now. DDP comes to the ring to get knocked off by Bammer and Booker T hits the missle dropkick for the pin at 13:09 and we have new champs!! Harlem Heat win the titles for the 8th time. Match was slow but picked up near the end. *1/4


Six Man Tag: Curt Henning, Barry Windham and Bobby Duncam Jr. (with Kendall Windham) VS Perry Saturn, Dean Malenko and Shane Douglas

6 man brawl to start won by the faces. Malenko and Barry continue. Malenko hammers on Barry and tags Perry and they hit a double elbow. Side headlock takeover by Perry. Shane Douglas comes in and he’s dumb enough to get in the wrong corner and get beat up. Bobby hits a big boot. Powerslam by Shane. Perry is back in and hits some chops but puts his head down. Barry is back in and takes a backdrop and a belly to belly suplex. He takes a clothesline though. Henning is in and hits a snapmare flapjack. Bobby is back in and gets a 2 count. Back suplex by Perry and tags Dean who hits a dropkick and a suplex. Shane is tagged back in and a drop toe hold elbow drop combo gets 2. Curt comes in and hits Shane on his finisher. Curt hammers on Shane outside but Shane crotches Curt on the post. Shane goes up top and is slammed off and clotheslined. Back suplex by Barry for 2. Barry does the 10 punch count in the corner and a clothesline for 2. Bobby hits a shoulderbreaker for 2. Curt hammers on Shane and Bobby comes in and hits a boot and a suplex for 2. Chinlock and a kneelift. Barry is back in and hits a DDT for 2. Double KO spot occurs and Curt beats on Shane. Bobby is back in and he hits a clothesline but runs into a boot. Perry gets the tag and hammers on Bobby. 6 man brawl occurs. Dean does the Texas Cloverleaf but Kendall nails Dean with the Cowbell. Perry hits the DVD for the pin at 10:57. This was decent **.


The Cat (with Sonny Onoo) VS Buff Bagwell

Both guys stall by talking. Finally the bell rings and they stall some more. Hip toss by cat and he shows off. Slam by Cat and he shows off some more. Crowd chants “Pussycat.” Hiptoss by Buff now and a slam. Another slam and a weak clothesline. Cat stalls some more outside. He wants a handshake but Buff isn’t buying it neither am I. Cat pummels on Buff and chokes him now. Boot to the throat. Dropkick by Buff and another one. 10 punch count but takes a low blow and a kick. Sonny chokes Buff on the bottom rope and Cat gets a two count. Kick to the stomach and an eye rake. They choke out Buff on the 2nd rope. This match better end soon. Chinlock by Cat. Buff gets up and takes an eyerake. Buff reverses a suplex. Atomic drop and an inverted one. Cross body for 2. Cat with a headbutt. Buff throws Sonny into the Cat and Buff rolls up Cat for the pin at 7:22. Boring DUD.


U.S. Title Match No DQ: Chris Benoit VS Diamond Dallas Page

Benoit with a low kick to take control. He counters a powerbomb with some blows. Baseball slide by Chris but DDP puts him on the rail. Back in the ring Benoit takes control again. Belly to Belly by Page for 2. Page takes control now and hooks a camel clutch. Page with the fireman’s carry press slam for 2. Gut Wrencher by Page. Kneelifts by Page but Benoit rolls up the knee for 2 Page does the same and hits a clothesline. Benoit fights back but Page hits a spinebuster for 2. Benoit gets a sunset flip for 2 but he’s clotheslined again for 2. Stalling by Page before going back to work. Sidewalk slam for 2. Benoit comes out of another one and gets a jawjacker. Benoit gets caught off the top and is hanging upside down. Page takes advantage and then he hits Charles Robinson and takes his belt and lashes Benoit. Robinson finally gets Benoit down from the corner. Page then chokes Benoit with the belt. Page covers for 2. Snap mare with the belt and another one. Page chokes Benoit over his shoulder and Chris finally comes back. German suplex for 2. Another one for 2. A third one fails. Chris goes to the top and Kanyon pushes him off and Page gets a belly to belly for 2. Page is thrown into Kanyon and rolled up for 2. Clothesline for another 2. Bammer comes to the top and splashes Benoit for 2!! Where’s Chris getting this from? Bammer is thrown into Kanyon and low butts Page and Benoit low butts Bammer. Chris hits the flying headbutt for the pin at 12:12 to retain. Decent match good ending. **1/2.


We get a random drawing and the winner receives a motorbike.


