Nickrjís rant for Supertape Volume 2


This is a Coliseum Video release from July 1990


Your host is Sean Mooney. Thereís a running gag throughout this video that whenever he says ďSupertape.Ē A loud booming voice seemingly from high above goes ďSUUUPERTAPE!Ē


King Of The Ring title Match: Randy Savage (with Sensational Sherri) VS Hacksaw Jim Duggan

This match aired on Saturday Nightís Main Event on 1/27/90 from Chattanooga, Tennessee. Savage beat Duggan for the crown and Duggan wants it back. Of course they take out Vince and Jesse and replace them with Mooney and Alfred Hayes. Duggan dumps the kings throne with Savage on it to start but he misses a charge and Savage gets a clothesline and a boot to the throat. Clothesline by Duggan though and a right hand. He hits a clothesline for 2. Atomic Drop and he goes after Sherri on the apron and pays for it. Savage to the top and a double axhandle on the outside. He knees Duggan to the post. They go back in the ring. Savage goes to the top and hits another axhandle for 2. Clothesline over the top rope for 2. He misses a butt splash on the ropes and Duggan misses an elbow. Eye rake by Savage but heís backdropped over the top rope. He clotheslines Savage on the outside. Slam by Duggan inside and a kneedrop but Sherri distracts the ref and Duggan gets 2. Right hand for another 2. Clotheslines a plenty by Duggan and a right hand sends him out of the ring. Duggan chases Sherri now and he gets to Sherri to show her red panties on camera. Savage knees Duggan in the back. He goes to the top and hits a double axhandle. Sherri puts some knucks in her purse and hands it to Savage who whacks Duggan with it for 2. Small package by Duggan for 2. Atomic Drop by Duggan and 3 clotheslines. He goes for the 3 point stance and he hits it but Savage goes out of the ring. Duggan tries to suplex Savage back in but Sherri grabs the leg and holds it for 3 at 9:15 to retain the crown. Decent enough opener *3/4. Duggan brings Savage back to the ring though and he nails him with the 2X4 for fun.


Profile time now on The Rockers! Shawn Michaels and Marty Jannetty. I donít know why Vince never put the tag team titles on these guys.


The Rockers VS The Powers Of Pain (with Mr. Fuji)

From MSG on 1/15/90. Shawn starts with the Barbarian. Tie up and Barbie shows his roided power shoving Shawn down. Tie up again and the same result but he misses a charge in the corner. Side headlock by Shawn and a tackle by Barbie. Barbie catches Shawn but Marty with a dropkick on Shawnís back for 2. Marty comes in as does Shawn as they work on the right arm. Barbie rams both Rockers together but he takes a double superkick as does the Warlord and a double clothesline sends them to the outside. Warlord in for the first time now. Shot to the stomach on Shawn and a forearm. Another forearm. Marty dropkicks Warlord and Shawn gets a hurricurana! Not often seen on the WWF back then. Blind tag by Marty and a school boy for 2. Powerbomb by Warlord though. Warlord hits a 15 foot backdrop on Marty for 2. Another 15 foot backdrop and Marty lands on his stomach this time! Barbie now illegally works on him on the outside. He gets the tag and a headbutt to the back. Big boot sends Marty to the outside near Fuji who hits him with his cane and Barbie rams Marty back first to the post. Back in Clothesline oversold by Marty for 2. Warlord with an axhandle. Marty fights back but heís dragged to the wrong corner. Bear hug by Barbie. Hand clap gets Marty out of it and a top rope double axhandle but heís caught in a powerslam. Barbie goes to the 2nd rope but misses the elbow. Shawn gets the hot tag who comes in and does the 10 punch count. Sunset flip on Warlord and Marty helps him over for 2. Flying bodypress helped by Marty for 2. All 4 men are in. Barbie nails Marty and Shawn is hooked by Fuji and Barbie drops an elbow for the pin at 9:58. I donít know why they show the Rockers jobbing in a profile match but the match was fun while it lasted **1/2 To add insult to injury the POP double team Marty but Shawn makes the save with a chair.


