Nickrj’s rant for Slamboree 1999


Live from the TWA Dome in St. Louis Missouri on May 9th 1999


Your hosts are Tony Mike and Bobby


3 Way Tag Team Title Match: Kidman and Rey Mysterio VS Dean Malenko and Chris Benoit (with Arn Anderson) VS Raven and Perry Saturn

Kidman, Saturn and Malenko start it off. Kidman and Perry hammer on both Horsemen. But Perry nails Kidman. Kidman is belly to belled out of the ring. Malenko works on Perry now. He hits a heel kick for 2. Benoit comes in and the horsemen hit the dropkick/german suplex combo for 2. Rey comes in a dropkicks both Benoit and Raven. Rey with a spinning hurrcurana but gets nailed by Raven. Rey hits a guillotine legdrop on Benoit. Kidman and Benoit double team Raven. Benoit nails Kidman and snots on him. Kidman hits an X factor but misses a top rope splash. Benoit into an armbar/Crippler Crossface combo but Raven makes the save. Raven and Saturn with the face first suplex/Frog Splash combo for 2. Rey hits a springboard moonsault on Malenko for 2. Rey hits a spinning hurrcurana on Saturn but is nailed outside. Perry nails 3 men outside. Benoit with a snap suplex on Raven and hits the diving headbutt for 2. Raven is sent outside. Horsemen are dominating now on Perry. Chris with a lariat for 2. They hit a double suplex on Saturn. They slam Rey face first to the canvas. Chris makes a tag and chops Raven in the corner. Raven hits a flying tackle on Benoit but takes a savat kick by Saturn. Saturn hits a plancha on Kidman and Benoit does the same to Perry. Chris with a german suplex for 2. Saturn rolls up Benoit for 2 but Chris comes back. Benoit with a series of German suplexes for 2. Malenko comes in and slams Benoit and tries the cloverleaf but is rolled over for 2. Kidman is dropped face first. Benoit and Saturn fight outside the ring. Malenko powerbombs Kidman for 2. Benoit is back in and hits a snap suplex on Perry for 2. Benoit with a dragon suplex for 2. Malenko is back in and takes a dropkick from Kidman. Benoit is back in and takes a Russian legsweep from Saturn. Raven comes in and works on the opponents. Raven hits 3 suplexes for 2. Saturn is back in and Benoit takes a double clothesline. Rey hits a hurrcurana for 1. Benoit gets a 2 on Rey. Malenko is back in and Benoit takes a powerslam by Perry. Kidman hits a flyingclothesline and Rey hits a flying hurrcurana. Kidman for a reverse rollup for 2. Rey with a bronco buster on Raven. Rey with a top rope hurrcurana on Benoit for 2. He tries the same on Saturn but takes a powerbomb. Kidman counters a powertbomb for 2. Kidman hits a bulldog but is kicked by Malenko. Arn Anderson comes in and hits the spinebuster on Perry. Malenko with the Texas Cloverleaf as a kid with a Sting mask pulls Kidman off the top and Raven hits an evenflow. The ref counts a pin at 17:28 and Raven and Saturn are the new champs! Usual great match between these teams ****. The masked man was Canyon BTW.


Stevie Ray (with Vincent and Boris) VS Konnan

Ray powers Konnan into the corner and pounds away. He misses a charge and Konnan pounds on him and hits a twisting bulldog for 2. Vincent jumps on the apron and Konnan takes a kick. Konnan thrown to the outside while Vince and Boris double team him. Konnan is thrown back in and takes a clothesline. Snapmare and a chop for 2. Into the chinlock now. Ray clotheslines Konnan and puts a knee to the throat. Another chinlock by Ray. Ray hits an elbow. He hits a suplex for 2. Slam and he goes to the 2nd rope but takes a foot. Konnan comes back and hits a clothesline He hits an X Factor but Vincent gets nailed on the apron. Konnan is tripped and Ray hits the legdrop. Rey  Mysterio Jr. comes in and hammers on the N.W.O. Rey is caught by Ray off the top and Konnan rolls up Ray for 3 at 6:11. Pretty boring match ¾*


