Nickrj’s rant for Survivor Series 1998


This event aired on November 15th 1998 at the Kiel Center in St. Louis Missouri. This time we stray away from the Elimination match format and instead we have a 16 man single elimination tournament to declare the vacant WWF title just like Wrestlemania IV which sucked.


Your hosts are Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler


Here are the first round matches.


Undertaker and Kane get byes into the 2nd round

The Rock VS Triple H

Goldust VS Ken Shamrock

Mankind VS ???

Jeff Jarrett VS Al Snow

X-Pac VS Stephen Regal

Steve Austin VS Big Boss Man


Vince McMahon in a wheelchair is helped up with his corporation. He hopes this will be a great Survivor Series. He introduces Mankind who hugs his boss. The mystery opponent turns out to be Duane Gill.


Mankind VS Duane Gill

Gill gets scared when the fireworks go off behind him. Mankind beats up Gill on the apron to start. He kicks him in the gut and hits a double arm DDT and cradles him for the pin at :30. DUD Obviously planned by the Corporation.


Jeff Jarrett (with Debra) VS Al Snow (with Head)

They battle outside the ring to start. Snow hits a legdrop inside. Jarrett hits a stunner and an elbow. Snow gets flipped to the outside and hits a clothesline. Snow misses a top rope legdrop and Jarrett hits a dropkick for 2. Snow with a crucifix for 2. They both trade covers. Snow clotheslines Jarrett. Jarrett does a spinebuster but Snow gets a DDT for 2. Snow hits an atomic drop but they collide heads and Debra has the head. Snow has the guitar of Double J. Snow misses with the guitar. Jarrett hits Snow with the head but Snow recovers and hits Jarrett with the head for the pin at 3:32. Short and sweet *.


The Big Boss Man VS Steve Austin

They brawl outside the ring to start and Boss Man is thrown into the steps. Austin comes in and takes control as Vince and his goons watch. Austin with a Lou Thesz Press for 2. Boss Man hits a low blow. He starts pounding on Austin and goes to the chinlock. Austin gets back up and starts fighting back with a clothesline. Austin puts his head down and gets kicked. Boss Man takes over again. He goes back to the chinlock. Austin shoulders Boss Man in the corner and kicks away. They go outside and Boss Man hits Austin with the knifestick drawing the DQ at 3:19. ½* Boss Man continues to beat up Austin with the knifestick knocking him unconscious.


X-Pac VS Stephen Regal

Jerry sings along to Regal’s theme song which is pretty funny. Regal starts with a side headlock but X-Pac hits a kick and sends Regal into the ropes. X hits a back suplex for 2. X hits a series of quick legdrops for 2. He misses a leaping charge. Regal with a neck hold and he hits a snap mare and a knee drop. X with a sunset flip in the corner but Regal slingshots X. Regal with a camel clutch type maneuver. X gets up and gets kicked. Regal with a gut wretch suplex for 2. He goes to a head scissors. X reverses it into a grapevine. He starts hammering away but misses another flying charge in the corner. Regal gets a face first suplex in the corner and hits a double arm suplex on the top for 2. Regal goes to another rest hold. Both men collide and X is down again. X hits a spinning heel kick for 2. X hits a dropkick and does the bronco buster. He hits a snap suplex. He goes to the top and Regal bounces into the ropes and X falls onto the floor. Regal takes a suplex on the floor and both men are counted out at 8:09. Bad ending to an otherwise okay match *3/4 McMahon sends Sgt. Slaughter out to try to get overtime. But since X-Pac is hurt he his unsuccessful and Steve Austin gets a bye into the semifinals, and McMahon is angry


