Nickrj’s rant for Wrestlemania V


This event aired on April 2nd 1989 at Trump Plaza in Atlantic City New Jersey for the 2nd year in a row as The Mega Powers Explode! I should say implode because they’re fighting each other.


Your hosts are Gorilla Monsson and Jesse Ventura


Rockin Robin sings America The Beautiful and OH MY GOD SHE IS TERRIBLE!! I mean lets look back at the other 4 WM’s. Gene Okerlund was bad, Ray Charles and Aretha Frankin provided classic versions and Gladis Knight wasn’t bad but Robin was just awful here.


Hercules VS King Haku (with Bobby Heenan)

Herc clears Haku and Bobby with his chain. Haku jumps Herc from behind to start. Herc hits a hip toss and a slam to take over. He clotheslines Haku to the outside. Haku is suplexed back in. Herc hits 2 elbowdrops. He goes outside after his former manager Bobby Heenan. Haku clotheslines Herc from behind outside. Back in Haku hits a back breaker and holds him and gives him another one for a 1 count. Haku locks a bear hug. Herc breaks it open but takes a chop. Herc hits a cross body for 2. Haku misses a spinning high cross body. Herc hits a series of Clotheslines and hits a power slam for 2. Herc goes to the top rope and takes a superkick. Haku goes up to the 2nd rope and misses a splash. Herc hits a german suplex and gets his shoulders up for the pin at 6:37. Good win for Herc and a nice way to start the show **


The Rockers VS The Twin Towers (with Slick)

Both Shawn Michaels and Marty Jeanetty try to get Akeem and the Big Boss Man to chase them outside the ring to start. Boss Man power Shawn into the corner but turns his back and takes a missle dropkick. Shawn hits Akeem in the corner. Akeem is now in and The Rockers now work on the arm of Akeem with several tags. They hit a double chop and nail the Boss Man in the corner. Hey you snooze you lose fat boys! J Shawn continues to work on the right arm of Akeem. Akeem misses an avalanche and Marty comes in and continues to work on the right arm. Marty comes out of a slam but Akeem makes a blind tag and it’s sandwich time for Marty! Boss Man hits a sitting butt splash and Akeem hits an avalanche on the ropes. The Towers hit another sandwich in the corner. Boss Man continues to slowly work on Marty and hits a headbutt. Akeem comes back in but avalanches hit own partner. Shawn gets the hot tag and does the 10 punch count on Akeem. Rockers double team and hit a double elbow for 2. But Akeem REALLY NAILS SHAWN WITH A CLOTHESLINE!! Boss Man is on the top rope and misses a splash off the top. School Boy tactic by the Rockers and they hit a double drop kick on Akeem. They hit another one on Boss Man but Akeem throws Marty to the outside and Boss Man catches Shawn and power bombs him. Akeem hits the 747 Splash for the pin at 8:05 Fun big VS little match **3/4


Brutus Beefcake VS Ted Dibiase (with Virgil)

This is one of the first times that Dibiase has shown the Million Dollar Belt. Dibiase argues with Beefcake and Beefcake goes to work on him. Brutus hits a backdrop sending Ted outside. Ted stalls outside the ring and gets back in. Dibiase takes over in the corner but takes a slam and another one. Dibiase is clotheslined outside and he stalls some more. Slugfest develops and Beefcake is winning it. Virgil helps his man though and Dibiase takes over. Dibiase is choking out Beefcake and goes to work slowly and hits an elbow and a fistdrop for 2. Dibiase hits a clothesline and hits a double ax handle from the 2nd rope. Beefcake cradles Dibiase for 2. Beefcake gets a suplex and a both men are clotheslined. Dibiase hits a suplex. He slaps on the Million Dollar Dream but Brutus reaches the ropes. Beefcake takes control again. Dibiase does a flop in the ring and Beefcake hits the Sleeper. But Virgil jumps up and does his job. Dibiase knocks Beefcake outside and Virgil gets tome cheapshots. Dibiase comes out and hits Beefcake they brawl and both men are counted out at 10:00. Pretty boring match * Beefcake attacks Virgil after the match just for the heck of it.


