Nickrjís rant for Survivor Series 1992


Live from the Richfield Coliseum outside of Cleveland Ohio on Thanksgiving Eve. November 25th 1992. I saw this one live on PPV with my dad.


Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Bobby Heenan


High Energy (Koko Buckwheat Ware and Owen Hart) VS The Headshrinkers (with Afa)

Owen starts it off with Samu. Samu shows off his power early on. Headlock by Owen and he runs into a shoulderblock and hits a cross body for 1. Drop kick and an armdrag and another Dropkick by the Rocket! Koko gets the tag and starts dropkicking the Shrinkers. Double Knoggin knocker is no sold by the Shrinkers and Afa nails Ware with his bamboo stick from behind while eating a turkey leg. Double headbutt by the Shrinkers and Samu tricks Owen into coming in to allow a doubleteam. Fatu starts working over the bird man. Clothesline and Samu gets the tag. He goes to the nerve pinch. Koko takes a hard clothesline. Fatu is tagged in again and Koko gets a sunset for 2 but he takes a superkick. Biting by Fatu and Samu is back in and another doubleteam occurs. Samu misses an avalanche and Koko gets the hot tag to Owen. Owen goes on fire with some dropkicks and a back drop. He goes to the top and gets a crossbody for 2. Spinning heel kick on Fatu. Samu catches Owen in midair and power slams him. Fatu climbs the shoulders of Samu and splashes Owen for the pin at 7:40. Owen looked good here the others did not. *1/4


NightStick Match: The Big Boss Man VS Nailz

This is actually a variant of a coal minerís glove match where the nightstick is hung from a 15 foot pole and whoever gets to it first can use it. Nailz was a former convict that spent 2,478 days (About 6 ĺ years.) in a Cobb County Georgia prison. Once he got out he beats the crap out of the Boss Man back in the Spring of 1992. Nailz cuts a slobbering promo before the match. Then the Boss Man cuts a promo as Nailz comes to the ring. Once Nailz is in the ring the Boss Man runs out to the ring and stops him from getting the nightstick. Nailz counters with some choking and some right hands. He goes for the stick but is stopped. Some stinging jabs by Nailz but he runs into a boot. Boss Man with a right shot and he tries to get the stick but is slammed from the top rope. Nailz with a backbreaker and some more choking. Chinlock. Bossman gets out and misses a splash. Nailz climbs up and tries to get the stick but heís pulled down on the ropes. Nailz gets in a hard knee and a double clothesline. Boss Man climbs and tries to get the night stick and he does. He starts whacking Nailz with it but Nailz gets the stick and whacks Boss Man with it. He misses and Boss Man hits the hard time slam for the pin at 5:44. Short and sweet 1/2*


Gene Okerlund interviews Ric Flair and Razor Ramon who will face Randy Savage and Mr. Perfect. Savageís partner was originally the Ultimate Warrior but he left the WWF and on Prime Time Wrestling, Savage chooses Mr. Perfect who hadnít wrestled since Summerslam 1991. Doing so raised the heat of this match as Flair, Ramon and Bobby Heenan were steaming about it. Another point is can Savage and Perfect trust each other later on?


Tatanka VS Rick Martel

These two already faced at Wrestlemania. They decided to continue this feud when Martel took Tatankaís feathers and sprayed him in the eyes with his arrogance. Lock up and Martel gets a slap. Tatanka gets some chops and a backdrop and 2 dropkicks sends Martel to the outside. Shovefest develops and Tatanka gets an atomic drop and a tackle sends Martel to the outside again. Back in Martel gets some shots in. He drops Tatanka throat first across the top rope! Martel goes to a side headlock now. Tatanka gets a suplex but Martel is back on him. Side headlock again as Doink The Clown comes to the ring and starts making balloon animals. Tatanka sends Martel in the hard way but he takes a throat shot and a neckbreaker for 2. Back to the headlock again. Tatanka gets out of it and hits a clothesline. Martel goes shoulderfirst into the post and Tatanka goes to the shoulder. He gets a backslide for 2. Nice armdrag into the armbar. Tatanka is thrown over the top rope onto the floor. Martel goes after him and rams his back onto the apron. Martel goes after the lower back now. He goes to the 2nd rope and takes a gut shot. Tatanka starts chopping away and starts the war dance. Slam by Tatanka and he goes to the top and hits a flying chop. He gets the samoan drop for the pin at 11:06. Did we really need 11 minutes for this? 3/4* Tatanka has his feathers back and Doink pops the animal balloons and Bobby finds it hilarious.