Ken Shamrock VS Goldust

These two guys were on the same team in Canadian Stampede and now they’re facing each other here. Shamrock dominates to start and hits a flying clothesline. Goldust misses a flying clothesline of his own. He hits one and slams Shamrock and hits a kneedrop. Ken comes back with a hard clothesline in the corner for 2. Shamrock with a camel clutch. Shamrock with some hard kicks. Russian leg sweep for 2. He goes to the chinlock holding the right knee into the back. Goldust starts fighting back but misses a charge in the corner. Goldust blocks and reverses a suplex attempt. Shamrock blocks a monkey flip but takes a monkey flip. Goldust goes for a power bomb but Shamrock pounds on his head and gets two. Goldust hits a bulldog and sets up Shamrocks legs in the corner but the ref stops him. Shamrock hits a spinning hurrcurana and a belly to belly followed by the Ankle Lock for the submission at 5:57. Another just okay match *1/2


Michael Cole says that Steve Austin will make it out to his semifinal match.


The Rock VS Triple H

Pat Patterson and Gerald Brisco come out instead of Triple H. Brisco announces that Triple H isn’t here tonight and won’t wrestle. He said that Triple H chose not to chose tonight and he will fine him. JR says that Triple H has had knee surgery. Patterson announces that there will be a subistitute. The Big Boss Man. The Rock cradles the Boss Man for the pin at :04. A new record folks! DUD


Here are the second round matchups


Undertaker VS Kane

The Rock VS Ken Shamrock

Mankind VS Al Snow

Steve Austin gets a Bye into the semifinals


Undertaker (with Paul Bearer) VS Kane

These guys are facing each other for the 583rd time. This is also the same arena that Kane made is debut in October 1997 by costing UT the HIAC match with Shawn Michaels. They brawl to start and Kane overpowers his older brother. Kane hits a big boot and clotheslines UT out but UT lands on his feet. Kane beats up UT outside but is rammed into the outside rail. Kane is rammed into the steps. UT hits a big boot. Kane hits a power slam but misses an elbow. UT hits a big boot in the corner and a clothesline. He starts working on the knee of Kane. Kane kicks out but UT still has control. UT is rammed into the corner and clothesline. Kane goes to the top and hits a flying clothesline for 2. Kane hits a chokeslam and signals for the Tombstone but Bearer jumps on the apron and it allows UT to hit the Tombstone for the pin with Bearer holding Kane’s foot down at 7:16. Craptastitical Match DUD


Mankind VS Al Snow

Snow jumps on Mankind to start. He clotheslines Foley and sends him outside the ring. Mankind grabs a chair but Snow nails him and Snow uses the chair but misses it on the post. He goes over the rail but is hit in the stomach and is slammed face first into the chair. Mankind misses a clothesline and Snow hits an enzuguri. Snow misses the head shot and takes a back suplex. Mankind takes Mr. Socko off of the head and beats up the head but gets caught by Snow. Mankind clotheslines snow but takes a spinebuster for a close 3 count. Mankind hits a double arm DDT and puts on Mr. Socko and does the Mandible Claw for the submission at 3:57. Best match of the night thus far **


Ken Shamrock VS The Rock

These guys are facing each other for the 834th time in 1998. Rock pounding on Shamrock to start. He misses a charge. Shamrock hits a snap suplex for 2. Shamrock hits a clothesline in the corner. Rock hits a clothesline out of the corner. He rams Ken’s face into the announce table and spits water on Shamrock. Rock is rammed into the steps. Rock is slammed on the floor. Back in Shamrock hits a dropkick and a Russian leg sweep for 2. Shamrock hits some kicks and goes to the chinlock. Boss Man comes out as Shamrock is back to the chinlock. Rock gets up and Shamrock hits a hurrcurana and hits the ankle lock. Rock is hanging on and he reaches the ropes. Double Clothesline spot occurs. Rock covers Shamrock for 2. Rock pounds on Shamrock and hits a DDT. Boss Man jumps on the apron as Rock hits a low blow. Rock hits the People’s Elbow for 2. Shamrock counters the rock bottom and hits a belly to belly. Boss Man jumps on the apron again. He tosses the knifestick but Rock intercepts it and nails Shamrock for the pin at 8:20. A little bit too long for what it’s worth *1/2