The Rockers VS Greg Valentine and Dino Bravo (with Jimmy Hart)

This is from a Superstars taping (and I think this match aired.) from Summer 1989. I guess Jimmy mustíve noticed that both Bravo and Valentine were a team in 1987 so I guess thatís why he pairs them up here. Marty starts with Dino.Bravo shows the roids by shoving Marty off. Tie up and a tackle by Dino. Side headlock by Marty who makes a blind tag and 2 slams and 2 drop kicks send the heels outside. Tie up and Shawn is shoved down. Valentine comes in now and hammers away on Shawn and works on the right arm. He shoulders himself on the post however and Shawn takes control. Snap mare and a tag to Marty who continues to work on the right arm. Snap mare and Shawn comes in with a 2nd rope kneedrop. Marty in again and a double chop gets 2. Bravo gets the tag though and he goes to work on Marty. Monkey flip by Marty though but Bravo hits an inverted atomic drop on another one. Valentine comes in and does a double stomp. Suplex for 2. Ab Stretch and Bravo gets the tag and they do a double team. Bravo spits on Shawn drawing him into the ring for a double team. Gut wrench suplex for 2. Valentine in again. He tries the figure four but he outsmarts Marty with a quick move. Bravo is in again and does a headlock. Shawn gets the tag but the ref didnít see it. Double axhandle by Valentine for 2. Chinlock by Greg. Bravo tagged in and he gets a slam but misses an elbow. Shawn finally gets the hot tag and goes to work on both heels. Cross body for 2. Snap suplex and a dropkick to Valentine and Jimmy. Double drop kick on Bravo. They both go to the top and hit the double fists for 2. Double KO spot occurs and Valentine puts Bravo on top of Shawn for 2. Marty gets the tag and Bravo gets a roll up but Valentine nails Marty and Bravo gets the pin at 11:37. BUT WAIT!! Ron Garvin referee at the time tells the ref what happened and the ref reverses the decision giving it to the Rockers by DQ. The ol Dusty finish comes through again. Decent match up though **


Hercules VS Akeem (with Slick)

This is a fan favorite match. Some Hawaii girl wants this match. Yeah and in 1995 we ask for Diesel and Shawn post Wrestlemania XI and never get it. I think this is from Summer 1989 though Iím not sure. Stalling to start and Akeem powers Herc in the corner. Herc fires back and he does the 10 punch count. He sends Akeem to the outside. Herc gets a shot at his original manager, Slick. Akeem stalls out there but he comes back in and Herc punches some more. He tries to slam Akeem butÖyou guessed it. Akeemís JUST TOO FAT. Slick chokes Herc with his rope. Akeem misses an avalanche. Herc hammers on Akeem some more and knocks him down twice but Slick pulls Herc to the outside and the ref catches it for the DQ at 5:00. At least it was short. DUD Herc slams Akeem for fun.


Call Of The Action segment with Lord Alfred Hayes. We take a look at the Orient Express with Mr. Fuji and we learn moves like Forearm, Reverse Whip, Leap Frog, Back Drop, Knuckle Blow, Knife Edge, Crescent Kick, Jump Karate Kick (donít ask), Reverse Crescent Kick and Power Bomb (actually a Tiger Bomb)


Demolition VS The Orient Express (with Mr. Fuji)

From MSG on March 18th 1990. Two weeks before Wrestlemania. Smash begins with Tanaka. He gets a shove off. Clothesline nicely sold by Tanaka. Ax gets the tag and they get a double clothesline. They pound away on Tanaka. Snapmare into a chinlock only 2 minutes in by Ax. Sato gets the tag now. Snapmare into headlock and a hiptoss by Ax. Elbow in the corner by Ax and Sato to the outside. Back in Tanaka kicks Ax to take control. Tanaka hammers away but Ax fights back. Tag to Smash who hits a back breaker for 2. He works on the right arm now. Ax tagged in again. He works on the right arm some more. Smash in again and a double backdrop. Eye rake by Tanaka and Sato is in now. He goes to work on Smash. Sato in again and Smash gets a hiptoss and he smashes away. Gut shot but Fuji trips Smash. Heís thrown to the outside where heís nailed by the Cane by Fuji. The OE now work over Smash. Bear hug by Smash but Tanaka trips him. Tanaka is tagged in. Throat chop by Tanaka and Gorilla thinks itís a DQ. Clothesline by Smash though and Ax gets the tag. Ax pounds away and hits a backdrop. Powerslam for 2. All 4 men now. Demos double team but Fuji hooks Ax with the cane. Ax gets the cane but Sato throws salt in Axís eyes and heís counted out at 10:58. Medicore matchup *1/4. The OE goes on to beat the Rockers at WM in the same manner.


