Nickrj’s rant for Spring Stampede 1999


Live from the Tacoma Dome in Tacoma Washington on April 11, 1999


Your hosts are Tony, Mike and Bobby


Blitzkrieg VS Juventud Guerrera

The winner receives a Cruiserweight title shot the next night on Nitro. Tie up to start and a hammerlock sequence. Juv with a drop toe hold and a ¾ nelson gets 2. Blitz has the right leg and Juv rolls up for 2. Blitz with a sideheadlock and Juv with Monkey Flip. Blitz hits a tilt a whirl backbreaker for 2. Juv with some chops and he hits a spinning head scissors. Blitz hits a handspring elbow. He does the 10 punch count. Juv rams Blitz into the turnbuckle 10 times. Juv hits a springboard missle dropkick. Sweet! He hits a suicide dive on the outside. Sweeter! Back in Juv hits a brain buster for 2. Juv goes for a surfboard. But Blitz falls on top for 2. Blitz hits a jumping back kick and a chop. He does a somersault and a kick in the corner sending Juv outside. Blitz goes to the top but Juv goes out of his way. Blitz tries again from the top rope but Juv hits a dropkick in mid air outside the ring. Back in Blitz does a nice armdrag and hits a springboard asai moonsault outside! Back in the do some nice reversals and Juv hits a slop drop for 2. He sets up Blitz at the top and loses his balance. Blitz goes to the top and misses a Sky Twister. Juv goes for his finisher but Blitz cradles him for 2. Blitz sets up Juv at the top and hits a spinning sunset flip for 2. Blitz sets up Juv at the top again but Juv hits a Juvy driver off the top for 3 at 11:11 WOW!!! A fantastic opener!! ****1/2


Hak (with Chasity) VS Bam Bam Bigelow

Bam Bam brings a cart full of weapons and hits Hak with it but Hak hits a trash can on Bammer. They brawl on the floor and Hak takes out a table under a stagecoach. He sets up Bammer on it and does a somersault on top of the stagecoach onto Bammer breaking the table. They start fighting back into the ring. Bammer throws Hak into the cart. Bammer grabs a crutch and starts whacking Hak with it. He jams it in the face. Hak hits Bammer with a trash can in the ring. He grabs another table and sets it between the ring and rail but takes a trash can and pan right in the head. Bammer hammers Hak with a broom. He punches Hak with a salad bowl. Hak blocks a suplex and hits a gut wrencher. He brings a ladder from underneath the ring. Hak dropkicks the ladder onto Bigelow and hits him with it. He goes to the top and does a somersault onto the ladder on top of Bigelow. Hak hits a Bulldog on top of the ladder. Hak grabs another table underneath the ring and a rail. He uses another trash can. Hak sets up the ladder but Bammer shakes the ladder and Hak goes outside the ring and breaking the table. Bammer sets up the rail and sends Hak into the ladder. Another trash can but Hak uses the crutch. He sets Bammer on the rail goes to the top and misses a legdrop hitting the ladder. Bammer has the rail but Chasity tries to use and Extingusiher but Bammer uses it the spray the girl. Hak uses the kendo stick to Russian leg sweep Bammer. He sets up Bammer at the top but they both go thru the table and Bammer gets the pin at 11:33. Terrific hardcore match. ***3/4


Scotty Riggs VS Mikey Whipwreck

They go in the corner with Scotty trying to imtimidate Mikey. Scotty hits an armdrag. Scotty slams Mikey and does a drop toe hold. Scotty with a couple of slaps sends him down. 10 punch count in the corner. Mikey hits a flying back elbow and a drop kick sending Riggs outside. Mikey fights outside and sends Riggs into the rail. He hits a legdrop on the apron. He sends into the rail again and hits a slingshot hurrcurana on the floor. Back in he misses a legdrop on the apron and Scott sends him flying neck first into the rail. Riggs hits a double ax handle. He goes to the top and hits another double ax handle and poses before covering. Riggs hits a dropkick. Boring chant begins. Elbow gets 2. He goes to the chin lock. He kicks him in the corner. Riggs runs into a boot and again. Mikey hits a 2nd rope dropkick for 2. Russian leg sweep gets another 2. Mikey with a flying hurricurana for 2. Riggs hits a flying forearm for the pin at 7:02. Good match for Mikey but not for Riggs **


Konnan VS Disco Inferno

Konnan insults Disco and Disco jumps him from behind. Disco hits a clothesline. He goes to the top and just jumps off. Konnan hits a bulldog and a dropkick. Konnan does the 10 punch count and the stomp the mudhole. Konnan runs into an elbow. He chokes him. Konnan hits a spinning top rope armdrag. Disco hits a flying elbow. Snapmare into a chinlock. Disco hits a neckbreaker. He goes back to the chinlock. He hits a hard clothesline and goes to the 2nd rope and hits a double axhandle for 2. Back to the chinlock again. Konnan gets up and does an armdrag but he’s thrown outside. Konnan sends Disco into the post and into the rail. Disco kicks the middle rope into Konnan to take advantage again. He hits a fistdrop for 2. Chinlock once again. Konnan’s back up and is slammed. Disco to the 2nd rope and misses an elbow. Konnan hits a clothesline and hits a cradle DDT for 2. Drop toe hold into a cradle gets another 2. Disco hits a swinging neckbreaker for 2. Konnan hits a middle kick and hits a stunner for 3 at 9:16. Pretty good end here **1/4


