Nickrj’s rant for Monday Night Raw


From Grand Rapids, Michigan on October 2nd 1995 (taped September 25th)


Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler


The show opens with a clip of the Smoking Gunns winning the tag team titles from Yokozuna and Owen Hart last week.


Razor Ramon VS The 1-2-3 Kid

This is the third time that these two have met and the Kid has won the first two. Of course Dean Douglas helped the Kid the 2nd time and last Sunday at IYH, the 1-2-3 Kid cost Razor the match VS Dean. Tie up and the Kid is thrown over the top rope. He’s thrown hard into the corner. Razor misses a charge and the Kid lays in some wicked kicks. Razor catches the Kid and hits a fallaway slam for 2. Kid hits a reverse enzuguri for 2. Dean Douglas is out taking notes. Razor gets a right hand for 2. Kid with a leg lariat for 2.  Dean leaves for now. Quick legdrops by the Kid. He misses a leg lariat and Razor gets a hard clothesline for 3 at 2:53. However the Kid wants a rematch right now. Razor continues to pummel on the kid. Large hip toss. Ab stretch by Razor and he slaps him around. Kid with a hard slap getting Razor’s attention.


Commercial during which Razor catches the Kid off top with a powerbomb and he pins him again but the Kid wants another rematch.


Razor blocks a sunset flip attempt. He sets up the Kid on the top rope and hits the back suplex from the top. He signals the Razor’s Edge but instead he cradles the Kid and pins him for a third time at 1:33. The kid is out of it. Razor slaps him and the Kid looks like he’s finally had enough and he shakes Razor’s hand and then rolls him up and almost pins him. Kid then wants Razor to put the Razor’s Edge on him but instead they shake hands and they are friends once again but for how long?


Vince and Jerry go over the card for IYH on October 22nd from Winnepeg Canada


WWF Title Match: Diesel VS The British Bulldog

IC Title Match: Shawn Michaels VS Dean Douglas

The Undertaker VS King Mabel

Marty Jannetty VS Goldust making his in ring debut


Barry Horowitz VS Hunter Hearst Helmsley

Barry is coming off his biggest win at Summerslam when he beat Skip for the third time. We go to a clip last week where Mabel and The British Bulldog destroy the Undertaker until Diesel and Shawn make the save.


Vince: Can Horowitz defeat Hunter Hearst Helmsley?
Hunter: Fat chance.




Vince hypes the O.J Simpson hotline whether O.J. should be voted guilty or not guilty. King “Well he certainly looks guilty.” Tie up to start and Hunter gets a cross arm. Waist lock takedown by Hunter but Barry reverses it and Hunter makes the ropes. Vince says that last weeks Raw was the highest rated ever. I wouldn’t say that. Hunter gets a hard shot in the stomach and he hammers on Barry. Kneedrop. Vertical suplex by Hunter. Barry starts fighting back and gets a sunset flip for 2. Hunter is all over Barry and the knee in the throat. Flying elbow from Hunter. Barry blocks a hiptoss and gets a backslide for 2 but takes a hard clothesline for 2. Right hand by Barry and a Lou Thesz Press for 2. 3/4 nelson gets another 2. Hunter counters a headdown and gets the Pedigree for the pin at 5:34. Nice try by Barry.



Tonight Monday Night Raw is brought to you by Got Milk?

USWA Tag Team Champs: PG-13 VS Al Brown and Sonny Rogers

PG-13 is after the tag team titles right now. Wolfie D starts with Rogers. JC Ice comes in and hits a pair of dropkicks. They hit some sort of a Hart Attack and a double stomp by Ice. Wolfie is back in but he misses an elbow and Al Brown comes in for the first time. Wolfie gets a German suplex. He gets a face slam from the top rope for 2. They hit the double bulldog. Ice is tilt a whirl slammed on Brown for the pin at 3:43. Vince brings up the O.J numbers again.


Next week, Diesel, Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker VS Yokozuna, The British Bulldog and Owen Hart in 6 man tag team action.


Bret Hart VS Jean Pierre Laffitte

These two had a hell of a match at In Your House in which Bret won but Pierre wants a rematch. Dok Hendrix hypes Bret Hart T-shirts along with the WWF classic video.




Bret comes out and as he does we go back to Summerslam 1992 where the British Bulldog pinned Bret Hart at the Wembley Stadium in London before 80’000 people.


Promos: Milton Bradley Karate Fighters, Milton Bradley Hot Shot Basketball, Frank Thomas Big Hurt baseball from Acclaim


Match starts with both men slugging it out. Pierre gets the better of it. Hard clothesline and an elbow. Jerry Lawler is watching on and rooting for Pierre of course. Pierre misses a charge and goes to the outside where Bret slams him on the steps. Back in Pierre runs into a boot and Bret hits a flying clothesline for 2. Pierre throws Bret into the ropes. He goes to the chinlock now. Another hard clothesline by Pierre. Slam by Pierre and he goes to the top and gets a flying headbutt for 2. Jean chokes Bret on the ropes and hits a butt splash for 2. He throws Bret hard to the corner and hits a stinger splash. “Let’s go Bret!” chant starts. Bret gets a small package for 2 but takes a clothesline




Bret gets a cover for 2. Another “Let’s Go Bret!” chant. Sidewalk slam by Pierre. He goes to the top and misses a legdrop. Pierre knocks Bret with an elbow but Bret kicks out Pierre to the outside. They hammer but Pierre reverses a whip and throws Bret hard into the steps. Jerry says this is the greatest thing he’s ever seen. Bret somehow makes it to the ring but Pierre holds on the ropes on a rollup attempt. Inverted atomic drop by Bret and a flying clothesline. Russian Leg Sweep for 2. Backbreaker followed by a 2nd rope elbow for 2.  Pierre catches Bret and hits a 360 slam for 2. Bret counters a headdown and Pierre hits a back suplex. Pierre goes to the top for the Cannonball but Bret crotches him and hits a superplex. And Bret hooks the Sharpshooter for the submission at 12:00 and Jerry Lawler can’t believe it. As Bret leaves however Lawler taunts Bret and takes off his own jacket. Bret responds by hitting Lawler and knocking him over the rail right onto the concrete. But Isaac Yankem comes out from behind and DDT’s Bret right on the floor and Lawler loves it!




Bret has to be helped back to the locker room and Vince says that Gorilla Monsoon has called and we’re going to have a cage match between Bret Hart and Isaac Yankem. Vince hypes the six man match for next week and we get comments from the heels.


Promos: Nerf Max Force, Godzilla action figures, Street Fighter The Movie from Acclaim


Likewise we get comments from the Faces of the six man match.


The O.J Simpson results are in and 51% say he’s not guilty while 49% say he is. The show ends with a clip of Bret knocking Lawler over the rail.