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Nickrj’s rant for Survivor Series 1993


This event aired on November 24th 1993, Thanksgiving Eve at the Boston Garden in Boston Massachusetts. It sold out in less than an hour.


Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Bobby Heenan. We see an opening of them backstage and Vince smells bananas talking about Gorilla Monsoon.


They open the real show and Vince warns Bobby about Gorilla Monsoon.


Opening Elimination Match: Razor Ramon, Randy Savage, Marty Jeanetty and The 1-2-3 Kid VS I.R.S, Diesel, Rick Martel and Adam Bomb (with Harvey Whippleman)

Savage is a replacement for Mr. Perfect who was too drunk to wrestle. This crowd is jacked up tonight as they go nuts when Razor introduces him. Razor starts off with Martel. Shove fest to start and Ricky grabs the right arm but Razor reverses. They go through a nice wrestling sequence until Razor slaps Martel. Martel hits a spinning high cross body for 2. Razor catches Rick and dumps him for a 2 count. Razor hits 2 atmoic drops and a series of clotheslines. Adam Bomb comes in and shoves Razor in the corner and overpowers him. Razor goes down on a shoulderblock. A test of strength goes on and Razor is on his knees now. Razor hits a suplex out of nowhere and gets 2 before Martel comes in and inadvertently elbow drops Bomb. An argument ensues with the heels but they get it together. 1-2-3 Kid is in there now with Adam Bomb. He gets a sunset flip but Bomb just picks him up and throws him off. Diesel comes in and starts playing with the kid and I don’t mean on the playground either. Gut wrench suplex by Nash followed by a big boot. The kid however comes back with a nice head scissors and makes the hot tag to Randy Savage who hits a double ax handle and beats up on all 4 heels. He gets rid of Adam Bomb. He slams Diesel and nails the flying elbow smash for the pin at 10:19. Martel starts working on Savage but Randy hits a back drop. Irwin R. Schyster comes in for the first time. Irwin goes to work on Randy but Randy hits a cross body for 2 and a clothesline. Razor comes back in and starts working on the arm on IRS. Razor kicks kicked by Martel on the ropes. Martel comes in and hits a double ax handle followed by a back breaker. Bomb comes back in and starts pounding away. Martel comes back in as does IRS. Irwin hits a legdrop for 2. He goes to the chinlock. The ref is distraced and Martel comes in and goes back to the chinlock. Martel puts his head down and gets nailed. IRS is back in and gets nailed in the corner. Savage is tagged in but gets kicked. Savage kicks IRS in the head followed by a stun gun. Crush comes down to the ring and eyes his rival Randy Savage. Savage wants Crush but his teammates tell him to get back in. IRS eventually rolls up Savage at 16:49 eliminating him. Savage goes backstage and tries to find Crush. Down to 3 on 3 now. Adam Bomb hits a back suplex on Marty Jeanetty. Martel gets back in and does an ab stretch with leverage from Adam Bomb. Martel runs shoulder first into the post. Razor and IRS start pounding each other now. Razor hits a chokeslam and he hits the Razor’s Edge for the pin at 19:35. Martel works on Razor and it turns into a 5 man brawl. Razor goes for the Razors Edge on Marteal but IRS comes back and hits Razor with the briefcase sending him outside the ring and he is counted out at 20:45. 2 against 2 now. The kid and Martel continue. Martel does a cartwheel and gets some heat. Nice arm drag by the Kid and he goes to work on the right arm. Bomb comes in and Kid hits a nice drop kick. He tries a flying cross body outside but Bomb catches him and slams him back in he hits a flying slingshot clothesline on the Kid. Bomb misses a charge and is rolled up for 2. Kid hits an enzuguri but is stopped. Martel comes in and hits a gut wrench suplex for 2. Martel gets nailed from jumping from the 2nd rope and Jeanetty comes in and hits a flying elbow followed by a knee lift. He rams Martel’s head into the corner 10 times. Snap mare gets 2. Kid comes back in and they hit a double elbow. Kid does a nice reverse cover for the pin on Martel at 25:49. Marty does a sunset flip on Adam Bomb for the win at 25:59. The survivors are Marty Jeanetty and the 1-2-3 Kid. Rocking Match to start off ***1/2


Todd Pettingill interviews Shawn Michaels who still has his Intercontinental belt even though he was stripped of it. Ray Combs interviews the Hart Brothers and Stu and the Harts seem fired up.


Ray Combs who hosted Family Feud at the time is the ring announcer who introduces the Hart family at ringside. He then goes thru a funny intro about Shawn Michaels when he was on Family Feud and makes fun of Shawn’s mother and father. Sad to hear about what happened to Ray though. Bobby is pretty funny here too.