Women’s Title Match: Jacqueline (with Marc Mero) VS Sable

We see Raw Is War two months ago where Marc Mero interferes in Jacqueline’s title victory over Sable. She hits Sable from behind on Sunday Night Heat. Shane McMahon is the ref here. Jacqueline jumps Sable from behind to start. Sable hits a hiptoss and a kick. Sable hits the TKO but Mero pulls Sable outside. Sable hits a low blow on Mero and hits a Sable bomb on the floor. Jackie hits Sable outside and dominates her back in. She chokes her on the ropes and kicks Sable in the stomach. She goes for a Sable bomb but gets backdropped. Sable tosses Jackie off the top and hits the Sable Bomb for the pin at 3:13 to win the Women’s Title. DUD.


Here are the semifinal matches


Undertaker VS The Rock

Mankind VS Steve Austin


Mankind VS Steve Austin

Austin goes to town on Mankind. He tears Mankind’s coat apart. He hits a sitting butt splash and Vince McMahon still in a wheelchair comes out with his goons. Austin is rammed into the turnbuckle. Mankind hits a driving knee in the corner. Austin hits a Lou Thesz Press and an elbow. Mankind blocks the stunner and tries running out but Patterson and Brisco calm him down and send him back in the ring. Austin hits a triple knoggin knocker. Mankind reverses a piledriver on the floor. Austin is rammed into the stairs. Mankind sends Austin into the audience. Austin clotheslines Mankind back into the arena. Austin is rammed face first into the steps. Back in Mankind gets a 2 count. He goes to the chin lock. Austin fights back and a double clothesline occurs. Austin hits a clothesline and kicks away on Mankind. Austin is rammed into the post by Mankind. Mankind grabs a chair but Austin kicks into Mankind’s face. But Austin misses a sitting butt splash. Mankind hits a double arm DDT on the chair for a 2 count only. Mankind goes for a piledriver but he is backdropped on the chair. Austin hits the stunner on the chair. But Vince gets up and pulls the ref out and punches him. Mankind gets the mandible claw  but Austin hits a low kick and another stunner. Shane McMahon gets in the ring and counts 1..2.. but stops at midway and gives Austin the double bird! Austin is livid at Shane. Mankind hits a clothesline and Brisco hits a chair on Austin and Shane counts the pinfall for Mankind at 10:28. Great booking in this one ***1/4 Vince and his goons leave the arena in his limo before Austin could get there. But Austin steals a van and starts chasing McMahon.


Undertaker VS The Rock

Slugfest to start. Rock misses a charge and is clotheslined. UT works on Rock outside. He rams Rock into the steps. Rock fights back but takes a clothesline. Back inside Rock is covered for two. UT runs into a boot and a clothesline. UT hits an elbow and chokes Rock with his knee. UT ties up the Rock in the ropes. Rock backdrops UT out of the ring. And Rock rams UT in the ring and hits UT with a water bottle and clotheslines UT over the rail. They fight in the audience for a while. UT kicks Rock works on him in the corner. Paul Bearer gets a couple of cheap shots. UT misses a charge in the corner and they start a slugfest. Rock hits a samoan drop as the Boss Man comes out again. Rock hits a DDT and hits a low blow. Rock slams UT and tries the People’s Elbow but is tripped up by UT. UT nails the Boss Man but is clothesline. UT catches Rock by the throat. Kane comes in and gives Rock a chokeslam drawing the DQ at 8:23. Pretty dumb finish right there ¾* UT decks the ref and fights with Kane.


