Monday Night Raw from Worcester Massachusetts on August 21st 1995 (taped August 14th)


The show opens with a clip of this past weekend on Superstars. Kama destroys a wreath of the two Undertakerís creatures of the night and the guy comes in to the ring to collect the wreath when Kama leaves. Kama returns to the ring and destroys the hapless creature. His matchup with UT is now a casket match at Summerslam but tonight UT will face Tatanka!


Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler. Vince says along with the UT/Tatanka match there will be a special interview with WWF champion Diesel.


Men On A Mission VS Joe Raymond and Joe Adcock

4 jobbers carry out Mabel in his throne and MOM jump their opponents. Mabel at 568 pounds hammers on Adcock. Of course we all know by now that he gets a title shot at Summerslam against Diesel. Vince says that Sycho Sid will get an Intercontinental title shot on the next episode of Raw which is September 11th. Piledriver (and a good one at that) by Mabel so I guess the guy isnít completely worthless. Mo hits a flying elbow for 2. Diesel chant by the crowd. Belly to Belly by Mabel gets Raymond at 3:46. Mabel then grabs the mikeÖ


Mabel: You people SHUT UP!! (crowd boos and a Diesel chant) Yeah Diesel maybe the World Wrestling Federation champion but I am the king. And along with my man Sir Mo we are the greatest World Wrestling Federation tag team of all time. (Yeah right.) And what I want to do right now. I want to say Allied Powers. I know youíre in the back. I know youíre listening. So why donít you just come on out right now, get in the ring with Men on a Mission and lets have another tune up match right here tonight. (They donít come out.) Just as I suspected. Long Live The King!!


I wonder if Luger and the Bulldog are here tonight.


The Report Card with Dean Douglas who is in the control room tonight. He teaches about Dominating and gives Mabel a grade of NC which means New Champion. Is he kidding? Douglas will be at Summerslam criquing matches.


Tonight at 10:00PM EST following Raw. Vince will be online on America Online!




On Sept. 11th Sid will get an intercontinental title shot no matter what.


The 1-2-3 Kid VS The Brooklyn Brawler

The Brawler jumps the Kid outside the ring before the match starts but the Kid comes back and pins Brawler with a ĺ nelson at 1:31.


Kingís Magistrator is next. The King starts drawing pimples on the kidís face but Vince wipes them off with a Stridex pad. Monday Night Raw is brought to you tonight by Stridex Pads.


We go back to last week. Henry Godwinn slops Ted Dibiase and Dibiase insults him.


The Undertaker (with Paul Bearer) VS Tatanka (with Ted Dibiase)

Barry Bidinski plugs in a brand new Undertaker T-Shirt. You can get it along with a 3 month subscription to WWF Magazine and a box of Stridex pads as well.




The lights go out and UT makes his way down!


Promos: Nerf Max Force, Slick 50 Car oil, Batman Forever from Acclaim


UT jumps Tatanka as the match starts. Face slam. UT does the top rope walk and forearm to the back. I wonder how he always did that? UT makes some eyes at the ref and it allows Tatanka to slam UT. Sloppy samoan drop by Tatanka followed by some punches. Slam by Tatanka gets 2 and he goes to the chinlock. The king makes a reference to the late Jerry Garcia and Elvis. UT gets up and hits a belly to back suplex. Tatanka runs into a boot and a clothesline.




Flying clothesline by UT. Tombstone but Tatanka gets out of the grip and clotheslines UT. Chokeslam by UT! He signals the Tombstone and he nails it this time for the pin at 6:34. UT has thunder going into Summerslam now in the casket match against Kama.


Summerslam Insider with Todd Pettingill. It is this Sunday night on PPV from the Igloo in Pittsburgh.

WWF title Match: Diesel VS King Mabel

IC title Ladder Match: Shawn Michaels VS Razor Ramon. These two got into a shove fest last week on Raw and had to be separated by Diesel.

Bret Hart VS Isaac Yankem D.D.S. Yankemís office is closed this week so we get a phone message. Bret says that 5 out of 5 dentists will extract him from the WWF.


Weíre still wondering about the challenge from MOM to the Allied Powers.




Funny ad for the new fall season for Raw starting September 11th.