Crusierweight title match: Rey Mysterio Jr. VS Kidman

These two had some classic battles before. Rey with a side headlock and a shoulderblock. Rey misses a 2nd rope somersault and hits a nice monkey flip. Kidman does the same. Rey hits a spinning hurrcurana. Kidman from the apron hits a flying hurrcuranana. Rey is backdropped over the top rope. Kid hits a slingshot bodypress on the outside. Rey throws Kidman in the rail and Kidman clotheslines Rey on the rail and hits a guillotine legdrop from the crowd. Back in Kidman goes to the chinlock. Rey sends Kidman outside with a head scissors but Kidman catches a moonsault but he is pushed into the rail. Rey does another spinning hurrcurana on the outside and hurts his head. Rey does a springboard Thesz Press and a springboard moonsault for 2. Kidman hits a running powerbomb for 2. Kidman hits a back breaker and a sidewalk slam for 2. Crowd’s starting to die. Kidman hits another powerbomb for 2. Kidman slides Rey outside the ring and does a running shooting star press from the apron. Back in Kidman hits a powerslam and goes to the top and Rey hits a midair dropkick for 2. Rey sets up Kidman and does a top rope bulldog waking up the crowd for a 2 count. Rey hits a spinning heel kick. He is backdropped from a piledriver attempt. Kidman runs into a boot but hits a powerslam for 2. Kidman goes to the chinlock as the crowd is dying once again. Rey clotheslines Kidman out and hits a springboard 2nd rope somersault. Rey goes up top and takes a clothesline. Kidman goes back to the chinlock. Rey hits a hurrcurana for 2 and now goes to the chinlock. Rey shoulders himself on the post. Rey hits an X factor for 2. Kidman hits a Pedigree and goes up top and does a top rope sunset flip for 2. Kidman runs into a boot and Rey hits a top rope bulldog for 2. Kidman hits a bulldog for 2. Rey stops himself on the ropes and goes to the top and hits a legdrop on Kidman. He hits a somersault for 2. Kidman comes out of a power bomb and goes to the top but Rey catches him. He hits a top rope hurrcurana for 3 at 15:31. Hot beginning to this match and a boring middle but a hot ending saves this one ***1/2.


Chris Benoit and Dean Malenko (with Arn Anderson) VS Raven and Perry Saturn

Saturn and Raven bring a table to the ring. Saturn begins with Benoit. Perry does a snapmare but is dumped outside the ring. Malenko attacks Perry but both Horsemen are nailed. Raven comes in and they hit a double clothesline for 2. They do a faceslam top rope elbowdrop for 2. Drop Toe Hold elbow combo. Benoit dropkicks Raven outside where Dean and Arn put the boots to him. Back in Benoit hits a chop. They hit a doublespinebuster and wishbone on Raven. Dean hits a suplex for 2. Dean hits a one foot dropkick. Benoit comes in and is inside cradled but the ref is distracted. Benoit hits a back suplex for two. Benoit hits a clothesline for another 2. They double team Raven in the corner. They hit a double clothesline in the corner. Raven takes Dean down. He tags Perry who hammers all 3 horsemen. He does the 10 punch count on Benoit but Malenko hits a clothesline. Raven catches Dean on top and Perry hits a top rope cross body. He tries the DVD but Benoit catches him. They hit a dropkick german suplex. Malenko hits a powerbomb into the Texas Cloverleaf but Perry makes the ropes. Saturn hits the DVD but Benoit hits the flying top rope headbutt and Malenko gets 2. Benoit chops Perry down. Benoit hits a backbreaker for 2. Benoit kicks Saturn in the corner. Drop Toe Hold Baseball Slide combo by the Horsemen. Malenko gets the sleeper. Raven breaks it up and is decked to the floor by Benoit. Benoit hits a German suplex for 2. Saturn is knocked to the outside. Benoit misses a punch and Saturn gets a sunset flip for 2. Malenko hits a snapmare into a chinlock. Perry hits a back suplex. Raven gets the tag and hammers both Horsemen. He intercepts a chair form Anderson and drop toe holds Benoit into a chair. Saturn misses a splash on Malenko outside on the table. He sends Raven into the chair and Raven hits a DDT but Anderson grabs the chair and Benoit hits a flying headbutt into the chair on Raven and Malenko gets the pin at 14:11. Another excellent matchup here. **** ½ Benoit blades for fun.


