Nickrj’s rant for Uncensored 1999


I rented this along with Bash at the Beach 1999 and Road Wild 1999 so expect those two rants very soon.


BTW coming soon to my collection are Supertapes 1 and 2 (I just bought 3), King Of The Ring 1993, SuperBrawl V and Uncensored 1995. I love


Live from Freedom Hall at Louisville Kentucky on March 14th 1999.


Your hosts are Tony Schiavone, Mike Tenay and Bobby Heenan.


Cruiserweight Title Match: Kidman VS Mikey Whipwreck

Mikey is making his WCW debut here tonight. How green will he be? Tie up and Kidman gets a hammerlock but Mikey reverses and gets a shoulderblock. Kidman comes out of a tilt a whirl slam and Mikey gets a hand scissor takeover. Mikey hammers away and Kidman gets a dropkick sending Mikey to the outside. Kidman comes out and throws him to the rail. Back in Kidman up to the top and hits a flying bodypress for 2. Both men are then clotheslined to the outside. Kidman takes a sick bump across the rail from Mikey! Back inside Mikey gets a 2 count. Snapmare into a death leg lock and turns it over. Guillotine Legdrop by Mikey on the 2nd rope. Chop in the corner and another one. Kidman comes back with a clothesline. He kicks away in the corner. Mikey blocks a fameasser into a powerbomb for 2. Ledgrop by Mikey followed by a reverse chinlock of sorts. Kidman is back up and he gets a kick and clotheslines Mikey to the outside. Springboard bodypress by Kidman! They go back in and Mikey gets a clothesline for 2. Suplex but Kidman counters with a DDT. He goes to the top but gets knocked off to the floor. Mikey up top and misses an axehandle and hits the rail. Kidman is backdropped into the audience and Mikey misses a cannonball over the rail. Kidman throws Mikey back out to the ringarea. Mikey gets a droptoehold and Kidman hits the stairs. In the ring cover for 2. Russian leg sweep for 2. Kidman with a clothesline in the corner and misses an avalanche. Mikey gets 2 and he stalls and Kidman rolls him up for 2. Clothesline by Mikey and a snap suplex for 2. He runs into a boot and and a powerbomb for 2. Swinging neck breaker by Mikey and he gets caught on the top and shoves him off on a superplex and hits a top rope left clothesline for 2. Kidman hits a pedigree for 2. Mikey sets Kidman on the top and hits a belly to back off the top for 2. Crowd keeps doing a taunting “Mikey” chant as he hits a reverse DDT for 2. Kidman comes out of a powerbomb and turns it into a facebuster. YOU CAN’T POWERBOMB KIDMAN. Kidman hits the shooting star press for 3 at 15:01 to retain. Other than that powerbomb counter this was a dang good opener. ***1/4.


Harlem Street Fight: Vincent VS Stevie Ray

Both these guys are N.W.O members and this is for the leadership of this faction. Ray shoves down Vince to start. Vince with some right hands and Ray with a high kick and a high choke. Vince pulls the top rope sending Ray to the outside and Ray is thrown into the rail. Vince is thrown to the rail as well and is punched into the audience. They go into the crowd and battle it out. Vince falls across some seats and continues to get pummeled. Yawn. Ray is backdropped over the rail back to the ring area. Vince is now on the offensive. They go to the ring and Vince goes to the 2nd and hits an elbow for 2. He goes to the 2nd again and gets kicked. Ray is back up and he starts hammering. Clothesline in the other corner. He runs into a boot though and he botches an atomic drop. Vince somehow gets a back headbutt and a low blow. Horace (A-Train) brings a sledgehammer to the ring for Vince but he gets kicked and Ray hits the slapjack for the pin at 6:30. Very boring DUD.


Big Lazy Kevin Nash (with Lex Luger and Elizabeth) VS Rey Mysterio Jr.

