Monday Night Raw Live! From July 24th 1995 in Louisville, Kentucky.


The show opens with a clip from last night’s IYH. Shawn Michaels wins the Intercontinental title for the third time (WAY TO GO SHAWNIE!!) from Jeff Jarrett with an assist from the Roadie. More on that later on.


Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler. There’s a new huge RAW sign for the entrance. In the middle of the A is a video wall. Pretty cool.


IC Champion Shawn Michaels VS Jimmy Delray (With Dr. Tom Pritchard and Jim Cornette)

The crowd goes crazy for the new champ. King says that everyone will be after Shawn now. Delray hammers on Shawn but Shawn stops and hits an atomic drop and an armdrag. Delray goes to the top and gets out but he gets clotheslined over the top and Shawn skins the cat. Delray is kicked into the railing. Superstar line is plugged as Delray almost hits his own partner and Shawn butts their head together. Vince says on the Superstar line an in depth interview with Shawn Michaels. Delray hits a DDT for 2. He starts jabbing at Shawn and Pritchard gets a cheap shot. Sunset flip by Shawn for 2. Delray does the grind just like the Blue Meanie would do. Rude Awakening for 2. Chinlock. Shawn gets up but takes a slam. Delray goes to the top but misses a frog splash. Shawn nips up and starts hammering on the gigolo. Flying jalapeno by Shawn. Slam by Shawn. He goes to the top and hits the flying elbow for 2. Shawn kicks Pritchard on the apron and goes over Delray and hits the superkick for the pin at 5:20. Pretty good matchup. Shawn after the match fakes a little striptease.


We go back to last night’s IYH. Jeff Jarrett performs “With My Baby Tonight.” And gets booed in his hometown! Vince says that Jarrett might’ve be lip synching according to the Roadie. Later in the IC title match the Roadie trips up Jarrett and Shawn hits the superkick for the pin and the IC title. I haven’t seen this match but I heard it’s a ***** classic. Jarrett blamed the loss on the Roadie and back in the locker room they got into a brawl and Dok Hendrix covers it. The Roadie was actually singing the song. Of course both men left the WWF after this but the Roadie returns over a year later when everyone had forgotten about this angle.




We look at the feud between Bret Hart and Hakushi. 4 months ago. Bret received an award from the Japanese people and Hakushi comes out and attacks Bret and stage dives him from the stage to the floor. Hak started carrying a fake severed head of Bret. (Don’t even ask.) At the first IYH on May 14th. Bret Hart beat Hakushi and then later faced Jerry Lawler. The ref’s foot gets caught in the ropes and Hakushi comes out and frog splashes Bret twice. Lawler gets the pin with a rollup and it’s the most embarrassing defeat of Bret’s career.


The Smoking Gunns VS John Faulkner and Rick Stockhauser

Vince says that the WWF and America Online are teaming up sometime before Summerslam. Faulkner and Stockhauser look alike but none the less one of them gets pinned with the sidewinder (no legdrop) by Billy at 2:01.


Barry Bidinski is with Vince and he’s sporting a black t-shirt that says “Ain’t I Great” and on the back it says “NOT!” also with the shirt you can get a cassette tape of the single “With My Baby Tonight” Order by calling 1-800-TITAN-91




Promo for Goldust. Nothing special. Just a bunch of gold glitter saying goldust and Howard Finkel introducing him. This is basically just an announcement that Vince had just signed Dustin Rhodes.


Tonight Monday Night Raw is brought to you by Skittles candy. Taste the Rainbow!


Another Video of Fatu in San Francisco. We look at the Cow Palace where Fatu used to go see wrestling there. Make a Difference folks.


Waylon Mercy VS Gary Scott

Mercy shakes the refs hand and shakes Scott’s hand and then starts destroying Scott and he gets him with the sleeper at 2:00. Another maneuver Mercy has is he holds the rope open for his opponent and drops him right when he’s under it and he still has that crazed look on his face during the sleeper.