Lord Alfred Hayes interviews The Bushwackers during the Wrestlemania Brunch and boy are they total pigs or what?


The Bushwhackers VS The Fabulous Rougeau Brothers (with Jimmy Hart)

Luke and Butch tear up Jimmy Hart’s coat to start and the Rougeaus jump them from behind but they collide with the Colonel. Regrouping outside the ring. Raymond works on Luke but the Rougeaus get nailed and the Whackers it a battering ram on Rayond and Jacques inadverntanly hits his own partner. Jacques nails Luke and Raymond hits a Boston Crab with Jacques stomping him. Raymond comes in and rams Luke into the turnbuckle. He slams Luke and hits a 2nd rope double ax handle. Jacques hits an elbow and hits Butch as well. Double Clothesline by the Rougeaus gets two. They knock Butch outside and Jacques hits an Ab stretch using Ray for leverage. Ray comes in and hits a savat kick and the Rougeaus celebrate and the Whackers hit a Battering Ram on Raymond and a double gut wrencher gets the pin at 5:11. At least it was fairly short DUD. The Bushwhacker then lick and kiss Sean Mooney after the match. Are they gay or something?


Mr. Perfect VS The Blue Blazer (Owen Hart)

Sad to say that this Blue Blazer gimmick would ultimately lead to Owen Hart’s death. They tie up to start and Perfect gets a hip toss. Owen trips Henning and slaps him. Henning chops on the blazer. Blazer comes out of a hip toss and slams Perfect twice and a drop kick sends him outside where Blazer hits a baseball slide. They go back in and Blazer works on the arm but Perfect sends him to the corner. Blazer comes back with a hiptoss and a standing drop kick. Backbreaker for 2. Nice gut wrench Slam. He goes to the top and tries a flying splash but Perfect brings the knees up. Perfect works on the lower back and goes to a camel clutch. Blazer catches Perfect in the corner and hits a powerslam for 2. Belly to Belly gets another 2. Owen does a crucifix for 2 ¾ and Owen argues to the ref and takes a right hand by Perfect and the Perfect Plex finishes it at 5:49. Very good match here ***1/4 A little more time and it would’ve been more.


Jesse Ventura is introduced by Howard Finkel and Gorilla doesn’t like it.

Mr. Fuji enters the 5K race to prove that he’s ready for the upcoming tag title match


Run D.M.C do the Wrestlemania Rap. Now my brother Ben and I used to listen to their Rasing Hell album. We used to listen to Peter Piper, It’s Tricky, My Addias and Walk This Way a lot. But they pretty much stunk here.


We get a look at the feud between Demolition and the Powers Of Pain from Survivor Series 88 when both teams were double turned and a matchup from Milwaukee on Feburary 89. Demoliton wants Fuji in the ring along with the POP.


Tag Title Handicap Match: Demolition VS The Powers Of Pain and Mr. Fuji

Fuji throws some “Ceremonial Salt” to the crowd. The Warlord and Ax start it off and Ax starts pounding away. Smash comes in and Demolition pounds away. Armdrag into an armbar. Ax comes back in and hits a snap mare and works on the neck. Smash is back in and another double team pounding occurs. Smash is thrown in the corner and Barbarian comes in but isn’t faring any better. Ax comes back in and hits a clothesline and a slam. Smash hits an elbow. Ax is back in and they hit a double elbow. Snapmare into another neck hold. Smash takes a shot from Barbie though. Warlord comes back in and is dragged into the wrong corner. Ax goes after Fuji but takes a kick from Barbie. Warlord with the boot to the throat. Fuji comes in and goes to work and hits a low headbutt. Barbie is back in and continues to pound on Ax. Barbie hits a flying clothesine. Warlord is back in and covers Ax for 2. Barbie has Ax high up and slams him and Fuji misses a splash. Warlord is back in and takes a clothesline. Ax makes the hot tag and Smash works over both POP. They clothesline Warlord over the top rope. 5 man brawl erupts and Fuji takes some salt but inadvertanly throws it in the Warlord’s face. Demolition then nail their finisher on Fuji for the pin at 8:55. Match was too punchy kicky here ½*


Tony Schavone tries to interview Randy Savage but Randy explodes out of his dressing room and knocks over the camera man.