Bret Hart VS Rick Martel

From MSG also on 3/18/90 and it should be a good one. Martel starts hammering on Bret in the corner. Bret comes back with a clothesline though and a gut shot. Small package for 2. Martel stalls outside the ring. He goes to work on the right arm but Bret reverses and goes to a hammerlock into an armbar. Leapfrog by Martel but heís backslid for 2. Nice armdrag by Bret into the armbar. Rick sends Bret to the outside though. Martel continues to work on Bret on the outside. Suplex by Martel gets 2. He rams Bret backfirst to the corner. Martel goes to the back now. Ab stretch but Bret comes out of it but Martel hooks the rope for leverage. The ref catches it though and Martel kicks away. 10 punch count but he takes an inverted atomic drop. Bret with a snap suplex and an elbow for 2. Slam by Bret and a 2nd rope elbow for another 2. Russian leg sweep for 2. Rick goes to the outside and Bret goes after him. Back in Bret gets his back breaker for 2. Martel to the outside again. Bret after him and they go back in again. Right hand and a drop kick for 2. They both go to the outside again and brawl and the bell rings at 11:47. Bret gets in the ring and thinks heís won but itís a time limit draw at 11:47? Oh well a fairly good matchup **1/4


Managerís Profile on Slick. Itís a short one though.


Steel Cage Match: Rowdy Roddy Piper VS Rick Rude (with Bobby Heenan)

From MSG on 12/28/89 and itís the blowoff to the feud which started at Summerslam. In this cage match you can also get a win by Pin or Submission. Rude jumps Piper to start. Piper throws him back first into the cage though and lashes him with a belt. He bites on Rude. Rude is busted open already and Piper pulls down the tights stopping Rude. Piper throws Rude into the cage. He starts to climb out but Rude stops him and pulls him down on the ropes. Knee to the groin. Rude tries to go out thru the door but Piper has a leg. Rude starts pummeling Piper for 2. Rude almost gets out the door and Bobby tries to help him out but Piper has a hold of the leg of Rude and he pulls the tights down again exposing the ass. Right hands by Piper knocking him down. Rude hits the Rude Awakening but canít make the cover. He tries for the door again but Piper stops him. Back in Double KO spot occurs. Both men start climbing the cage and they go over the top and hammer each other. They go to the other side and fall at the same time on the floor but the match continues. Rude gets a chairshot on Piper. They go back in the cage and Rude gets a snapmare and a kneedrop. Rude goes to the very top of the cage and hits a kneedrop for 2. Piledriver by Rude. He climbs up the cage again to the top but he is crotched up there by Piper. Rude almost falls to the outside and heís hung upside down but Roddy is rammed by the cage door by Bobby. Rude makes the cover for 2. Rude gets a back suplex. Bobby pulls out some knucks and gives it to Rude. Piper gets an eyepoke and he gets the knucks and KOís Rude with it. Piper goes out the door and wins the match at 12:55. Great steel cage match ***1/2


Bloopers segment is next and we get some funny stuff like Gorilla inadvertently hitting Bobby in the head with his mike and other things.


Brutus Beefcake and Hulk Hogan VS Mr. Perfect and The Genius

From MSG on February 18th 1990. The Faces knock the heels out before the match even starts. Hogan starts with Perfect. Tie up and Hogan gets the shove. Another tie up and Perfect hammers away on Hogan and he whips him to the buckle. Hogan hits a big boot sending Henning to the outside though. Brutus butts their heads together and he hammers on the Genius and on Perfect. Perfect does a flop and he takes a ring my bell. Perfect covers Henning for 2. Hogan is in now and he gets a clothesline and nails Genius. Beefcake in again. Double elbow. Eye rake and a high knee but Perfect gets to the ropes. Hogan tags in again and he gets a double axhandle. Slam by Hogan and 2 elbows and nails Poffo once again. Chop and Perfect is in oversell mode here tonight. Elbow sends Perfect to the outside. Perfect nails Hogan with the steel scroll though. Hogan is rammed into the rail. Perfect starts working over Hogan now. Genius is in and they double team him in the corner. Perfect with the tag rope around the throat. Clothesline by Perfect. Genius is in again and Hogan blocks a 2nd rope moonsault with his knees. Beefcake gets the tag and he works on Perfect. Gut shot and a kneelift. Beefcake hooks the sleeper and Hogan intercepts Genius but Genius nails Brutus in the head with the scroll. Hogan breaks an almost 3 count. Perfect hammers away on Brutus now. Genius in and works on the leg and eyes. Perfect in again and he gets Hogan in the ring to allow a double team. Tag rope around the throat of Beefcake. Kneelift by Perfect. Kick by Beefcake on a headdown and he tags Hogan but the ref doesnít see it. Henning hooks a figure four and tags Genius who chokes Bruti. Double team in the corner again. More choking by the Genius. Perfect hammers on Brutus some more. Perfect Plex but Hogan makes the save. Brutus gets the hot tag and Hogan pounds on the heels. Big boot and legdrop on Poffo finishes it at 15:28. Decent enough *1/2


Sean closes out the tape and find out the man who had been doing the loud booming voice was hiding in the backdrop


Summary: Much better tape than Supertape 1. Nothing really too bad about this tape and a classic match to boot. RECOMMENDED