Vince: There are 20 Hart family members here tonight.

Bobby: and Helen Hart just gave birth to 8 of them.


Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Bruce Hart and Keith Hart VS Shawn Michaels and his 3 knights.

The Black Knight is Jeff Gaylord. The Blue Knight is Greg Valentine and the Red Knight is Barry Horowitz. Ray joins Vince and Bobby at the announce table. Shawn replaces Jerry Lawler who was accused of rape. Shawn gives crap to the Hart family at ringside. Stu Hart joins the Hart brothers. Owen starts with Shawn. Owen tags to Bruce and Shawn hits a side headlock. But Bruce runs Shawn into the Red knight. Bruce is sent into the corner and he takes out all 3 knights. Keith comes in and does an armbar and a wristlock. Shawn hits a kick but Keith blocks a suplex and cradles him for 2. Drop toehold back into the wristlock. Keith works on the shoulder but gets slammed. Red comes in and misses an elbow and takes an armdrag. Owen comes back in and works on the right arm. Nice hip toss by Owen and a nice drop kick. Black Knight comes in and takes a pounding. Blue Knight comes in as does Bret Hart. Bret takes an eyerake. Bret grabs the leg and hits an atomic drop and clothesline for 2. Keith comes back in and goes to work on the arm. Bruce comes back in and gets kicked by Shawn. Bruce is slammed and Shawn comes in and hits a back breaker and a series of elbows. Red comes back in and hits a double ax handle he hits a double underhook suplex for 2. Black comes back in and pounds on Bruce. Bruce hits a backslide for 2. Shawn comes back in and starts stomping away and Bruce is outside the ring. Shawn in rammed into the corner but takes another shot. Bruce hits a flying clothesline and Black comes in and Bruce makes the hot tag to Bret. Bret hit a reverse cover for 2. Inside cradle gets another 2. Back breaker followed by a 2nd rope elbow. Shawn breaks the cover though. Owen comes in and hits a spinning back kick. 8 man Brawl ensues and all four heels collide. Bruce hits an avalanche and Owen hits a missle dropkick on Black for the pin at 10:48. Owen starts working on the leg of Red. Bret comes back in and they snap the hamstring. Keith comes back in and continues to work the leg. Bruce comes back in and grabs the leg and Bret comes in and they do another wishbone. Keith is back in and tries the sharpshooter but gets kicked off. Red misses a kneedrop and Keith does the Figure Four but Shawn comes in and breaks it up. Blue comes in and starts working on Keith. Red grabs the leg of Keith and Shawn slingshots himself into the elbow on Keith. Blue continues to work on the arm and shoulder on Keith. Shawn comes back in and hits an elbow on the arm. He rams Keith into the turnbuckles. Red is back in and rams the arm on the post but Bret comes in and break it up. Red slingshots Keith into the bottom rope. Blue comes in and continues to work on the left arm. Blue slams Keith on his own arm. He hits a legdrop and tags Shawn. They try the rocket launcher but miss and Bret gets the tag as does Red. Bret hits a spinebuster and the sharpshooter for the submission at 18:08. Blue tosses Bret outside the ring. Shawn hits Bret on the outside. Blue hits suplex for 2. Shawn comes back in as Stu massages Keith’s shoulder. Shawn hits a flying elbow for 2. He goes to the chinlock. Bret gets but and takes a knee to the stomach. Blue comes in and hits a low headbutt for 2. Bret hits a 2nd rope clothesline and tags Owen who hits a standing drop kick and does the 10 punch count. Owen slams Blue and hits a flying 2nd rope elbow. Double knoggic knocker occurs and Shawn slides to the outside and is nailed by Stu drawing a huge pop. Owen really nails Shawn afterwards with a flying bodypress. Shawn and Blue collide and Owen hits a flying bodypress on Blue. Shawn is clothesline out and Owen hits a bulldog followed by a sharpshooter for the submission at 23:46. Leaving 4 against 1. Bret throws Shawn back in the ring and begs for mercy. Owen hits an atomic drop and Shawn is in the wrong corner. Bruce comes in and nearly pins Shawn. Shawn hits an elbow in the corner and chokes out Bruce. Shawn hits a superkick for 2. Bruce kicks Shawn in the gut and tags Bret who does an inverted atomic drop. He slingshots Shawn into the post for 2. Russian leg sweep for another 2. Bret goes for a backbreaker and really gets eyeraked by Shawn. Owen hits a belly to belly for 2. But Shawn throws Owen into Bret and Bret is knocked into the rail and Owen is rolled up and pinned at 27:15. Owen throws a fit before leaving the ring. Bobby throws a bottle of water at Shawn. Pretty funny. Bruce continues to work on Shawn and hits a clothesline for 2. Bruce hits the sleeper but is rammed into the corner. Both men collide and Shawn tags in Keith. Keith does an ab stretch but is hiptossed. Bret is now allright and he comes in and pounds on Shawn. He goes for the sharpshooter but Shawn gets out of the ring and runs back into the dressing room and is counted out at 30:56. Remaining Survivors are Bret Hart, Bruce Hart and Keith Hart. Match was pretty good but the two FIP periods were kinda boring ***. The Harts celebrate but Owen comes back in and starts arguing with Bret and the other brothers. Stu has a word with Owen and Owen says “I never get any recogniton!” Owen leaves the ring to a round of boos and this would kick off the sweet family feud that would last throughout the year of 1994.


