Monday Night Raw Live! From August 14th 1995 at Worcester, Massachutes


We open with a video that on last week’s show Shawn Michaels suffered a costly back injury at the hands of King Mabel (What a surprise Mabel hurts someone.) Can he recover in time to face the King Jerry Lawler? Lawler says that Michaels may be one well-timed blow from the end of his career.


Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Ted Dibiase. Ted says that Sid is livid here tonight.


Doink The Clown VS Waylon Mercy

Doink comes out to no heat while Mercy gets a nice heat. Mercy offers a handshake and Doink doesn’t fall for it. Arm drags by Doink send Mercy out of the ring. Vince says that Henry Godwinn will be in action and Dibiase says that he’s not a member of the Millon Dollar team despite what he has done in the past for him. Waylon sends Doink out of the ring. He holds the rope and snaps it for Doink. Dibiase calls Godwinn BLT breath. Doink starts firing back but the ref steps in and Mercy takes advantage of it. Mercy hooks the sleeper as a loud “Kill the clown!” chant starts. That sums up the situation of 1995 for the WWF. Doink goes nighty night at 3:04. Atta boy Waylon.


We get a Goldust promo and it’s the first time we see the bizarre one. He’s standing in front of WB studios in LA and he says that he was born a star and he’s going to be with the superstars of the World Wrestling Federation.


Henry Godwinn comes on out and he’s not happy over what Dibiase said about him. He starts going after Dibiase and Dibiase tries to reason with him. Godwinn tells him to get on his knees and squeal like a pig. And he dumps his pig slop all over Dibiase and the crowd loves it. Godwinn is now a babyface.




We relive just moments ago when Godwinn just slopped Dibiase. Dok Hendrix has replaced Dibiase in the announce position with Vince.


The Smoking Gunns VS Bill Garrett and Cody Wade

The Gunns will face the Blu Twins at Summerslam in two weeks. They hit the sidewinder on Wade for the pin at 1:34.


The report card with Dean Douglas. Tonight he teaches about Execution and he reviews a match with Bret Hart and Jimmy Delray. Hart has climbed the ropes while Delray is down on the mat. Dean thinks that cowardice. Bret nails Delray with a elbow and forgets to hook the leg on the pin and then he looks at the ref in an argument like manner. So Dean gives him an F. “Bret is not the Excellence of Execution but he is the Foundation of Failure.” Exclamation Point.


Vince talks to Shawn backstage on the video wall. All the kings horses and men can’t keep the Heartbreak Kid from gyrating again. He says.



Next Week The Undertaker VS Tatanka


Hunter Hearst Helmsley VS Jeff Hardy

Jeff’s hair isn’t dyed yet but his shirt’s already taken off. Vince promotes a number for America Online and after Raw next week. Vince will be online at 10:00 EST. Helmsley who joined the clique when he came to the WWF and he got an undefeated push as a result which continues here as he pins Hardy with the Pedigree at 2:06 Hardy misses a moonsault during the match though.


Todd Pettingill with your Summerslam Insider brought to you by Stridex. It is live Sunday August 27th at the Igloo in Pittsburgh

WWF title Match: Diesel VS Mabel. Diesel pinned Mo last week but was attacked by Mabel. Shawn Michaels makes the save but gets injured as a result. Diesel will have an interview next week on Raw

IC title Ladder Match: Shawn Michaels VS Razor Ramon

Bret Hart VS Isaac Yankem D.D.S

Women’s Title Match: Alundra Blayze VS Bertha Faye. Faye broke Blayze’s noze four months ago and Blayze wants revenge

The Undertaker VS Kama and there are two new matches

Barry Horowitz VS Skip. Barry beat Skip again this past weekend in a 10 minute match lasting the entire 10 minutes. Glad to see Barry get a shot on PPV though.

The 1-2-3 Kid VS Hakushi. Hey this card may not seem bad after all.

Todd says it’s the greatest Summerslam ever coming up. I wouldn’t go that far.


Henry Godwinn now a babyface comes out to the ring for his match.




Henry Godwinn VS Russ Greenberg

The New fall season of Raw will have Wrestlemania the Special!


Promos: Nerf Max Force, Slick 50 car oil, Demolition Man from Acclaim


Godwinn pounds on Greeenberg and pins him with the Slop Drop at :52. Quick one. Godwinn dumps another bucket of slop on Greenberg.


Jerry Lawler visits his dentist Isaac Yankem. Isaac gives the girl some novocane and it’s so disgusting we get a shot of Vince and Dok.


IC Champ Shawn Michaels VS Jerry Lawler

The King makes his way to the ring as Barry Bidinski is backstage with Savio Vega and the 1-2-3 Kid. They are playing slap caps. Barry promos a whole bunch of mat kaps. An 18 karat slammer and a board. Also a 3 month subscription for WWF magazine.




Monday Night Raw is brought to you by Stridex pads. Shawn gets a nice pop coming to the ring. Sid is in the building around here. Tie up to start and Shawn trips up the King from behind and decides to slap some hands. Shawn with a flip over Lawler and a trip. “Burger King” chant by this crowd. King says “Here’s a whopper for you” and he misses a right hand and takes a backdrop. King sets up a piledriver but Shawn blocks it. Sid comes down to the ring and grabs the IC belt as Lawler takes advantage of it. Shawn is thrown over the top rope and down to the ring in front of Sid who has the IC belt in his hands.




The king continues to pound on Shawn. Vertical suplex by the King. Sid is still at ringside with the belt. Fistdrop by Lawler. DDT for 2. Slam by Lawler and he climbs to the top and misses a frog splash. Shawn nips up and starts pounding on the King. Flying Jalapeno. Slam by Shawn and he goes to the top and hits his ***** flying elbow. Shawn starts tuning up his foot and hits the superkick which sends Lawler to the outside. Sid comes in for the DQ at 6:00. Sid counters a headdown with a boot. Chokeslam by Sid. Razor Ramon comes out right before the powerbomb and saves Shawn. He puts Sid in the Razor’s edge (after shoving Shawn on a superkick attempt.) but the King pulls Sid away from it and they leave. Shawn and Razor start grabbing the IC title belt and Razor pulls it away and then drops it at Shawn’s feet when he wants it back.


Promos: Nerf Max Force, Dragon from Acclaim, Sweet Tootsie Roll


Diesel has to come in the ring and calm down his two clique buddies.




We end the show by reliving Shawn and Razor almost going at it moments ago.