Nickrj’s rant for Monday Night Raw


Tonight the Undertaker will face the British Bulldog however last night at IYH. Owen Hart was late and he was replaced in the triple header match by the British Bulldog to face Diesel and Shawn Michaels. Owen came running down late in the match but he gets jackknifed and pinned by Diesel and he and Shawn were the tag team champions. However earlier this morning Jim Cornette and his attorney Clarence Mason took it to court with interim president Gorilla Monsoon and Gorilla allowed to give the titles back to Yokozuna and Owen Hart. However he added a couple of things that Jim and Clarence didn’t like.


Live from Grand Rapids, Michigan on September 25th 1995


Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler


Marty Jannetty VS Skip (with Sunny)

Marty is making his return to the WWF after confronting “personal demons” and an 18 month absence. Tie up and Marty gets 2 hip tosses and botches a dropkick. Little rusty there. Crowd chants “Marty” and he blows a kiss to Sunny. Skip takes control but Marty gets a backdrop. Skip to the outside to hug his fiancée but Marty nails him from behind and hugs Sunny and Sunny mistakenly slaps Skip. He’s upset now. Marty goes to the left arm and shoulder. Sunny trips Marty off the ropes and Skip hits a gut wrench power bomb to take control. Suplex by Skip as we see Dean Douglas taking notes in the aisleway. He’s apparently scouting Marty who has returned. Slam and a legdrop by Skip.




Clothesline with the 360 sell by Marty. Quick legdrop gets 2 for Skip. Marty catches Skip and gets a German suplex for 2. Vince plugs the WWF Superstar line with comments from the winners and losers from last night’s IYH. Marty continues to pour it on Skip. Cross Body gets 1. Sunny tries to distract Marty but it doesn’t work. Suplex but Skip falls on top thanks to Sunny for 2. Fameasser by Marty. He goes to the top rope and hits a flying fistdrop for the pin at 7:36. Good comeback for Marty.


More on last night’s IYH documentented by Vince. Owen was late and replaced by the Bulldog. However Owen got pinned and he and Yokozuna lost the tag team titles. Owen was not a tag team champion at the moment when he got pinned. So Gorilla Monsoon this morning forced to give to the tag titles back to Yokozuna and Owen Hart. However he told Jim Cornette and Clarence Mason that Diesel and Shawn Michaels will get a future rematch with Yokozuna and Owen Hart and also stated that the non title match tonight between his men and the Smoking Gunns will now be for the title.


What I don’t understand was, what was the original booking for this match? The reason why Owen Hart was late was because he was with his wife Martha who was delivering their second child and then he comes in at the end of the triple header match. I have no idea what was the booking was prior to the match.


WWF Tag Title Match: Yokozuna and Owen Hart (With Jim Cornette and Mr. Fuji) VS The Smoking Gunns

Dok Hendrix plugs a TripleHeader t-shirt from last night’s IYH and also a WWF classic video.




Promos: Thrifty Car Rental, Nerf Max Force and Mortal Kombat II on Sega Saturn from Acclaim


Match starts with Owen and Bart Gunn. Armdrag by Bart. Tag to Billy who works on the left arm. Eyepoke by Owen. Hard right hand by Billy. Drop toehold by Owen and he tags in Yokozuna. Headlock by Billy and he gets knocked down by Yoko’s girth as the Two Dudes with Attitudes look on backstage. Billy goes under the legs and two dropkicks and a bulldog gets the big guy down. Yoko with a samoan drop though and Owen gets some cheap shots on the outside. Yoko with the foot to the throat of Billy Gunn. Owen gets the tag and a double head butt. Chinlock by Owen. Sunset flip by Billy for two and he takes an enzuguri and a legdrop.




Neckbreaker by Owen. He goes to the top and hits a bodypress reversed by Billy for 2. Yoko is tagged back in and they make a wish. Double team in the corner. Yoko with the nerve pinch. And it just drags on. Billy finally gets up and breaks it but catches an elbow. Yoko goes for an elbow but misses. Billy chooses not to tag his partner and he misses a legdrop. Yoko misses a big splash. Billy makes the hot tag to Bart. Clothesline by Bart. Backdrop. Yoko takes a shot. Pressslam to Owen for 2. All 4 men are in. The Gunns throw Owen into Yokozuna. They go for the Sidewinder and nail it on Owen. Bart covers but the ref is distracted. Yoko tries to splash Bart but he splashes Owen. Billy dropkicks Yoko out of the ring and Bart gets the pin at 10:13 to win the tag team titles for the 2nd time!! The crowd goes crazy and Diesel and Shawn come in to congratulate the new champs!!


Next Week Jean Pierre Lafitte VS Bret Hart and Razor Ramon VS The 1-2-3 Kid. Didn’t we just see these two matchups?


Dok Hendrix comes out with Gorilla Monsoon who promotes the next In Your House is Sunday October 22nd from Winnepeg, Canada. And the following is announced


The Undertaker VS King Mabel

Goldust will make his WWF debut

WWF Title Match: Diesel VS The British Bulldog. It’s the Bulldog’s first ever WWF title shot.

Bret Hart will face the WWF Champion at the Survivor Series in November. Finally Vince gets his head out of his ass.

IC Title Match: Shawn Michaels VS Dean Douglas


The Undertaker (With Paul Bearer) VS The British Bulldog (With Jim Cornette)




Promos: Milton Bradley Karate Fighters, Thrifty Car Rental, NBA Jam Tournament Edition from Acclaim.


Match begins with nice strategy by the Bulldog go outside and suckering UT to come back in. UT turns it around however and hooks the death grip. Flying Clothesline. UT with the top rope walk but Corny shakes the ropes for the Bulldog to throw UT off the top. Big boot by UT. Slam by UT and he misses an elbow. Clothesline to the outside but UT lands on his feet and he grabs Corny but Bulldog chop blocks UT and throws him knee first into the steps. Bulldog keeping UT outside as Mabel and Sir Mo watch on.




Bulldog continues to work on the left leg as now Waylon Mercy is watching. Bulldog with a half crab. UT starts to fight back but Bulldog tries the power slam but takes a belly to back suplex instead. Crowd is chanting “Rest in peace!” They both trade rights now. UT this time completes the top rope walk and forearm to the back. Bulldog counters a headdown and hits a piledriver for 2. Vertical suplex by Bulldog for another 2. Another one for 2. Chokeslam by UT. Mabel comes out again and into the ring this time. Bulldog nails UT from behind and Mabel hits a belly to belly for the DQ at 7:33. Bulldog hits the running powerslam and Mabel hits the legdrop. Shawn and Diesel come out to make the save. Yoko and Owen are out as well but so are the Smoking Gunns and they are all soaking wet. UT is hurt.


Promo for Wrestlemania XI the special this Saturday night at 11PM Eastern. Featuring Diesel VS Shawn Michaels and LT VS Bam Bam Bigelow


UT is back on his feet now.




Since we have a few minutes of live airtime left. Diesel and Shawn come back out and they pump the crowd up for the remainer of the 4 hour taping. Monday Night Raw is brought to you by Got Milk?


Last night at In Your House, Razor Ramon faces Dean Douglas. Bob Backlund helps the fallen official and Razor hits the Razor’s Edge. The 1-2-3 Kid counts the pinfall and when Razor sees the kid he throws him out of the ring and Dean rolls up Razor and hooks the tights for 3. The two get into a pull apart brawl and the King says that rumor has it that the Kid has been negotiating with Ted Dibiase. The show closes with a replay of how the Gunns won the tag team titles from Yokozuna and Owen Hart.