Well Mysterio got squashed by the Big Show at Backlash last night so I think Nash will have no problem here. This match was because at Superbrawl IX he was forced to unmask after jobbing to the outsiders. Rey runs into a big boot to start and he is tossed across the ring. Rey comes back with a bulldog and a guillotine legdrop and a spinning heel kick sends Nash to the outside! Crowd’s on fire here! Baseball slide but he is rammed back first to the rail. Nash drops him on the apron. Back inside Big Lazy slowly gets back in and he pummels him in the corner. He sets him on the top and elbows him to the outside. Knee to the throat on the outside. This match sucks. Back in Nash places him in an inverted atomic drop and Nash is sucking wind now. After all those lazy moves? Rey comes out of a tilt a whirl back breaker and hits a low blow and a double leg lift to the face for 2. Rey hits X-Pac’s bronco buster. He goes to the top and gets caught in a moonsault but comes out. Luger trips Rey though and Nash hits the big boot. He signals for the jackknife and he hits it for the pin at 6:19. Just as I suspected. 1/2* because Rey tried but Nash is was and never will be carryable.


Handicap Match: Jerry Flynn VS The Cat and Sonny Onno

Flynn jumps on Cat to start and hits a chop. He goes after Onno but gets caught. Belly to Belly by Flynn for 2. Sweep by Flynn and some hammering. Flying bodypress to the outside but Cat gets a low blow and a kick outside. Back in Cat gets a high kick and throws Flynn to the outside where Sonny gets some shots in. Back in the foot to the throat by Cat and some more choking. Superkick by Cat and a jumping spin kick. Cat tries to tag Sonny and does. Sonny comes in and thinks Flynn is out and he gets a 2 count. Cat gets the tag and hits another superkick. Flynn is thrown outside again and thrown into the rail. Cat grabs a chair but the ref takes it away from him. Flynn goes after Sonny outside but is kicked again by Kat. Flynn comes back with a kick and knocks down Cat. Back in an eye rake and a right hand. Roll up by Flynn for 2 though. Yawn! Cat is thrown into his own corner and Sonny is knocked for a loop and Flynn gets the pin at 7:06 as Onoo was the legal man! Another boring one 1/4*


Triangle Hardcore Match: Bam Bam Bigelow VS Raven (with Chasity) VS Hak

3 man brawl to start. Avalanche by Bammer and a back suplex on Raven. Hak also gets nailed. Chasity brings a cart full of toys to the ring. Raven throws garbage cans in the ring and hits Hak with one. He smashes the lids over both Bammer and Hak. Bammer comes back though and breaks a broom over Hak. Raven with a mailbox. Drop toe hold by Raven on Mak. Bammer and Raven go at it now and Hak nails Raven with and ironing board but gets nailed by a cookie sheet. Bammer with a garbage can lid but takes a low blow. Hak is thrown head first into the ironing board. Raven drop toe holds Bam Bam to the can. Bammer continues to pound on Hak but gets hits by the Ironing board by Raven. Raven stacks up the trash cans in the corner but he gets thrown into it. Bammer grabs a box fan and hits Hak with it. Hak grabs the fan and hits Bammer with it and he chokes Bammer with a broom but gets nailed with a cookie sheet. Raven pounds on both opponents now. Chair to the back of Bammer but he’s thrown into the trash can lid. Bammer hits both men with a cookie sheet but Hak gets a sleeper hold but is rammed. Raven gets a sleeper but is rammed too. Both men now try to do sleeper hold but they are dumped. Hak with a top rope hurricurana on Raven. He grabs a table underneath the ring and the Dudley’s are nowhere to be found. Bammer is back up and sets up Hak on the table and pounds on him. Hak gets off the table and Raven puts Hak on Bammer and Bammer Powerbombs him thru the table which doesn’t break so Bammer splashes Hak thru the table. Avalanche by Bammer on Raven and another one. Hak hits Bammer in the legs with his cane. Chasity is in the ring and Hak nails Raven with the cane. Chasity has some duct tape and Hak nails Raven again and Bammer brings in another table and a third one. They throw Bammer thru one table in the corner and Raven hits a DDT on Hak. He takes the tape from Chasity and tapes Hak’s arms together. He grabs a chair and whacks him with it. Bammer picks up Raven and hits a piledriver type move. He grabs the third table and sets it up. He sprays a fire extinguisher at Chasity and he goes to the top but gets sprayes with the fire extinguisher as well. She then goes to the ring and sprays Raven with it! And she low head butts Raven and Hak gets the pin at 14:28. Shocking turn aside this was a pretty interesting hardcore match **1/2.


