Monday Night Raw from July 17th 1995 (taped June 26th) from Danville Pennslyvania


Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler. Tonight weíll see Shawn Michaels VS I.R.S. Crowd starts a ďKiss my FootĒ chant for the King. King thinks they are saying ďGet the hook.Ē


Tag Team Champs Owen Hart and Yokozuna (with Mr. Fuji and Jim Cornette) VS Jim Dimitri and Gus Kantarrakis

Warmup match for the champs as they get set to take on the Allied Powers this Sunday night on PPV TV. Owen gets Dimitri with the sharpshooter at 2:54.


Todd Pettingill with your In Your House report this Sunday night from Nashville at 7:00PM EST.


Tag Title Match: Owen Hart and Yokozuna VS The Allied Powers

Lumberjack title match: Diesel VS Sid. Last week we saw Sidís lumberjacks and tonight weíll see Dieselís lumberjacks heíll counter with.

IC title match: Jeff Jarrett VS Shawn Michaels. Jarrett will also make his live singing debut.

1-2-3 Kid VS The Roadie

Razor Ramon and Savio Vega VS Royal Men On A Mission facing after what happened at the King Of The Ring

Bam Bam Bigelow VS Henry Godwinn facing after what happened two weeks ago on Raw.


Todd calls King the King of Crass and King says ďHey Todd Pettingill you can kiss myóď but Vince stops him.




Jean Pierre Lafitte VS David Thornberg

This is the same guy who was Quebecer Pierre two years ago? Doesnít look like him. WWF Superstar line is plugged. Jim Ross is spectualating who may fill in the presidency since Jack Tunney has retired. Pierre wins with the cannonball at 2:34. He actually does it pretty well.


Video vignette of Fatu returning to his home in Sunnydale California. This is the debut of Make A Difference Fatu. Yup.


Promos: Judge Dredd from Acclaim, Nerf Max Force, Judge Dredd action figures.


We get to see Double Jís music video once again. With My Baby Tonight.




Shawn Michaels VS I.R.S (With Ted Dibiase)

Man Shawn was getting huge pops at this point. Little stall fest as Shawn relaxes on the top rope. Shawn gets a armdrag takedown. Singsong ďIrwinĒ chant by this crowd. Hair pull by Irwin and he bails out. Shawn pulls IRS by the tie back in the ring. He uses the tie and clotheslines IRS on the top rope. Right hand gets 2. Chinlock by Shawn and IRS rolls him for 2. Hiptoss by Shawn and a dropkick for 2. Another chinlock sequence. IRS sends Shawn over the top rope onto the floor. Irwin throws Shawn into the steps. He goes after the throat now. Sunset flip by Shawn for 2 but a headbutt to the stomach by Irwin. Ab Stretch and he uses the ropes for leverage. Thatís always good. Hiptoss by Shawn but he misses an elbow for 2. Chinlock by Irwin.




Irwin still has the chinlock and good thing there was a commercial there. Slam by IRS. He goes to the top rope and falls into a boot. Shawn nips up and starts hammering IRS. Flying jalapeno! Shawn goes to the top and hits a double axhandle for 2. Sweet Chin Music misses and IRS hits a clothesline. Shawn goes over Irwin in the corner and hits the SCM this time for the pin at 8:31. Good match.


Barry Bidinski plugs a Shawn Michaels and Razor Ramon T-Shirt along with Shawn glasses. Shawn kisses the model girl wearing the Razor shirt.



Next Week Bret Hart VS Hakushi!!


Jerry Lawler visits his dentist Issac Yankem. Issac pulls out a tooth of a kid and itís so bloody that itís censored out.


Kama (with Ted Dibiase) VS Billy Mack

Kama has the gold necklace of what once was the Undertakerís urn. Mack gets a missle dropkick but takes a savat kick. Kama gets the pin at a right hand at 2:02. Yup a right hand. And you wonder why 1995 sucked in both WWF and WCW.


Promos: Judge Dredd from Acclaim, Nerf Max Force, Judge Dredd action figures. Donít they have different ones?


Kama gives crap to two Undertaker fans at ringside (A guy and a girl dressed in black)




Vince is in the ring and he introduces WWF champion Diesel who gets a big time pop. If this guy kept getting big time pops. How come he didnít draw much? (Iím asking you Scott Keith.)


Vince: Will that title reign come to an end this Sunday night?


Diesel: Vince I got a question for you. What do Frank Perdue and Ted Dibiase have in common? They are both surrounded by big chickens.


Vince: I think Sycho Sid will take exception to that remark.


Diesel: Anyway everybody knows that Sid went out along with the Million Dollar man and bought himself a bunch of friends that heís going to take around the ring to face Big Daddy Cool at In Your House.


Vince: BTW I might add the best friends money can buy.


Diesel: Everybody knows you canít buy friends. Iíve got some friends too but Iíll come to that later (Crowd Pops.)


Vince: Looks like you got a lot of friends tonight. And they are surrounding the ring too.


Diesel: The beauty of this is Sid cannot run and hide in Nashville this Sunday night once and for all. Either Sidís going to become the champion. Ainít gonna happen. Or Americaís going to watch Sycho Sid get jackknifed and say goodbye to his career. Now Iím going to do a little Don Pardo impersonation and have my friends ďCome on Down!Ē (The lumberjacks come down in order, Bam Bam Bigelow, Billy and Bart Gunn, Bob Holly, 1-2-3 Kid, Techno Team 2000, Adam Bomb, Savio Vega, Duke Droese, Man Mountain Rock, Shawn Michaels.)


Vince: Lots of friends. Whatís going to happen if Sycho Sid is thrown over the top rope.


Diesel: All right Iím Sycho Sid. Iím getting pounded by me Big Daddy Cool. I stagger out and decide Hey Iíve had enough as he had before. The Beast from the East Bam Bam Bigelow. Bam Bammer what will you do to him?


Bam Bam: Well big daddy Iíll set Sycho on fire!


Diesel: And now since he couldnít go that why he decides to stumble the other way and runs into at this point the newly crowned Intercontinental champion Shawn Michaels. (Great line there.) Is Shawn my good buddy? Whatís going to happen to Sycho Sid.


Shawn: Holy lumberjack matches Batman. It seems that your rowdy friends have not rowdied on down and Sycho Sid come tumbling this way and a little chin music for the Sycho Sid man.


Diesel: How appropiate for Nashville a little chin music.


Vince: We know that Sycho Sid and his lumberjacks. We know his words are not for his peers because behind door number one gentlemen is Sycho Sid!!


Sid comes out but without his lumberjacks.




We come back and Sid now has his lumberjacks with him. They get a good look at each other before this Sunday night. Sid doesnít decide to step in the ring and he chickens out again. Diesel celebrates in the ring with his lumberjacks. King: Take a good look world. Thatís the last time youíll see Diesel as the champion.

End of show