Jean Pierre Lafitte VS Scott Taylor

Pierre jumps Taylor right after he is introduced. Taylor comes back with two dropkicks and a flying bodypress gets 2! Pierre catches a dropkick and takes control. Superstar line is plugged and Jim Ross can tell you why Hall Of Famer Ernie Ladd is spending so much time with Men On a Mission. Probably because heís black just like those two fatties. Pierre recently has stole the fake Bret Hart severed head as well as a pair of Bret Hart sunglasses at Summerslam. Pierre covers Taylor with the pirate flag heís got and hits him with the cannonball at 3:05.


Goldust promo. This time heís standing in front of the Hollywood sign. He says that Shawn Michaels will soon feel the presence of a new star.


Vince is in the ring who introduces the WWF champion Big Daddy Cool Diesel!


Vince: Big Daddy Cool. Are you ready for Summerslam? Are you ready for this 568 pound challenger King Mabel.


Diesel: You know Big Daddy Cool was born ready.


Vince: Just how ready?


Diesel: Now a lot of people have been saying since Mabel won this crown that itís litererally went through his head. But hey anybody thatís been watching the World Wrestling Federation these past couple of weeks has got to say one thing. This big cat has denifitely picked it up a notch.


Vince: Made a huge impact no question about it. As a matter of fact just a couple of weeks ago an awesome impact with you when you were taking on Sir Mo.


Diesel: You know I thought I had a clean win against Sir Mo. And I thought for once I was no longer going to have to worry about my backside. I jackknifed Mo. In comes Mabel and thank god the Heartbreak Kid was there for me.

Vince: Well you unquestionably would be there for him however this is single competition and many individuals feel that you would be unable to jackknife the 568 pound Mabel.


Diesel: Now I know that Big King Mabel is sitting in there somewhere thinking that Big Daddy Cool canít jackknife me. Maybe I canítÖMaybe I can. Weíre going to find out at Summerslam. You know something big boy, when the dust clears and the paint dries, the World Wrestling Federation will still be running on Diesel Power.


The British Bulldog then comes into the ring but thereís no Lex Luger.


Vince: The British Bulldog, Davey Boy Smith!


Bulldog: First of all, Big Daddy Cool. Iíd like to wish you good luck this Sunday night at Summerslam. However my partner Lex Luger had to go on medical emergency back to Atlanta. Weíve got Mo and Mabel challenging the Allied Powers. Now if Lex was here and I wasnít. I know what heíd do. Heíd go out and find the best partner he could ever find in the World Wrestling Federation. (King: Yeah but Iím not available.) Would you people like to see the British Bulldog and Big Daddy Cool take on Mo and Mabel? (Crowd pops)

Vince: You mean tonight?


Bulldog: Tonight. Would you people like to see Diesel get his hands on Mabel before Summerslam? (Crowd pops again.) Well how about it Big Daddy Cool how about me and you tonight?


Diesel: You just made my day!


Wow. Diesel and the British Bulldog VS Men on a Mission


Promos: Nerf Max Force, Slick 50 Car Oil, George Foreman For Real boxing from Acclaim


Diesel and The British Bulldog VS Men On A Mission

MOM come down to the ring for this tuneup match.




Diesel starts it out with Sir Mo but he wants Mabel. Diesel hammers on Mo and after he hits a big boot he calls for the jackknife and right here. Bulldog does a double take to the audience. Mo rolls out of the ring and Mabel comes in and Bulldog comes in and nails Diesel from behind and Mabel hits a hardtime slam! The ref calls a no contest at 2:14. Mabel holds Diesel and Bulldog start slapping him and Jim Cornette appears on the apron laughing. Diesel gets up and rams Mabel into the corner but Bulldog picks up Diesel and powerslams him and Mabel hits the legdrop. Bulldog has turned heel and I thought this was a great angle. Nobody (well except maybe Scott Keith) anticipated this before the evening started. Bulldog steps over Diesel and Mabel hits another legdrop. Jerry Lawler goes backstage to get a word with Bulldog and Corny as Mabel has the WWF title over his shoulder. All I can say is thank god we didnít see this at the end of Summerslam.




Diesel is back up now and he looks pissed. Lawler is backstage with Corny, Bulldog and MOM. King says itís the biggest shock since Pearl Harbor. Corny says the surprises will continue for Diesel. Mabel says that at summerslam that the belt will go from his shoulder to around his slim waist. Again thank god we didnít see this happen.


We take a look again at the Bulldog turning on Diesel and Vince ends the show by hyping the IC title match which Sid will get on September 11th.