Vince and Bobby switch sides with Jim Ross and Gorilla Monsoon (who were doing radio) and Gorilla almost gets his hands on Bobby.


An ad for Wrestlemania X!! from MSG!! Sunday March 20th 1994!!!


We get a look at the history on the main event. Starting on October 30th 1993. Ludvig Borda beats Tatanka for the first time and Yokozuna sumo splashes Tatanka on Tatanka’s hip putting him out of Survivor Series. Two weeks later The All American’s introduce their replacement partner. The Undertaker! On November 15th Lex Luger beats Quebecer Pierre with the loaded forearm and knocks him unconscious. The Foreign Fanatics introduce their replacement partner, Crush!


Smokey Mountain Wrestling Tag Team Championship: The Rock N Roll Express VS The Heavenly Bodies (with Jim Cornette)

Four man brawl to start and both Robert Gibson and Ricky Morton are tossed out. Tom Pritchard and Jimmy Delray are sent outside by Morton and Morton hits a flying double clothesline. JR says this feud started in 1983. Gibson gets out of a nice maneuver hits a hip toss and flying head scissors. Morton comes in and they hit a double elbow. Pritchard comes in and pounds on Morton. Pritchard blocks the hip lock and Morton hits own of his own and he tosses both Bodies around. A miscommunication spot follows and Morton nails a monkey flip on Pritchard. Double Atomic drop and a rowboat spot occurs. Morton grabs the leg and tags Gibson. They work on the legs of Pritchard. Wishbone spot. Morton comes in and gets eyeraked. Delray comes in and takes a arm drag. Gibson saves his partner in the corner. Double knoggin knocker occurs. Jim Cornette regroups the Heavenly Bodies outside the ring. Pritchard comes in and hits a powerbomb. Nice splash by Delray gets 2. Delray hits 2. Pritchard comes back in and throws Morton outside and Delray hits a reverse moonsault outside. Prtichard and Morton start fighting on each other. Prtichard hits a power slam for 2. Delray comes in and hits a snap suplex and some kneedrops. Double team occurs the Bodies hit a spike sidewalk slam for 2. Pritchard goes to the chinlock and hits a vertical suplex. Delray hits a trash compactor for 2. Delray goes for a powerbomb but Morton turns it into a hurrcurana. Morton cradles Pritchard for 2. Delray hits a moonsault and Gibson saves his partner. Morton hits a double DDT. Morton makes the hot tag to Gibson. He hits a backdrop and a enzuguri. But takes a headbutt by Pritchard. Pritchard throws Morton over the top rope and Gibson celebrates thinking it’s a DQ but it isn’t. Gibson is thrown outside. Morton comes back in with a flying bodypress for 1. The Express hit a double drop kick on Pritchard. Gibson has Pritchard covered but Delray hits Gibson off the top rope with the tennis racket and Pritchard gets the pin at 13:42 making the Bodies new Smokey Mountain Tag Team Champions! Wow this match really rocked! ***3/4

Vince and Bobby are back announcing.


Bam Bam Bigelow (with Luna Vachon), Bastion Booger and The Headshinkers (with Afa) VS Luke Doink, Butch Doink, Mo Doink and Mabel Doink (with Oscar)

Geez do I have to watch this matchup? The only thing that’s memorable about this match is Booger’s t-shirt which says “I may be fat but you’re ugly and I can diet.” Nice way to draw heat there Mike but it didn’t work. I’m just going to describe the eliminations here. Samu bites a balloon full of water and is rolled up by Butch at 3:02. The Bushwhackers hit the battering ram on Booger and Mabel hits a legdrop to pin Booger at 6:02. After which Bobby comes up with the quote of the night.


