Nickrj’s rant for Monday Night Raw


From Grand Rapids, Michigan on Columbus Day, October 9th 1995. (Taped September 25th)


Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler


Six Man Tag: Diesel, Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker (With Paul Bearer) VS Yokozuna, Owen Hart and The British Bulldog (With Jim Cornette and Mr. Fuji)

The heels are already in the ring as the show starts and the King says that we’re looking at three great role models. UT comes out and he says somebody is never going to be the same. Little did he know how right he was.




We go to a clip of the Survivor Series press conference in our nation’s capital where Shawn Michaels talks about what kids mean to him. He comes out along with Big Daddy Cool Diesel! Vince is jacked up for this match as is this crowd!


Promos: Milton Bradley Karate Fighters, Milton Bradley Hot Shot Basketball, Seperation Anxiety from Acclaim


Match starts with Shawn and Owen. Shawn with an eye poke and some right hands. Flying takedown by Shawn into an armbar. Leapfrog and a monkey flip by Shawn. He knockes Owen over the top and skins the cat. Bulldog comes in and he gets nailed. All 6 men are in already. Bulldog and Owen are thrown into Yokozuna and Diesel and UT double kick Yoko to the outside where he runs into the post. Diesel continues with the Bulldog. He knocks him to the outside where UT throws him back in. Yoko is tagged in but Diesel hits a flying clothesline. UT is tagged in and now all 6 men have been in. UT does the top rope walk and forearm to the back of the neck. Yoko gets a samoan drop. Corny “Now that’s the way you do it!” UT comes back with a DDT however. Waylon Mercy looks on from the aisleway. Shawn comes in and works on the left arm of Yoko but he runs into a 641 pound Rock Bottom. Owen Hart comes in and covers him for 2. Backbreaker by Owen. Bulldog in and a double elbow. Press slam by the Bulldog for 2 and Shawn is taking a beating. He keeps Shawn from tagging UT. “USA” chant from this crowd. Shawn is dragged into the wrong corner and Owen allows a triple team in the corner.




Owen with an Ab stretch using Bulldog for leverage as now Dean Douglas comes out and takes some notes. Ref sees it and Shawn gets a hip toss. Backslide by Shawn for 2 but he takes a hard clothesline. Yokozuna back in and they make a wish. Another hard clothesline by Yoko. Bulldog is back in and a double headbutt for 2. Vertical Suplex for another 2 1/2. Owen Hart is in again. Snapmare into a chinlock and Corny is loving it. Shawn gets out but Owen hits a spinning heel kick for 2. Rollup by Shawn for 2. Owen slams Shawn and he goes to the top and leaps.




Owen missed a flying headbutt and Shawn gets the hot tag to Diesel and Bulldog is in. Diesel hits a sidewalk slam and hits Yoko and Owen. Owen nails him from behind and the Bulldog hits the running powerslam. UT breaks the count and is ushered out and Yoko legdrops Diesel and Bulldog gets the pin at 11:44!! Vince, Jerry and the Crowd is in shock! UT tries to clean house but Mabel comes in the ring from behind and he throws UT to the corner and both Mabel and UT hit a pair of Avalanches and then they level UT with a series of Leg Drops, elbows and splashes. Dean Douglas also comes out and he hammers on Shawn and drives his back into the apron. Then he takes out the steps and he picks up Shawn and drops him knee first right on the steps. Meanwhile Mabel continues to lower the boom on UT and Bulldog continues to stomp away on Diesel.




The heels have left but UT and Diesel are down in the ring and Shawn on the outside. I believe this is punishment from Vince on you three! We go back to last Monday where Bret Hart defeats Jean Pierre Laffite however he gets into a brawl with the King and Isaac Yankem DDT’s Bret right on the floor. Back in the ring, UT, Diesel and Shawn are back on their feet now. Crowd gives them a nice hand. Vince hypes next week where Bret Hart and Isaac Yankem will face off in a steel cage match.


We go back to Summerslam now and we’re shown the match between Isaac Yankem and Bret Hart. Vince announces a new stipuation. If Jerry Lawler interferes in the cage match next week, he’ll go into a shark cage and he’ll be hoisted high above the ring. The last 8 minutes are shown and of course the finish is where Lawler and Yankem get Bret’s head caught between the ropes and they try to pull on his legs and choke him to death.


Fatu VS Skip (With Sunny)

Oh boy a battle of jobbers after that six man tag. Tonight Monday Night Raw is brought to you by Tyco. We go back to last Friday at Madison Square Garden at a charity benefit for the handicapped. Jerry Lawler says that there’s something with Mabel going in the locker room.




The WWF Tour De Force invading the Northeast.


Match starts with Skip with a weak leapfrog. Mabel is trying to get in UT’s dressing room. Skip with some right hands and he rams the steel head of Fatu which doesn’t work of course. Sunny is on the apron and Fatu falls for it but he nails Skip from behind outside. Fatu rams his shoulder into the post though. Belly to back suplex by Skip. Slam by Skip and he goes to the 2nd rope and hits a kneedrop. Fatu comes back but Skip hits a reverse enzuguri for 2. Skip goes for the forehead and hurts himself. Reverse chinlock by Skip. Fatu is back up but Skip pulls the hair. Skip goes to the top and hurts himself with a flying headbutt. Fatu with a BAAAACK body drop and a clothesline in the corner. Backbreaker. He goes to the top and Sunny distracts him and Skip rams Fatu’s head into the post which does hurt. Skip sets up Fatu for a superplex but he strains his back. He tries again but Fatu knocks him off the top rope and hits a top rope splash for the pin at 5:53.


Promos: Nerf Max Force, Slick 50 Car Oil, Street Fighter The Movie from Acclaim.


Dok Hendrix is pacing outside the locker room of Diesel, Shawn and UT but can’t hear Vince and Jerry.




We go back to the 6 man tag earlier tonight. They don’t show Bulldog pinning Diesel but they show the other stuff they did to him. UT took a series of leg drops and headbutts from Mabel and Shawn Michaels got slammed right on the steps knee first after taking an incredible beating during the match.


Dok Hendrix now updates us on the condition of the faces. Shawn tried to speak to Dok but fainted. Diesel is angry and UT is still out of it. He tries to go in for an interview but Vince doesn’t let him.


Jim Ross goes in the locker room with Bulldog and Jim Cornette. Corny almost shoots him out and he says feel the glory and glee of the total disregard for rules and regulations. They now show the Bulldog pinning Diesel in the middle of the ring. He says that the Bulldog will beat Diesel again at IYH for the WWF title and he tells the Bulldog to take it back to England because these (American) people don’t deserve to see it. The Bulldog says that he beat Bret Hart in England for the IC title in Webley Stadium in front of 83,000 people. He’s going to come to IYH at the 50 below hell hole in Winnepeg and take the WWF title. King Mabel comes in and he says that the Bulldog accomplished the impossible just like he did when he pinned the Undertaker and he’s going to bury UT underneath a mountain of snow in two weeks. He already did that tonight.


Vince and Jerry talk about the steel cage match next week. Jerry says that he’s a king not an animal and they won’t cage him. But if he interferes he will. Lawler says he’s the key to victory. The show ends with a promo of the cage match next week.