Promos: Judge Dredd from Acclaim, Nerf Max Force, Judge Dredd action figures


Post In Your House report from Todd Pettingill. He plugs Summerslam which is brought to you by Stridex. It’ll be from the Igloo in Pittsburgh Pennslyvania on August 27th.


Todd talks about the card. Owen Hart and Yokozuna beat the Allied Powers but the AP want a rematch. Shawn of course beat Jeff Jarrett to win the IC title for the third time in an awesome match. Shawn also played a key role in the lumberjack match by attacking Sid. Sid wants an IC title match with Shawn and Shawn wants Sid as well. In the Lumberjack title match with Diesel and Sycho Sid. Diesel wins it but during the match he gets attacked on the outside by King Mabel and injured. (What a surprise Mabel injures someone.) And now Mabel calls himself the number one contender for the WWF title. WHAT?!!!! Just by attacking Diesel? I bet as soon as Scott Keith found out about this he probally drank 5 bottles of Jim Beam whisky. Anyways Mabel cuts a promo calling Diesel “Big Daddy Fool.” He says in one night he went through 3 rounds (actually 2) to become the king and that Diesel isn’t worthy in his kingdom.


Hakushi enters the ring for his matchup with Bret Hart.




Bret Hart VS Hakushi (with Shinja)

Hakushi shows the severed head of the Hitman


Next week: The tag team title is on the line. Owen Hart and Yokozuna VS Razor Ramon and Savio Vega!


Bret comes out and gets a nice pop. Shinja interferes and Hak jumps Bret from behind. He throws him into the steps and into the rail. Back in the ring Bret is slammed but he gets the knees up on a Vader bomb attempt. Inverted Atomic drop and a clothesline. Jerry Lawler wants to get in that ring. Backbreaker by Bret. Crowd is not excited for this. Bret is rammed backfirst under the bottom rope into the post and a baseball slide by Hak.




Hak continues to pound on Bret and he hits a springboard elbow. Bronco Buster by Hak. Hak draws some heat on the 2nd rope. Series of clotheslines by Hak but Bret hits a Russian leg sweep but takes a savat kick. Gut wrench suplex into a backbreaker get 2 from Hak. Bret is rammed back first into the corner. Hak goes to the top and hits a frog splash on the back for 2. Snapmare into the nerve pinch by Hak. Bret gets up but is pulled to the outside. Hak threatens to jump from the top.




Hak with a nice moonsault over the top rope onto Bret. Bret rams both Shinja and Hak and does a slingshot splash on both guys. Back in. Bret with a backbreaker. 2nd rope elbow for 2. Shinja gets knocked from the apron and Bret hits a bulldog for 2 on Hak. Small package for another 2. Back suplex by Hak. He goes to the top misses the frog splash. Bret with a superplex from the top. He hooks the sharpshooter for the submission at 9:19. Big pop for that and a very good match! Shinja gets piledriven afterwards for fun. Jean Pierre Lafitte comes out and steals the severed head for whatever reason. I guess this means another lowly midcard feud for Bret. Stupid clique.


Promos: Nerf Max Force, Justice League Task Force from Acclaim, Judge Dredd action figures from Mattell


The Report Card with Dean Douglas. Shane Douglas makes his debut as the dean and he gets everyone to shut up by scratching is fingernails on the blackboard. Douglas teaches about Knowledge in his classroom and he’s going to be grading the WWF superstars in the coming weeks. Most likely he says that they will get an F. I give an F pretty much for this segment.




Next week King Mabel, Body Donnas and Bam Bam Bigelow in action along with the tag team title match. The signal is almost lost as they interview Shawn Michaels and it is but it restores. Shawn loves being the IC champ. Jerry says that Shawn’s future is like an ice cube and that everyone’s coming after Shawn including the King. Shawn challenges the King as the show ends. Stay tuned to see where this ends up.