Nickrj’s rant for Monday Night Raw


From Grand Rapids, Michigan on October 16th 1995 (Taped September 25th)


Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler. We get comments from Isaac Yankem, Bret Hart and Jerry Lawler about the Steel Cage match.


Doink The Clown VS Hunter Hearst Helmsley

Funny as Vince and Jerry open the show with no audio and Hunter sprays some perfume on Vince and Jerry and the look on Vince’s face is hilarious. It was over the weekend that Mabel and Dean Douglas were each fined $7,500 for what they did last week in the 6 man tag and also the Undertaker suffered a crush face last week at the hands of Mabel and Yokozuna so Gorilla Monsoon has ordered a replacement for the Undertaker and he’ll announce it tonight. Tie up and Doink gets a hip toss. He grabs the nose of Hunter and slaps him. Slam by Doink and he rings the bell and fools around too much to take a clothesline. Stomping from Hunter. Elbow and a curtsey. Hunter runs into a boot and Doink hits a sidewalk slam but misses an elbow. Kneedrop from Hunter for 2. Suplex for another 2. Hunter with a resthold. Small package from Doink gets 2. A backslide gets another 2. He misses a spinning cross body and Hunter hits the Pedigree for the pin at 3:51.


Barry Horowitz is with Hakushi. Barry talks about baseball. He asks him who the greatest home run hitter. He wants him to say Babe Ruth but instead Hakushi says Hank Aaron.


WWF Tag Title Match: The Smoking Gunns VS PG-13

This was originally a non title match as it was signed before the Gunns won the titles but then the Gunns decided to put up the titles here.




Gorilla Monsoon announces that Yokozuna will now face King Mabel although Jerry Lawler thought it was Bret Hart. Billy starts with Wolfie D. Billy gets a hip toss and a clothesline. JC Ice comes in and both PG13 collide. Bart Gunn comes in and nails Ice. Ice comes out of a backdrop but takes a clothesline. Bart pressslams Ice into Wolfie. Billy is back in and Wolfie comes out of a hiptoss and they use some doubleteaming to take control. Wolfie comes in and goes to the chinlock. And they doubleteam.




Double elbow drops by PG-13 and Ice gets 2. Billy slingshots Ice into his own partner and gets the hot tag. Bart takes care of both PG-13. They hit the sidewinder on Wolfie for the pin at 4:58.


Promos: Thrifty Car Rental, Nerf Max Force, Street Fighter The Movie from Acclaim


Next week Bertha Faye defends the women’s title against Alundra Blayze.


We go to this past weekend on the Tour De Force. Dok Hendrix interviews The British Bulldog who pinned Diesel at the 6 man tag team match last week. Jim Cornette talks about how the Bulldog turned his back on Diesel and everyone in the WWF so that he could get a title shot. Dok brings up that the reason why he pinned Diesel was because Yokozuna dropped the leg on Diesel right before. The Bulldog says nobody has a lot of respect for him and he’s going to beat Diesel again.



Ahmed Johnson talks about honor. I can’t understand a thing he says.


Dean Douglas VS an unknown

Vince and Jerry don’t even acknowledge the jobber because they were concerned about another story. Vince talks about Shawn Michaels last Friday where he started a fight with a bunch of marines in Syracuse and they literally beat the crap out of him while the British Bulldog and the 1-2-3 Kid got away. Vince talks to Shawn on the phone who is at his home in San Antonio. Shawn says he doesn’t look and feel good. He says he’ll be at IYH this Sunday night and try to still defend the IC title. Dean pins the jobber with a fisherman’s suplex at 2:08.


Slam Jam with Dok Hendrix who plugs a t-shirt with the two dudes with attitudes. Jerry says it’ll be a collector’s item because Shawn’s face will never look the same again.


As they set up the steel cage and the shark cage possibly for Lawler, Vince and Jerry talk about IYH this Sunday night at Winnepeg, Canada


WWF Title Match: Diesel VS The British Bulldog

IC Title Match: Shawn Michaels VS Dean Douglas

Tag Team Title Match: The Smoking Gunns VS Razor Ramon and The 1-2-3 Kid

Fatu VS Hunter Hearst Helmsley

Marty Jannetty VS Goldust making his debut. He cuts a promo saying that Marty is in for a major makeover.


We go back to the King Of The Ring where Mabel pins the Undertaker thanks to Kama. Then 3 weeks ago he interferes with UT VS The Briish Bulldog and then last week he and Yokozuna crush his face with a series of legdrops. Paul Bearer cuts a promo swearing revenge on both Mabel and Yokozuna once UT returns.


Steel Cage Match: Bret Hart VS Dr. Isaac Yankem D.D.S.

We get a clip of Yankem DDTing Bret Hart on the floor two weeks ago.




Next Week we’ll see a 20 man battle royal! The winner gets an IC title shot.


Tonight Monday Night Raw is brought to you by Tyco. The door is padlocked so that Lawler can’t get in through the door. Yankem starts by pounding on Bret. He misses a charge and Bret starts hammering away. Inverted atomic drop and a clothesline. Headbutt in the stomach. Slam by Bret followed by an elbow. He starts climbing out but Yankem catches him. Yankem hammers and tries to get out himself but Bret catches him and knocks back into the cage. Bret almost gets out over the top but Isaac brings him in. He throws Bret into the cage. Isaac climbs but Bret grabs the foot and pulls him down. Foot in the throat and some kicks by Bret. He goes to the door and asks the ref to open the door but he can’t open it and Isaac catches him from behind. Meanwhile Jerry Lawler pulls another lock out of his crown. He switched locks on the official!!




Isaac continues to hammer on Bret. He tries to climb but Bret slams him from the top rope. Bret goes to the top and hits a flying clothesline. He hooks the Sharpshooter. Then he tries to escape but Jerry Lawler leaves his table and knocks Bret back into the cage. Gorilla Monsoon along with a bunch of officials come out. They can’t get Lawler down so Bret knocks Lawler down and the officials throw Lawler in the cage, lock it and they start hoisting it high above the ring. Meanwhile Bret and Yankem battle on the ropes. “Burger King” chant by this crowd. Isaac pulls Bret down on the ropes. He chokes the Hitman down. He goes for a piledriver but Bret backdrops him over. Bret goes over the top again but Yankem pulls him back in. Isaac slams Bret from the top rope. Yankem tries to climb out now but Bret catches him and both men go down. Lawler now has a nosebleed. He actually picked his nose from an injury he had several years ago.




Bret has Isaac in the corner. Isaac is thrown into the cage. Bret with a backbreaker. Bret climbs over the top but Isaac catches him once again. Yankem hits his DDT. He tries to climb the cage but Bret gets up and grabs the ankle and pulls down Yankem. 10 punch count by Bret. Bret his thrown hard into the turnbuckle stomach first and the King takes out the key to the cage lock and throws it to Isaac who tries to unlock the lock but Bret catches him. Bret grabs the chain on the door and he starts hammering on Yankem and hits a bulldog. Back Breaker followed by a 2nd rope elbow. Bret climbs the cage and is able to get out at 15:22 to win it. Lawler is not happy.

Promos: Milton Bradley Hot Shot Basketball, Milton Bradley Karate Fighters, Spawn from Acclaim


They leave Lawler high up there with a nosebleed. Vince closes the show and hypes In Your House.