Sting VS Sid Vicious

I hope Sting can carry Sid here. Sid almost decides to walk out on the match when the bell rings. Tie up and Sid powers him to the corner. Sid misses a charge and Sting hits his splash and another one. Clothesline sends Sid to the outside. He sends Sid into the audience and back out he sends him into the rail. Back inside Sting misses another splash. Kick by Sid. He goes into his slow offense. Powerslam for 2. He rips at Stings face and hits a Butt Splash. Backbreaker gets another 2. Chinlock by Sid now. Clothesline by Sid and he throws Sting to the outside. He drops him on the rail for 2. Chinlock again. Sting fights back and gets a shoulderblock and the low headbutt. Sid’s the first to get up and he goes to the top and gets slammed but then he trips Sting. Sting fights back and slams Sid but goes for a splash gets the knees in the stomach for 2. Sid drops him on the turnbuckle. Sting fights back again and takes a big boot. Sid goes to the top again and gets caught and superplexed by Sting. Stinger Splash and another one and he gets caught by the throat the third time and chokeslammed for the pin at 10:41. That’s it? I was expecting a powerbomb. This match sucked anyways 3/4*


Goldberg VS Rick Steiner

Slugfest to start.  Clothesline by Goldie. Rick hits with a lariat though. Kick by Goldie though. Rick decides to stall outside. Goldie is sucking wind already. Rick clips Gold and takes his knee brace off and uses it as a weapon and elbow drops him with it. Clothesline by Rick and tries to chokes him with the brace. Clothesline and Rick pounds on him some more with the brace. Belly to belly for 2. Hits him with the brace again and a DDT for 2. Goldie starts to fight back and hits his Goldberg press. Followed by the spear and the jackhammer finishes it at 5:39. Just a squash DUD.


Hardcore Match: Randy Savage VS Dennis Rodman

Please let this be short. Both men take forever to get to the ring. Rodman talks trash to Savage and he hammers on Savage outside and throws him into the rail. Savage is thrown into a scaffold. Back in the ring Savage is thrown into the corner and elbowed. Another clothesline. Elbowdrop and a Russian Leg Sweep for a 2 count!! Wow I didn’t thing Dennis could pull that. He argues with the ref about the count and decks him and elbows him. Another ref comes in now. Savage gets an eye gouge and a kick. Another eye gouge. He chokes him on the top rope and thrown back. More choking. Weak stungun on the top. He goes outside and nails a cameraman and takes his camera. He decks Rodman with it. He covers Rodman for 2. Oh god! I thought it was over there. Now Savage grabs the 2nd ref and decks him and throws him out of the ring. A 3rd ref comes in and is nailed! Savage is backdropped over the top rope. How is this match going to end? A 4th ref is in as both men fight on the outside and Savage gets an eye gouge. They go out to the aisleway and “brawl out there” They go up to the ramp and Rodman gets an armdrag. Rodman gets thrown into the trash and into a portapotty and he tips it over. Savage is then thrown into a truck. They start to go back out to the ring and Rodman is decked. Back in the ring finally. Rodman goes to the top and he clotheslines the ref. COME ON END THIS CRAP!! Gorgeous George comes down and Rodman has the sleeper and is jaw jacked. George gives Savage a chain as a 5th ref comes in. George hits a low blow on Rodman and Savage hits Rodman with the chain for the pin at 11:30. So we needed 5 referees and a chain to end it. That’s just sad. Horrible match -****


WCW World Title Career VS Career Match: Hulk Hogan VS Kevin Nash

This was just after Hogan turned back to the Red and Yellow. Like that means anything here. Hogan chant starts out as they stall. Tie up which Nash wins. Tie up again and Hogan wins it. Side headlock by Nash now and Hogan does nothing to get out of it. Back suplex by Hogan sending Nash to the outside. Nash stalls out there and they go back in and Nash wants the test of strength. Hogan obliges. Nash brings Hogan down. Hogan gets back up and Nash gets a knee and an elbow. Nash goes thru his offense very slowly. Hogan comes back and hammers on Nash. He does the 10 punch count. Eye poke and a right hand. Eye poke by Nash and a right hand to the back. Clothesline by Nash. More right hand by Nash and the boot to the throat. Sidewalk slam for 2. Hogan is rammed into the scaffold. Back in the ring Nash hits a butt splash and another one. He goes thru his slow offense once more and he hits the big boot. He hits the Powerbomb but Hogan kicks out and hulks up! I guess we know the ending now. 3 right hands, big boot and the legdrop finishes it at 12:17. Bad match. DUD.


Summary: Well the show started out good and it went downhill in a hurry. Not really a reason to see it. RECOMMENDATION TO AVOID