Dino Bravo (with Frenchy Martin) VS Rugged Ronnie Garvin

Jimmy Snuka is introduced making his return to the WWF. I don’t know why they do it after both Bravo and Garvin are introduced. Bravo jumps Garvin from behind and slams him. Bravo works over Garvin slowly. He powers him into the corner. He tries to pin him with a boot. Garvin is caught but he pounds on Bravo’s head to take advantage. He chops away and rams Bravo’s head into the corner. Rollup cradle gets 2. Garvin hooks in the sleeper. He tries a piledriver but gets backdropped and cradles Bravo for 2. Garvin climbs on the shoulders of Bravo but Bravo hits an inverted atomic drop and hits his Sidewalk Slam for the pin at 3:59. Another short match and rightly so ¼* Garvin attack Bravo from behind and does the Garvin stomp on Martin and I think this was the last we ever saw of Frenchy because I think soon after Bravo took on Jimmy Hart as his manager.


The Brain Busters (with Bobby Heenan) VS Strike Force

Rick Martel and Tito Santana are back together again. Martel and Tully Blanchard start it off and Arn Anderson nails him from behind. Martel hammers on both Busters and a four way brawl erupts. Double drop kick by Strike Force sends the Busters outside. Arn comes back in and takes a face slam for 2. Arn powers out of a lateral press. Nice body scissors by Arn. Martel hits the boston crab but gets poked by Tully. Blanchard comes in but Martel tags Santana who hits the Figure Four. And Martel hits another Figure Four on Anderson. Nice bridge by Santana and a backslide gets two. Small Package gets another two. Martel is blind tagged but the ref doesn’t see it and to make matters worse. Santana tries his flying forearm but Tully ducks and Martel is the recipient and rolls out to the floor. Tully hits a dropkick on Santana and Arn goes to work on Tito. Tito rams Tully into the corner but he tags Arn. Tito hits a sunset flip but Arn gets the tag to Tully. Spinning high cross body by Tito gets 2. Arn goes to a camel clutch. Tito takes a knee in the corner and Arn goes to the top but is caught by Tito and slammed. Tito tries to tag in Martel but Martel is holding his cheek and doesn’t tag Santana and Tito is nailed by Tully. Martel then leaves the ringside area turning heel. Both Brain Busters now are working over Santana now. Arn hits the spinebuster. Tully is in but gets nailed. Tito tries a monkey flip but Arn holds on to his partner. The Busters nail their spike piledriver finisher for the pin at 9:16. Another rockin match ***1/2. Afterward Rick Martel does an interview that he’s tired and fed up with Santana.


There was supposed to be a Piper’s Pit with Roddy Piper, Brother Love and the late Morton Downey Jr. but WWF Home Video edited it out. Doesn’t make a difference to me though.


Jesse Ventura rants on Hulk Hogan’s new movie which was No Holds Barred! Hey Jess weren’t you with Willie Mays Hayes in Black Hammer White Lightning?


We get a look at the feud between the Mega Powers. It started at Wrestlemania IV where Hulk Hogan helps Randy Savage win the WWF title tournament. They score wins at Summerslam 88 and at Survivor Series. However on The Main Event VS The Twin Towers. Savage is thrown on top of Elizabeth. Hogan helps Liz back to the dressing room and Savage slaps Hogan ending their friendship. Savage attacks Hogan later in the medical room.