World Tag Team Lumberjack Title Match: Barry Windham and Curt Henning VS Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit.

The Lumberjacks with straps are Norman Smiley, Chris Adams, Prince Iaukea, Hugh Morris, Kendall Windham, Barbarian, Kenny Chaos Meng and some other guy I didn’t get his name correctly. Henning and Windham won the titles at Superbrawl IX against the Horsemen. Benoit starts with Henning. Arn Anderson comes down to the ring and takes Chris Adams’ place as a Lumberjack thus causing Windham and Henning to go away but they get beat up by the Jacks and thrown back in. Benoit starts with Henning and they tie up and Curt gets a slap. Chris returns the favor. Henning goes outside and gets beat up again. Barry gets the tag in and he does the test of strength and Benoit chops him down in the corner. Benoit hits a backdrop and they double team Barry in the corner. Dean is in and hits a one foot dropkick and gets into it with Curt on the apron. Dean does the 10 punch count and comes out of an atomic drop. Benoit is back in and he covers Windham for 2. Another chop but he takes a boot to the face and a DDT. Curt is in and he kicks away on Benoit. He throws him to the outside where he’s lashed and put back in. Benoit starts chopping back but is double teamed in the corner. Benoit thrown to the outside and lashed again. Back in Curt goes to the chinlock but takes a belly to back suplex. Windham comes in and continues the offensive. Clothesline by Windham for 2. Standing drop kick for 2. Benoit starts firing back again and he hits a clothesline. Curt gets in and chops on Benoit and Benoit hits a German suplex. Dean gets the hot tag and hammers on Henning. All 4 men in. Henning goes for the Henning plex but Dean reverses for 2. Dean gets the Texas Cloverleaf but Barry makes the save. Dean is chopped to the outside where he is beat up and back in Barry gets a slam and a right hand. Suplex by Barry for 2. Curt comes in and gets the sleeper. He lets go after awhile and chops Dean in the corner. Barry throws Dean to the outside where he gets lashed. Back in Windham gets the tag again and Barry hits a clothesline for 2. 10 punch count by Barry. Dean is caught but shoves Barry to the corner. Barry catches him with an elbow and picks up Dean but Dean hammers him down. Curt and Chris get hot tags. Chris with a clothesline and all 4 men are in. Dean hits a back suplex while a melee goes outside. Henning hits Dean and Arn on the apron. Arn comes in and nails Henning with his belt and Dean pulls Barry off the top. Chris hits the top rope headbutt on Curt for the pin at 15:58 and the titles! Huge pop for that one and a good match ***1/4. This was Benoit’s first WCW title as well after 3 or 4 years with the company. About damn time too.


Dog Collar Match: Perry Saturn VS Chris Jericho (with Ralphus)

“Jericho sucks!” chant to start as Perry looks freaky with green eyes. Jericho wants Ralphus to put the chain on him but he doesn’t so Chris sends him out. Saturn with 2 suplexes to begin and he chokes him with the chain. He pulls him back in with the chain. Saturn with a clothesline. They hammer each other in the corner and Saturn gets a right hand. Perry hits him with the chain on the top rope. He chokes Chris with the chain. Legdrop by Perry. He picks up Chris and drops him on the ropes. He throws Chris from the apron to the railing. He throws Chris into the rail. Perry chokes him out with the chain some more. Jericho crotches Perry with the chain to take advantage. He clotheslines Perry to the outside and chokes him using the ropes. Springboard elbow by Chris. Chris powerbombs him from the apron to the ring. Chris chokes out Perry with the chain but Perry cradles him for 2. Chris tries a boot to the stomach for 2. Perry pulls Chris down and kicks him. Perry pulls him down with the chain twice. Perry with the 10 punch count. Spinebuster but Chris tries for the Liontamer but Saturn blocks it. Jericho does get the Liontamer with the chain around Chris’ throat! Good psychology. Perry hits the death vallery driver for 2. Perry climbs the top rope but is powerbombed by Saturn for 2. Chris wraps the chain around himself taking it off Perry in the process. He climbs the top rope and connects with the back on a moonsault for 2. Slam by Chris and he misses a top rope splash. Perry hits another DVD and gets the pin at 11:50. Started out slow but turned into a decent match **.


Television Title Match: Scott Steiner (with Buff Bagwell) VS Booker T

Is Steiner the king of the roids or what? Mucho stalling to start it off. They tie up and break off. Booker gets an armdrag. Elbow by Scott to take control. Shoulderblock and another one. Leapfrog and a dropkick and a low blow by T. Scott bails to the outside and stalls some more. Scott throws T into the corner but runs into a boot. T with some more fists. Suplex counter by T and a superkick. Inverted atomic drop and a clothesline. Snapmare takeover for 2. Scott to the outside again but back in and nails Booker. T with an inverted atomic drop and a clothesline. T hits a spinning bodypress and Buff pulls T outside. Buff is thrown into the rail but T is nailed by Scott. T is thrown into the steps and into the railing. They’re in the audience where Scott hits a chair on T. Back in the ring Scott hits a clothesline and an elbow. Buff hammers on T outside the ring. Press slam by T for 2. Belly to Belly suplex for 2. Chinlock by Scott. T gets up and hits a high kick but misses another one. Buff chokes T with a cable. Belly to Belly suplex by Scott. T comes back with a forearm. T with the spinwheel kick. Axe kick by T followed by a face drop. T misses the side kick but hits it the 2nd time. He goes to the top but Buff crotches him. Scott hits a superplex. Buff comes in with a chair but he hits Scott and T gets the pin at 13:31 to win the TV title. Okay match *1/2


WCW World Title Cage First Blood Match: Hollywood Hogan VS Ric Flair

If Flair wins, he gets the WCW presidency but if he loses he’ll be banned from WCW for life. This cage is also topped with barbed wire so that no one can get in or out. Tie up into the corner and Hogan gets a shove and a clothesline. Hogan with a shoulderblock. Headbutt by Flair and a chop and another one. A kick and Flair is backdropped and clotheslined 3 times. Slam by Hogan and 2 elbows and an eye rake. Choking by Hogan and a right hand. Flair fights back and he chops but Hogan reverses. Hogan pounds and does some more choking. Clothesline in the corner and Flair does a flop. Hogan hooks a Figure Four on Flair!! This is the first time I’ve seen Hogan do this. Flair fights back some more. Flair is rammed into the cage. 10 punch count by Hogan and biting. Flair is thrown in the cage again. Both men climb to the top corner, Flair is crotched on the ropes. Hogan pulls down the barbed wire and tries to open up Flair with it. He takes off his belt and starts lashing him. Flair right eye is busted open but the match continues. Flair is rammed time and time again into the cage. Big boot by Hogan and the Legdrop but pins don’t count yet Hogan does it anyway. Flair gets a right hand with knucks on it and he rams him into the cage and Hogan is opened up. Right hands by Flair as David Flair and his girl are coming out. Kneedrop by Flair and he tries to keep his son and the girl out. Hogan is rammed into the cage again. Elbow by Flair for 2. Wait a minute. Why do they change the rules here? Hogan is hulking up now. 3 right hands and a big boot and the legdrop but Charles Robinson won’t count for a moment and he does. Flair fights back again and hits a suplex and he hulks up now. Flair is rammed into the cage twice and torpedoed. Flair shoves Hogan into Robinson and the ref is down. Flair low blows Hogan as Arn Anderson comes out and nails David Flair. The girl gets the sleeper but is thrown down. Arn then gives Flair a tire iron and he nails Hogan with it. Flair then hooks the Figure Four for the pin at 14:19 to win title number 14!! Hot crowd and a darn good match between these two **1/2.

Summary: Well this was a decent show but not great. WCW would strike gold next month with Spring Stampede. This show is better than some of the other crap shows that WCW would put on in this era. MILDLY RECOMMENDED