U.S Title Tournament Finals: Scott Steiner VS Booker T

Is this the same Scott Steiner from the Survivor Series 1993 video that I ranted on the other day? He argues with some fans at ringside. He finally gets in the ring and they have a shovefest to start. Steiner jumps into the ringside area and argues with another fan. Finally they start and tie up and Booker gets a waistlock. Steiner hits a lowblow to take advantage. T is run over but hits a dropkick and an armdrag sending Steiner to the outside. Steiner takes control in the corner. T hits a flying forearm. He hits a reverse kick and throws Steiner outside and hits an elbow from the apron. Steiner is rammed into the rails. They get back in and T continues to dominate and hits a big boot. T hits a clothesline in the corners. T is hooked on the ropes and is knocked to the floor. T is thrown into the rail and is choked by the boot. Steiner hits T with a steel chair. He hits a clothesline back in and does push ups. Steiner chokes out T with his boot and shoves the ref. Steiner with a kidney breaker for 2. He hits a belly to belly for 2 and chokes the ref. Why doesn’t he DQ Steiner? Scott hits a low kick and another non DQ. Steiner with a bear hug. Steiner hits another belly to belly. T comes out of a suplex and hits a DDT. T fights back with a bunch of kicks. Steiner pulls the ref in front of T and is bumped. T hits a fameasser and a face slam. He hits a Scissors kick but there’s no ref so T tries to wake him up so Steiner clobbers the ref again along with T. T hits a spinebuster. He goes to the top and Steiner shakes him down. Steiner hits a flying hurrcurana from the top. He tries to help the ref count but T kicks out. Scott takes out some knucks but T tries a vertical suplex but Steiner nails him with the knucks. Steiner pulls the original ref in and gets the pin at 15:59 and Steiner is the new U.S champ. Match was a little too slow for me *3/4


Kevin Nash (with Lex Luger and Elizabeth) VS Goldberg

Rematch from Starcade when Nash ended Goldberg’s undefeated streak. Crowd is heated up for this one. Tie up to start and Nash with some offensive in the corner. Nash chokes Goldie in the corner with his boot. This is going on forever. Liz jumps on the apron to allow Nash hit a low kick. Crowd chants “We want Sting.” Nash hits a short clothesline for 2. Nash hits a huge sidewalk slam for 2. He hits a sitting butt splash. Boring chant begins. Goldberg hits a flying shoulder tackle for his first offense. He hits a suplex. Goldie’s on a roll now. But he misses the spear and goes flying into the ref. Luger comes in and nails Goldberg with a chair. Nash signals for the jackknife but Gold hits a low blow. Luger comes in and gets nailed. Goldberg hits a spear and sets for the jackhammer and gets it for the pin at 7:46. Crowd loves it but the match overall was nothing *1/4


WCW World Title Four Corners Match Texas Tornado rules: Ric Flair VS Diamond Dallas Page VS Hollywood Hogan VS Sting

Randy Savage is the special referee here and brings Gorgeous George with him (yum! It’s not the old Gorgeous George from the 50’s though it’s a girl). Four way brawl to start. Flair is clotheslined out and rammed into the rail. Sting misses the Scorpion on DDP. Neck Breaker by Page gets 2. Flair and Hogan continue to brawl outside. Sting hits a flying clothesline from the top and a Stinger Splash. Hogan and Flair are back in the ring. Flair is tossed off the top by Sting. Sting and DDP are on the floor now. Hogan hits a backdrop on Flair and a clothesline. Flair does a flop. He does an eye poke to take advantage. Flair chops Hogan but Hogan hulks up. Sting and DDP are back in Sting gets the Scorpion on DDP while Hogan hits the legdrop on Flair but Sting breaks it up. Sting and DDP are outside again. Flair goes to work on the leg of Hogan and locks the Figure Four. Sting and DDP are still brawling outside the ring. Hogan reverses the Figure Four and Page breaks it up. Page misses a neck breaker but clotheslines Flair out. DDP does the Figure Four around the post on Hogan just like Bret Hart used to do. Sting pulls Page off of Hogan. The Trainers comes in the ring to check on Hogan and they have to carry him to the back. Eric Bischoff comes out as well to aid Hogan to the back. Match continues with Sting working over Flair. DDP is resting in the corner. Sting no sells Flair’s chops and sends to the outside. DDP nails Sting and gets a 2 count. DDP hits a slam and an elbow for another 2. DDP goes to work on Flair now. He hits a clothesline on Flair for 2. DDP works on Sting but Sting hits another splash and slams his face down. Flair is rolled to the floor. DDP reverses a Tombstone Piledriver and Flair makes the save. DDP is to the outside now. Sting sets up Flair on the top and hits a superplex but slow to cover for 2. Flair hits a back suplex for 2. Flair hits the sleeper but DDP hooks the sleeper on Flair. But Sting jawjacks both of them. All 3 men are down now. They get back up and start pounding each other. Sting is no selling it and he hits a double clothesline. He pounds on both Flair and Page. Stinger Splash on Flair. He locks the Scorpion but DDP breaks it up. Sting hits a scorpion death drop on Page. Flair starts working the low area on Sting. He locks the Figure Four on Sting. Sting tries to gets to the ropes but Savage drags Flair to the center and nails the flying elbow smash on Flair! Page is up and hits the Diamond Cutter on Page for the pin at 17:25 to become the new world champion! Very good title match with a hot crowd! ***1/2


Summary: WELL I’LL BE DAMNED! In an era where the WCW usually put on very bad shows this is one of the better shows that they have done. Not one match was in negatives and 2 were ****1/2 and three others were over ***. Defintely a must see show. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED