Nickrjís rant for Hulkamania 6


A Coliseum release from November 1991 featuring Hulk Hogan as an American Superhero. Youíll see why in this rant.


Your host is Sean Mooney.


WWF Title Match: Hulk Hogan VS The Undertaker (with Paul Bearer)

Not the Gravest Challenge from Survivor Series but much earlier in the year. UT jumps Hogan as he enters the ring and tears up his shirt and chokes him with it. He nails Hogan with the title belt as well. Now he chokes him with his hand. He misses an elbow and Hogan hulks up. He chokes UT with his own shirt now and rams him into the corner 10 times. UT revives but he takes an atomic drop. Paul gets interferes and allows UT to take control again. UT goes back to more choking. He sets up the tombstone and hits it! UT takes his time and does the death pin on Hogan and Hogan kicks out and hulks up. He no sells UTís blows and hits the three fists and big boot. UT knocks Paul Bearer off the apron and Hogan rolls up UT for the pin at 4:33. See UT was defeated before Survivor Series. The match sucked though DUD.


We get a look at Hogan training for the Gravest Challenge match with Randy Savage and Brutus Beefcake in the gym. Gene Okerlund joins them as well. The three wrestlers get Gene pumped up as well with some leg curls.


We go back to Feburary 3rd 1989 on The Main Event where The Mega Powers took on the Twin Towers. Akeem throws Savage thru the ropes and right onto Elizabeth who is knocked unconscious. Hogan rushes to her aid as Savage is pulled back into the ring. Hogan carries Elizabeth back to the locker room and this led to the breakup of the Mega Powers as Savage was jealous of this.


WWF Title Match: Hulk Hogan (With Elizabeth) VS Randy Savage (with Sensational Sherri)

From Paris, France on 10/13/1989! Savage tries to keep his distance from Hogan at the start. Tie up and Hogan gets a shove off. Savage darts out of the ring again. He does it again and he throws a chair in the ring. Tie up and Savage gets a side headlock. Shoulderblock by Hogan though and Savage goes to the outside again! This sure isnít Wrestlemania V quality here. Savage grabs the mike and says ďTonight is the night where Hulk Hogan gets beat 1, 2, 3. Right here in Paris, France. And Iím going to be the new champion and I dedicate this victory to the most beautiful woman in the worldÖ Sensational Sherri!Ē Nice way to draw heat there Rand. Sherri distracts Hogan and Savage nails him from behind and a double team occurs but Hogan gets up and knocks Savage out of the ring with an atomic drop. He throws Sherri outside as well. Savage inside chokes Hogan and Sherri is nailed again. They both fight outside and they go back in and Hogan with three right hands. Hogan catches the leg and elbows Randy in the corner. High choke hold. Sherri jumps on the apron and she distracts Hogan so that Savage gets a high knee. He nails Hogan outside. Back rake by Sherri and more choking by Savage inside. Savage goes to the top and hits a double axhandle for 2. Chinlock by Savage. Hogan gets back up but is taken down again. This is lasting forever here. Hogan gets up and he breaks the hold. Heís tripped by Sherri and is nailed by Savage again. Stun Gun by Savage and he goes to the top and hits a double axhandle and Hogan kicks out and hulks up. 5 right hands and a big boot. He grabs Savage and brings her to Liz. Liz kicks Sherri aside and slaps Savage. Legdrop finishes Savage at 11:57. Not exactly Wrestlemania V here. *1/2


We now look at a scene from Suburban Commando starting Hulk and Christopher Lloyd. He helps a kid with After Burner in an arcade and he breaks the machine. Sean tries his luck on Wrestlemania for the Nintendo.


Hulk Hogan VS Stan Hansen

From the Egg Dome in Toyko, Japan in April 1990! I think this is the only time that these two have ever met. Tie up to start and they both slug it out. Hogan grabs the left arm and a shove fest develops. Drop toe hold by Hogan blocked somewhat by Stan. Stan rams Hogan in the corner. Hansen grabs the left arm. Another Drop toe hold by Hogan into a ĺ nelson. Hoganís actually wrestling here! They hammer each other again and get eye rakes. Hogan is thrown to the outside where Hansen chases him. Stan is rammed into the post where he blades. Hansen is thrown into the tech equipment. Back in the ring back suplex by Hogan for 2. Hulk hammers into the bloody forehead of Stan. Hansen is kicked to the outside again. Hogan hooks an Ab stretch. Hansen counters with a hiptoss but heís still in trouble. Hard chops by the Hulkster and Hansen to the outside again. Hansen goes over the rail and into the press area. Hogan slams Hansen onto a table and Hansen is a bloody mess! Stan is rammed into the post again. He continues to take a pounding inside the ring. More chops by Hogan and he runs into a boot and the famous lariat from Hansen takes Hogan down for 2. Hogan is now in trouble and heís thrown to the tables. Hansen busts Hogan with a chair and both men are now bleeding! Hansen brings Hogan back inside and a double axhandle gets 2. Elbow drop gets another 2. Knee lift and some jabs gets another 2. Hogan grabs Hansenís bullrope but Hansen uses it himself. Hansen continues to pound on Hogan inside. Knee drops into the throat. Elbow by Hogan and he misses the legdrop and Hansen almost gets the pin! Cross body from Hogan gets 2. Hogan grabs the top rope on a rollup hits a big boot and clotheslines Hansen for the pin at 12:30. Great brawl ***1/2


We get some old home video footage of Hogan as a youngster. He liked to play baseball.


WWF Title Steel Cage Match: Hulk Hogan VS King Kong Bundy (with Bobby Heenan)

From Wrestlemania 2 in Los Angeles on 4/7/1986. From my original review.

The first man to exit the cage either over the top or through the door with both feet hitting the floor is the winner. Hogan has taped ribs. They tie up and trade rights and lefts. Hogan takes advantage. He chokes out Bundy with the shoulder strap. Hogan continues to work on Bundy in the corner. Bundy takes advantage by hitting the injured ribs of Hogan. Bundy give a big slam and pushes Hoganís face into the mat. Bundy tries to get out the door but is caught. Bundy drives Hogan back first into the cage and tries to go out the door again but is caught again. Bundy takes off the tape on Hoganís ribs and chokes him out with it. He ties Hogan into the ropes with the tape and tries to go out again but Hogan somehow frees himself and stops Bundy. Hogan starts to take control now. He slams him headfirst into the cage and Bundy does a pretty good blade job. Hogan starts driving rights into Bundyís busted face. He slams him into the cage again. He chokes out Bundy using the top rope and his foot. Hogan goes for a slam but Bundy falls on top. Bundy tries getting out through the door but Hogan takes the tape and chokes Bundy out with it. Bundy goes to the eyerake and hits the avalanche in the corner followed by a big splash. Bundy tries to get out the door one more time, but Hogan grabs Bundyís leg. Bundy goes to the injured ribs again and hits another avalanche but it has no affect. Hogan then power slams Bundy and hits the legdrop and says he coming out. He climbs out over the top and Heenan tries to stop him while Bundy grabs him from behind but Bundy gets kicked off Hogan climbs over the other side while Bundy goes for the door. Hogans drops off first at 10:12 to win the match. Pretty mediocre match *1/4. Hogan locks Heenan in the cage and beats on him for fun.


We look at Hogan supporting America during the Gulf War in Iraq.


Hulk Hogan VS General Adnan

From the Superstars and Stripes forever special which aired 3/17/1991. Say what you will but I liked Slaughter and Adnan as heels. They drew enough heat to warm up your house on a cold winter day. Adnan of course draws huge heat waving the Iraqi flag and Hogan gets a huge pop coming in the ring. Vince and Bobby are doing commentary and Vince is very mad at Adnan. Bobby ďThe veins of your neck are sticking out McMahon relax!Ē Adnan jump Hogan to start. Hogan counters a headdown and pounds on the General but Sgt. Slaughter comes in and nails Hogan with the WWF title for the DQ at 1:04. DUD. Slaughter pounds Hogan with the title and then his stick. Then he beats him with the Iraqi flag and slaps the camel clutch on him as Adnan (laughing) taunts Hogan by sticking the WWF title right in Hoganís face. Funny to see Pat Patterson in a blue suit and white shoes here. Finally they break the camel clutch and Slaughter covers Hogan with the Iraqi flag. Vince says this is a setup but it only served to make Hogan move over than before and he was ready more than ever for Wrestlemania VII next week.


WWF Title Match: Sgt. Slaughter (with General Adnan) VS Hulk Hogan

From Wrestlemania VII on 3/24/1991 from Los Angeles. From my Original review.

Regis Philbin, Marla Maples and Alex Trebek are introduced. Regis joins Gorilla and Bobby for commentary. Marla is the timekeeper and Alex is the ring announcer and he is TERRIBLE at it. Hogan chases Sarge and Adnan around. Slaughter stalls by getting his belt and his ring attire off. They tie up and the ref has to break it up. Hogan shoves the ref and they tie up again. Same thing happens again and Hogan gets a shove off. They tie up again and Hogan gets a side headlock and they trade a shoulderblock. Hogan takes Sarge down with a shoulderblock and Slaughter goes to the outside and Hogan nails him out there. He chokes Adnan and Slaughter grabs a chair and nails Hogan but he no sells it. They go back in the ring and Slaughter gets an eye poke. He rams Hogan into the turnbuckle and an elbow. Slaughter with some knee drops. And he misses an elbow. Hogan hits a clothesline and he nails Adnan. Hogan starts hammering on Slaughter now and he hits an atomic drop for 2. He scratches Slaughter outside and hits an elbow for 2. He throws Slaughter to turnbuckle after turnbuckle and hits a backdrop. He rams Sarge into the turnbuckle and slingshots him to the post. He continues to hammer on Slaughter and does the 10 punch count in the corner. He covers him for 2. Hogan goes to the 2nd rope and no sells a shot to the stomach. He slams Slaughter and hits an elbow. He goes to the top rope but Adnan grabs the leg and Slaughter slams him off the top rope. He clotheslines Hogan to the outside and rams him into the ringpost. He grabs a chair and whacks him in the back with it. He grabs a cable and wraps it around Hoganís throat. Back in Slaughter goes to work on the back. He hits a backbreaker on Hogan for 2. Slaughter continues to go to work on the back and he hooks the Boston Crab close to the ropes but Hogan doesnít even grab the ropes. Idiot. Finally he grabs the ropes to break the hold. Slaughter continues to work on that lower back. He goes to the top rope and hits a flying foot drop. He covers Hogan but Adnan costs his own man and as a result Hogan kicks out. Slaughter goes outside and grabs another chair and he clobbers Hogan in the forehead busting him open. Slaughter gets 2. Slaughter goes after the bloodied forehead of Hogan now. Sarge hooks the Camel Clutch. Hogan gets up and Slaughter rams him into the turnbuckle. Slaughter grabs the Iraq flag and covers Hogan with it. He tries to pin him but Hulk starts to Hulk up and he tears up the Iraq flag. Hogan no sells Slaughterís offense and he hits him with three punches and the big boot/legdrop finishes it at 20:23. to become the Champ for the third time. Good match ***


However it was after the match (not shown here on this tape.) that Slaughter and Adnan somehow got into Hoganís dressing room. When Hogan opened the door to his room he is greeted by a fireball by Slaughter!


Hulk Hogan and Jim Duggan VS Sgt. Slaughter and Col. Mustafa (with General Adnan)

Soon after Wrestlemania. Slaughter hired Col. Mustafa who is actually the Iron Sheik. Sarge jumps Hogan to start but Hogan turns it around. Sarge goes corner first to the outside where he is double teamed. Duggan uses the 2X4 out there. Duggan gets the tag and he clubbers on the Sarge. Slaugter counters a head down and he chokes Duggan on the 2nd rope and Adnan and Mustafa do the same outside. Mustafa tags in and heís rammed into the dangerous boot. Slaughter back in again and he pounds on Duggan some more. Hogan gets the tag but the ref doesnít see it. Mustafa chokes Duggan. He hooks a chinlock and tags Slaughter. Double KO spot occurs. Slaugter almost is nailed by Hogan and Hogan gets the hot tag. He hits a big boot on Mustafa but takes some powder in the face by Adnan. Mustafa gets a small package but Hogan reverses it for the pin at 4:05. Bleh match 1/4* I think this match was edited because Hoganís hair is all wet already.


Summary: Well a very mediocre tape although there is a hidden gem in Hogan and Hansen but there isnít much else to see. Take a pass. MILD RECOMMENDATION TO AVOID