Bobby: That ring is a mess. It looks like the table when Bastion Booger eats.


Butch makes Fatu slip on the banana peel and is pinned at 8:33. All four Doinks pin Bam Bam at 10:58. A garbage match if there ever was one. -**** Afterwards Doink makes fun of Bam Bam on the video wall.


Main Event: The All Americans (Lex Luger, The Undertaker, The Steiner Brothers with Paul Bearer) VS The Foreign Fanatics (Yokozuna, Ludvig Borga, Quebecer Jacques, Crush, with Mr. Fuji, Jim Cornette and Johnny Polo)

Bobby hides underneath the announce table when the Undertaker is introduced. Too bad this was Bobby’s last WWF PPV. He would’ve gotten even better along side Vince Mcmahon and later with JR. Bobby has another hilarious discussion about why he doesn’t like Thanksgiving. We get some stalling to start off. Scott Steiner starts with Jacques who offers a handshake. Scott gives him the fist and hits a belly to belly suplex for 2. Rick Steiner comes in and Jacques tags in Yokozuna. Crowd starts a USA chant as Yoko pounds on Rick but Rick hits a clothesline and an elbow knocks Yoko out of the ring. Back in Ludvig Borga it tagged in and throws Rick out. Rick goes to the top rope and hits a flying tackle for 2. Borga slams Rick and misses an elbow. Rick hits a flying bodypress but Borga turns it over and pins Rick (!) at 5:04. Rick must’ve pulled a groin muscle. Scott continues the match with Jacques. Scott hits a press slam but Crush catches Jacques. Crush wants a test of strength but pounds on Scott. Scott hits a double underhook suplex. He hits a clothesline for 2. Crush hits a savat kick. Randy Savage tries to come down to the ring but 500 officals try to restrain him as Crush dumps Scott outside the ring. Crush continues to pound on Scott. He tries to get a pin with a toe hold and drops the leg on Scott. Randy Savage comes back out to the ring and Scott dropkicks Crush to the outside. Crush and Savage pound each other outside the ring and Crush is counted out at 11:35. Yokozuna and Borga pound on Scott.  Jacques does a camel clutch with Borga hanging on the legs. Jacques hits a flying elbow for 2. He hits a piledriver for another 2. Scott hits a press slam. Scott finally tags to Lex Luger. Luger slams Jacques and hits a 2nd rope fistddrop for the pin at 14:05. Down to 3 on 2. Borga comes in and stalls because he wants Luger in the ring. Borga and Scott continue and Borga hits a flying tackle. Borga hits a cross body in the corner followed by a clothesline. Borga is caught on the top rope and superplexed for 2. Yoko slams Scott but misses an elbow. Scott misses a dropkick and Yoko hits a leg drop eliminating Scott 16:56. Hey Scott you were in there 10 minutes of this match you should’ve tagged! Luger comes in and Yoko gets some words from Borga. Yoko starts pounding on Luger. He slams Luger and misses a big splash. Luger comes back to work on Yoko but takes a clothesline. Borga comes in and hits a midsection blow which Luger does a somersault on. Borga continues to work on the midsection on Luger and tags Yoko. Yoko chokes out Luger on the ropes. He hits a right hand  but misses an avalanche in the corner. UT gets the hot tag and hits a DDT. He gets nailed by Borga but no sells it. Yoko hits a belly to belly and UT does the sit up. Yoko hits a legdrop. Yoko sets up for the Banzai Drop and hits it he tries it again but UT sits up! UT hits a flying clothesline sending Yoko outside. UT is rammed into the steps and no sells it and both men are counted out at 23:24. Down to Luger and Borga. Borga hits a legdrop for 2. He hits a sidewalk slam for another 2. Borga hits a vertical suplex for another 2. He hits a power slam for another 2. Borga gives a series of clotheslines for 2. Luger blocks and reverses a suplex attempt by Borga. Both men are clotheslined. Cornette and Polo distract the ref and Fuji gives Borga a bucket and nails Lex with it. Borga gets up and gets a 2 count. Luger gets up and starts hammering on Borga. He hits a DDT. He hits a back elbow for 2. Luger hits a power slam for 2. Borga comes back but Luger hits the loaded forearm for the pin at 27:57. Lex Luger is the sole survivor. It starts snowing in the Boston Garden and Santa Claus comes in to congratulate Luger. Match started off fine but sucked once Scott Steiner left *1/4


Summary: Well the first three matches rocked but then the final hour of it was pretty bad. However the Hart brothers angle starts out here so I will say RECOMMENDED but fast forward thru the 4 Doinks match please.