Randy Savage and Mr. Perfect VS Ric Flair and Razor Ramon

One half of the double main event here tonight! Perfect starts it off along with the bad guy. Perfect gets an eye poke and Razor throws the toothpick in the face. Razor misses a chop and hits a shoulderblock. Drop toe hold by Perfect and a slap in the back. Heís dragged in the wrong corner but he nails both Ramon and Flair. Flair is tagged in and Perfect gets some right hands. Backdrop and a dropkick and some clotheslines. Flair is flipped upside down in the corner and onto the apron where heís nailed by Savage. Savage is tagged in and he gets a top rope double axhandle. Shoulderblock and a slap in the face by Savage followed by some jabs. Savage hammers on both Ramon and Flair. Savage gets into the wrong corner though and he starts to take a beating. Savage kicks out on a figure four attempt but he is picked up and tossed off. Flair gets the tag and he throws Savage hard into the buckle and chops him. Razor is in again and hooks an ab stretch using Flair for leverage. Savage comes out with a hiptoss but he misses an elbow. Flair is in again and he throws Savage over the top. Razor throws him head first into the post or steps. Flair hooks him for 2. Knee drop by Flair. Razor comes in illegally and hooks a half crab. Perfect starts to leave the ring now as Savage is now busted open but itís a weak blade job. Perfect has second thoughts and decides to return to the ring. He takes a shot on the apron by Razor to allow a double team. Chop by Flair for 2. Savage blocks a hiptoss and hooks a backslide for 2. Razor kicks away on Savage and drops an elbow for 2. Chokeslam for 2. Small package by Savage for 2. Another double team by the heels. Flair throws Savage hard into the corner. Clothesline. Flair goes to the top after wooing and heís slammed off the top by Savage. Perfect gets the hot tag and starts cleaning house on Razor. Hiptoss followed by a neck snap. Atomic Drop by Perfect and a kneelift. Flair comes in and heís not faring any better. Savage and Flair brawl on the outside and Flair chairs Savage. He goes in the ring and heís thrown out by Perfect. Razor whips Perfect into the ref whoís sent to the outside. Razor sets up the Razorís Edge as another ref comes down but Perfect comes out and back drops Razor. He hooks the Perfect Plex but thereís no ref. The 2nd ref counts and Flair makes the safe. Perfect now hooks Flair on the Razorís edge and the first ref counts and Razor makes the save. Flair and Razor double team Perfect and the bell rings at 16:26. Flair hooks the Figure Four and Razor goes to the outside and kicks Savage and he grabs a chair and Savage stops him. Savage gives Perfect the chair and Perfect nails Flair breaking the hold and he nails Razor. Savage and Perfect are announced as the DQ winners! Hot matchup and ending even if it was dumb. ***1/2. Perfect and Savage shake hands in the ring.


Yokozuna (with Mr. Fuji) VS Virgil

Yokozuna is a newcomer here to the WWF and he weighs in at 505 pounds. He looks like heís 400 pounds here though. Yoko shows off his power early on. Dropkicks by Virgil but he runs into a superkick. Belly to Belly suplex takes down Virgil. Virgil starts fighting back with some right hands but runs into a sidewalk slam. Legdrop by Yoko. Yoko misses a charge but sits on Virgil on a rollup attempt. Avalanche in the corner and he finishes it with the Banzai drop at 3:44. Just a squash. DUD.


Survior Series match: The Natural Disasters and The Nasty Boys VS Money Inc. and The Beverly Brothers (with Jimmy Hart and The Genius)

When one partner is eliminated his partner must go as well. Anyways the faces were once managed by Jimmy Hart but he cheapshotted both teams. Typhoon starts with Blake Beverly. Typhoon gets a power shove and does the strut. Blake hooks a sleeper but is rammed into the corner. Huge hip toss by Typhoon. Backbreaker. Earthquake gets the tag and a bearhug. Beau comes in but heís sandwiched along with his brother by the Disasters. Quake with a powerslam. Brian Knobbs gets the tag now and taunts the other heels. Blake is getting hammered and he takes a face slam. Clothesline by Brian and he tags his partner Jerry Sags. Beau comes in and takes a pumphandle slam. Chickenwing suplex by Beau. Ted Dibiase comes in for the first time and chops away on Sags. Clothesline. Suplex blocked by Sags and reversed. Irwin R Schyster gets the tag and they double team Sags. Elbow by IRS and a legdrop for 2. Sags reverses a hiptoss and nails Dibiase. Beau comes in again and hits a powerslam. Blake in there now. Legdrop by Blake for 2. Sags takes a neckbreaker for 2. Chinlock follows. Sags hooks a sleeper and a double KO occurs. Quake gets the hot tag and Beau is taking a pounding and an elbow. 8 man brawl erupts of which Typhoon gets a samoan drop on Blake and Quake follow through with the butt splash at 9:25 eliminating the Beverlyís. Dibiase continues with Quake and he starts chopping away but runs into a shoulder. Knobbs is in again and now Sags is in and now Typhoon. Quick tags by the faces as Quake is in again. He misses an avalanche though and a double back suplex by Money Inc. IRS covers him for 2. He misses a charge but gets the quick tag to his partner. IRS comes in and goes to the chinlock. Dibiase comes in illegally and continues to work over Quake. Weak clothesline by Teddy and some chops. 2nd rope double axhandle takes down the Quake. IRS is back in and he goes to the facelock. Dibiase in again. He hits another axhandle and tries another one but falls into a boot. Typhoon gets the hot tag and hammers on Irwin. Clothesline on both Money men. Big splash gets 2. Nasties double clothesline Dibiase but Dibiase trips Typhoon and IRS gets the pin at 15:54. But then Sags rolls up IRS for the pin at 16:03 and The Nasty Boys are your survivors. Good match while it lasted **