Triple Threat Tag Team Title Match: The New Age Outlaws VS The Headbangers VS Mark Henry and D’Lo Brown

Billy Gunn start with D’Lo. Gunn hits a clothesline but misses an elbow. Gunn misses a charge in the corner. Mosh covers Gunn for 2. Brown throws Mosh in the corner but misses a charge. Mosh hits a clothesline outside. Road Dogg comes in and it turns into a 4 man brawl with the Outlaws and the Nation. Brown hits an inverted atomic drop. Headbangers hit a double face slam for 2. Brown and Mosh double team on Dogg.  Mark Henry and does a bear hug. As Scott Keith once said “You can be a black fat man unless you have that move.” Mosh is back in and breaks the bear hug and works on Henry. Brown comes back in and Thrasher nails Brown and hits Dogg. Mosh comes back in and Brown throws Dogg outside. Brown hits a spinning hurricurana. Mosh throws Brown into Road Dugg. Mosh covers Brown for 2. Brown and Mosh continue to work over Dogg. Dogg starts fighting back but is nailed by Henry. Mosh does a rollup cover on Brown for 2. Henry hits a legdrop on Dogg. Mosh hits a flying headbutt into the back of Dogg. Mosh hits a low kick on Brown for 2. Thrasher comes in and gets a two count. Brown slams Mosh and Brown hits a flying butt on Mosh. Road Dogg gets the hot tag to Gunn who cleans house. But Brown hits a tiger bomb but Thrasher saves Gunn. Gunn hits the fameasser on Mosh and Henry splashes Mosh but Mosh kicks out. Gunn hits a piledriver  on Mosh for the pin at 10:10. A mess of a match that’s for sure *


WWF Title Match: Mankind VS The Rock

Vince and Shane are talking with the Bossman backstage. They tie up in the corner to start. Rock starts working over Mankind in another corner. Rock hits a clothesline for 2. He kicks Mankind in the corner. They go outside and brawl for awhile. Mankind goes to the chinlock on Rock. The McMahon’s come out to ringside. Rock gets a back suplex. Rock blocks a suplex outside and reverses it. Rock tries to get at Vince but turns at Mankind and dumps him over the rail. They brawl in the audience. Rock hits a trash can Mankind is backdropped back inside the rail. Rock goes to the chinlock. They slug and Mankind hits a knee. They are clotheslined outside the ring. Mankind has a chair and hits Rock with a chair. Mankind has the step but Rock hits Mankind with a chair. He whacks him one over the head. They go back in the ring. Rock gets 2. Rock is pounding away but Mankind hits a low blow. They get back outside the ring and Mankind hits an elbow from the apron. Mankind hits Rock with a piece of the announce table and Mankind pounds Rock on the table and legdrops him on the table. They go back in the ring and Mankind covers Rock for 2. Mankind goes to the chinlock again. Rock fights back but is backdropped to the outside. They get back in and Rock hits a DDT on Mankind. Rock is thrown outside again by Mankind. Mankind elbow drops himself into a table. They get back in and Rock slams Mankind and goes for the People’s Elbow and hits it for 2. Mankind hits a double arm DDT. He pulls out the sock and goes for the mandible claw and gets it. Rock hangs his arm the third time and hits the Rock Bottom. Rock covers Mankind for 2. Rock hits the sharpshooter and Vince McMahon says Ring The Bell at 17:16 repeating the Montreal Screwjob finish from a year earlier and The Rock is the new WWF Champion. Match was fairly good **1/2. Rock hugs Vince and Shane!! Vince grabs the mike and says Seeing Is Believing, and he says The People Screwed The People! Vince says that they are proud for a number of reasons. Stone Cold was screwed. He says The Rock loathes and detests everyone. Shane says that he’s just like his dad. Mankind is confused because he did not submit. Vince says “Get this.” And Rock attacks him with the belt and stomps him. Rock hits the rock bottom. Shane announces the Rock as the new WWF champion. The music goes “Do you smell what the Rock is cooking?” and JR says “Yeah and it stinks!” Steve Austin comes out and comes in the ring and gets stomped away by the Rock but Austin fights back and hits the Stunner and throws him out of the ring he also stuns Mankind to end the show.


Summary: Angle wise this show was great! Wrestling wise however was another story. A disappointing show overall