Jake Roberts VS Andre The Giant (with Bobby Heenan)

Big John Studd is the guest referee. Andre argues with him and tears the turnbuckle pad off of a corner behind Studd’s back. Andre nails Jake and rams him into the unprotected pad. Andre slowly works over Jake with a sleeper hold. Jake fights back and tries to get the bag with Damian but Andre goes back to the sleeper. Jake fights back again but Andre is too much I guess. Andre rams Jake in the corner but Studd warns him. He chokes Jake in the corner. He puts all of his 525 pound on Jake several times. Jake fights back again and he ties Andre in the ropes. Jake chokes the big guy and he eyes the bag with Damian. He punches Andre some more but Andre catches him by the throat. He hits a headbutt. He goes to the traps hold on Jake. Jake hits a knee on Andre stunning him. Andre is now rammed into the unprotected turnbuckle. Jake is chopped to the outside. He grabs the bag with Damian and Studd warns Jake and Studd gets nailed by Andre. Dibiase comes out and steals Damian starting their year long feud. Jake gets the snake back and Andre is choking out Studd and Jake unleashes Damian clearing Andre. Jake is the DQ winner at 9:38. Worst match of the night honors here -*1/2


Sean Mooney interviews some guy up in the cheap seats. The fan says “Jake’s the best!” Try saying that in 1999 buddy.


Sherri Martel is interviewed and she rants on Rockin Robin “YAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!”


The Hart Foundation VS Honky Tonk Man and Greg Valentine (with Jimmy Hart)

 Bret Hart and Honky start it off. Bret gets a reverse cover for 2 and hits an atomic drop. Honky tags Valentine who takes an inverted atomic drop. Jim Neidhart comes in with a flying tackle for 2. Bret hits a back breaker but misses a second rope elbow. Bret is double teamed in the corner. Honky does a snap mare and a kneedrop and a gut wrench slam. Hammer nails a double ax handle at Bret and hits an elbow. Hammer hits an inverted atomic drop and a low headbutt. Honky hits Shake Rattle and Roll but tags the Hammer who tries the figure four but Bret pulls Greg off. Valentine hits a gut wrencher for 2. Honky is back in and hits a high cross body for 2 but is sent outside the ring. Valentine holds on to the ropes and Anvil is tag who hits two drop kicks but Honky makes the save. Anvil makes a clothesline on Valentine for 2. Honky comes in and misses a fist drop. Bret slams Honky and hits a 2nd rope elbow. Bret hits a suplex for 2. Greg distracts the ref and Anvil throws the megaphone in the ring and Bret nails Honky with it for the pin at 7:38. Little bit too long here. *3/4


We get a look at the Super Posedown at the Royal Rumble between Ravishing Rick Rude and the Ultimate Warrior leading up to the IC title match.


IC Title Match: Ultimate Warrior VS Ravishing Rick Rude (with Bobby Heenan)

Rude has the IC title painted on his tights. Rude tries to knee Warrior but Warror had the title on and hurts his own knee. Warrior shows his strength by shoving Rude in the corner. UW goes to the bear hug. Eye rake by Rude gets him out. Rude hits a sweet missle dropkick for 2. Rude is slammed twice. UW goes back to the bear hug. Rude gets an eyerake again. UW bites Rude and hits a backdrop. He goes to too many rope and wasn’t even close on a splash. Rude takes over on UW now and hits a piledriver for 2. Jawjacker and he tries to pose but hurts his back. Rude hits a clothesline for another 2. He hits a neck breaker for another 2. He works on both arms of UW. Warrior reaches the ropes and starts shaking them shoving Rude off him. UW hits a flying tackle and 2 face slams. He hits a back breaker but Rude can’t shake him off. UW misses an avalanche in the corner and Rude goes for the Rude Awakening, but UW powers out of it. UW sends Rude outside and comes outside as well. Back in UW clotheslines Rude outside. He tries to suplex him back in but Bobby grabs the leg of warrior and holds it and Rude gets the pin at 9:42 becoming the new IC champ. This match watch pretty good for these two guys ***. UW then gives Bobby a press slam for his troubles.