We look at the feud between the Undertaker and Kamala. At Summerslam at Wembley Stadium. Kamala gives UT a series of splashes but UT gets up! 3 weeks later on Superstars Paul Bearer comes out with a coffin with UT in it and once Kamala sees it he flips out. The same thing happens 2 weeks later on Wrestling Challenge when Kamala faced Tito Santana. Tonightís match is a coffin match where the loser must be pinned and then stuffed inside the coffin and locked.


Coffin Match: The Undertaker (With Paul Bearer) VS Kamala (With Harvey Whippleman and Kimchee)

Kamala loves to pat his stomach. He goes to the outside but UT follows him. And of course Kamala is afraid of UT. Kamala catches him back inside the ring but UT isnít fazed. UT does the top rope walk and forearm to the back. Clothesline by UT and choking. Kamala counters a headdown and clotheslines UT to the outside but he grabs both of Kamalaís managers. Kamala rams UT into the steps. He grabs a chair and nails him on the back. Back inside Kamala slams UT and again but UT keeps sitting up. Another slam and this time UT doesnít get up. Big splash by Kamala and he does 2 more. Kimchee clips Paul and tells Kamala to get the urn but Kamala doesnít want it and UT sits up. UT grabs the urn and nails Kamala with it and he gets the pin at 5:28 and drives him into the coffin and nails it shut. Bad match but it was fun to see Kamala flip out not only here but in the highlight package. DUD


WWF Title Match: Bret Hart VS Shawn Michaels (IC Champ)

Nope itís not what you think. J A couple of weeks prior to this Michaels won the IC title from The British Bulldog on SNME but his title is safe here. Meanwhile Bret won the WWF title from Ric Flair on October 12th and has taken on all comers since. The Mountie, The Berzerker, Rick Martel, Papa Shango and Virgil. Both men tie up and they donít wanna break in the corner. Knee by Shawn and a takedown and a waist lock brings them over to the ropes. Shovefest develops. Armbar by Bret taken down by the hair by Shawn. Nip up and a reversal and Bret works on the left arm now. Drop toe hold by Shawn but Bret goes back to the left arm. Reversal by Shawn but he is pulled to the outside. In the ring the hard way by Bret and back to the armbar. Shawn blocks a roll up but takes a crossbody for 2. Shoulder by Bret and a sunset for 2. Armdrag back into the armbar. Armdrag by Shawn but Bret still hangs on. Right hand by Shawn and another one. Shawn comes out of a hiptoss but takes a clothesline for 2. Back to the armbar by Bret. Shoulderblock by Bret but Shawn catches him and drops him throat first across the top rope. Bret then misses a charge and shoulders himself on the post. Armdrop by Shawn and some jabs to the head. Stomp by Shawn. Bret is rammed stomach first into the corner for 2. Chinlock by Shawn. Bret gets out but is taken back down. Bret breaks it but runs into a dropkick for 2. Backbreaker by Shawn for 2. Back to the chinlock now. Bret gets out and hits a neckbreaker. Right hand to the throat by Shawn though. Front face lock by Shawn. Bret rams him into the corner and is rammed back first into the corner but kicks Shawn and hits a bulldog. He misses a 2nd rope elbow though. Flying elbow by Shawn for 2. Front facelock again. He almost gets a submission out of it. Small package by Bret for 2. Bret counters a whip and hits a back suplex. Bret catches Shawn and slingshots him to the post. Bret fools Shawn by thinking heís down and he starts going to work. Bret shakes Shawn on the ropes and a headbutt. Back drop for 2. Gut shot and a Russian leg sweep for 2. Back breaker followed by a 2nd rope elbow for 2. Bret sets up Shawn on the top rope and hits a superplex for 2. Sleeper by Shawn but heís backed into the ref. Bret catches the boot and Shawn takes him to the outside. Bret is rammed backfirst into the post. Slam on the floor by Shawn. Back inside Shawn throws Bret backfirst to the corner for 2. Backdrop by Shawn for 2. Roll up by Bret for 2 and Shawn hits his superkick. He goes for the slingshot suplex but takes an eyerake. Back suplex by Shawn for 2. Bret nails Shawn and Shawn is tied up but somehow he gets out as Bret misses a charge. Shawn goes up to the 2nd rope but Bret catches him and hooks the Sharpshooter for the submission at 26:38 to retain!! Great matchup! ****1/4. Santa Claus comes out to congratulate Bret as it starts snowing in the arena.


Summary: Most of the tape is throwaway stuff but the two main event matchups that everyone wanted to see were both very good plus I used to like this show when it first came out. Iíll give it MILDLY RECOMMENDED