Hacksaw Jim Duggan VS Bad News Brown

Brown jumps Duggan before he gets into the ring. Brown misses a charge and takes a clothesline. Brown is slingshoted back in the ring and Duggan makes his own mistake by putting his head down again. Duggan is being rammed into the turnbuckle several times. He fights back but gets kicked. Brown hits a headbutt sending Duggan outside and he rams Duggan into the ringpost. Back inside Brown hits an elbow but misses the Ghetto Blaster and Duggan hits the three point stance sending Brown outside. Brown grabs a chair and Duggan grabs his 2X4 and they try to use it on each other drawing a double DQ at 3:47. Another mercifully short match. DUD. Afterwards Duggan has a piece of snot on his nose. Ick!


The Red Rooster VS Bobby Heenan (with the Brooklyn Brawler)

They circle each other and Bobby is rammed into the turnbuckles. Taylor is rammed into the turnbuckle but Bobby rams himself into the post and is pinned at :31 DUD. Afterwards Brawler comes in and beats up on Terry but Taylor comes back and clears the ring.


WWF Title Match: Randy Savage VS Hulk Hogan

Elizabeth must go to a neutral corner in this match. Savage gets booed by showing the belt off. Savage goes to the outside not wanting to face Hogan and continues to get booed heavily. They tie up and Hogan shoves Randy down. They tie up again and the champ gets knocked down again and slides out of the ring and he keeps giving crap to Liz. Savage takes control with an eyerake and a punch. He goes to a side headlock and slides out of the ring. Hogan comes out and Savage pulls Liz in front of her. Good Psychology by Randy. They tie up and Hogan with a drop toe hold and front face lock. Savage hits a back suplex but misses an elbow. Hogan punches the champ down and goes to the right arm but gets eyeraked. Savage hits a double ax handle for 2. He goes to an armbar. Hogan gets up but Savage pulls the hair. Hogan gets up and Savage grabs the hair again but pulls the tight on Savage and sends him outside. Hogan throws him back in and starts working on Savage. He elbow drops him twice and rakes his eyes. Hogan puts his head down though and gets kicked for a 2 count and Hogan blades by the eye. Savage goes to the chinlock. Hogan gets back up and grabs the boot of Savage and hits an atomic drop but misses an elbow. Randy sends Hogan into the turnbuckle but gets 2. Hogan on the mat grabs into Savage’s leg and Savage goes into the cut eye of Hogan. Savage stomps on the hand but Hogan gets up and works on Randy. He hurts his own arm on a clothesline but he slams Savage over the top rope. Elizabeth comes over to check on Savage but Savage doesn’t want his help. He pulls Hogan outside and continues to go after the injured eye. Hogan rams Savage into the apron. He picks him up and tries to ram him into the post but Liz stands between Hogan and the post and Savage pushes Hogan into the post. Liz now checks on Hogan. Savage bad mouths Liz again. Ref comes out and breaks it up and sends Liz back to the locker room. Savage goes to the top rope and hits a double ax handle outside driving Hogan throat first into the rail just like Ricky Steamboat. Back inside he clotheslines Hogan’s throat over the top rope and hits a sitting butt splash. Now he’s going after the injured throat. Savage slams Hogan and hits a knee drop for 2. Savage takes the tape off his wrist and chokes Hogan with it. He chokes Hogan out even further with his hands. He goes to the top and nails his flying elbow smash but Hogan no sells it and Hulks up! He no sells Savages punches and hits three of his own and hits the big boot and legdrop for the pin at 17:38. Hogan has won the WWF title once again! This was an awesome match with lots of good psychology and it’s one of Hogan’s best matches of his career. ****


Summary: This Wrestlemania sure rocked! Only one match was painfully too long but most of the matches were nicely kept short. And three matches were sure very good. RECOMMENDED