Falls Count Anywhere: Brian Knobbs VS Bam Bam Bigelow

Bam Bam brings his cart of weapons to the ring again. Knobs hammers Bam Bam with a trash can to start it off. He hits a pizza pan and a cookie sheet on Bigelow. Brian takes a trash can and nails Bam Bam with it. Bammer kicks the can into Knobs and hits a sloppy suplex for 2. Bam Bam really nails Brian with a pan and a trash can. Bammer goes to the top and hits a diving headbutt for 2. Brian hits a pan, takes a chair and nails Bigelow with it. Brian hits a driving trash can for 2. Brain misses with a chair and is sent to the outside. Brian is rammed into the steps. He’s rammed into the post. Brian starts pounding on Bam Bam outside and he rams him into the steps and hits him with a chair. Bam Bam blocks a trash can and hits Brian with a pizza pan. He slams Brian with 2 trash can lids. He gets another cookie sheet and pounds Brian with it. The announcers are just laughing about this. Brian takes over and sends Bammer into the cart. He’s bleeped out and runs himself into the cart. Bammer hits Knobs with a plastic bucket. Trash can to Bigelow’s back. Bammer hits a chair shot. Brian with a trash can and rams Bammer into the rail. They go down the aisle and Brian’s rammed into the table. They go further down the aisle. Knobs grabs another trash can and nails Bigelow with it. Brian grabs a ladder and slams it on Bammer. Knobs climbs to the balcony and jumps onto Bammer on the table. Knobs is suplexed onto the table and gets the pin at 11:29. Very sucky match until the end. *


World Television Title Match: Booker T VS Rick Steiner

Rick powers T in the corner but is turned around. Rick hits a belly drop followed by 2 clotheslines sending T to the outside. Rick with a side headlock and runs over T and hits an elbow. T hits a high kick. He kicks Steiner to the outside. Back in Rick misses a charge and takes a slam. T hits an elbow for 2. T goes to the chinlock. He hits another high kick but takes a stun gun and is clotheslined outside. T is rammed into the rails. Back in Rick hits a german suplex for 2. Rick goes back to the chinlock. He pounds on T and goes back to the chinlock and chokes him on the bottom rope. Rick with a snapmare and elbow for 2. Rick runs into an elbow with the crowd dying. Rick pounds on T in the corner. He chokes him in the cornere. T comes back with a suplex. Steiner comes out and pounds on T for 2. and goes back to the chinlock. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ. T is back up but gets knocked down. T comes back with an elbow and hits the Axe Kick. He hits a spinebuster and goes to the top and hits a missle dropkick. Scott Steiner comes in the ring and is nailed and Rick clotheslines T for 2. T throws Rick into Scott but gets 2. Scott trips up T and Rick hits a top rope bulldog for 3 at 11:08 to become the new TV champ. Very boring DUD.


Charles Robinson (with Ric Flair and Asia) VS Gorgeous George (with Madusa, Miss Madness and Randy Savage)

If George wins. Randy Savage is reinstated in the WCW. Do we have to go through with this intergender stuff? Robinson I think is actually David Flair but I’m not sure. They stall to start. They continue to stall and George gets a wrist lock which Robinson reverses. George controls and turns it into a hammerlock. Full Nelson by George and a hip toss. George sends Robinson into Flair. Robinson stalls outside the ring. Flair grabs a chair and give it to Robinson. Madness steals the chair but gets knocked down and slammed on the floor. George checks on Madness and the ref shoves Robinson. They tend to Madness and George gets back in the ring and is nailed and choked on the 2nd rope. He now chokes her on the top rope. Robinson contnues with more choking. George pulls Charles in the corner and sends him to the apron and throws him off the top rope. George hits a clothesline and Robinson does a flop. George swings him across the ring but misses a charge and Asia pulls on the leg but she’s kicked by Madusa. Robinson locks a leglock hold but is kicked off. Robinson is kicked off again. George takes an atomic drop. And Robinson locks the Figure Four. George turns it over but Flair pulls it off and is nailed by Savage. Savage comes in and slams Robinson and George hits a top rope elbow for the pin at 10:38. Terrible match -**1/4


U.S. Title Match: Scott Steiner VS Buff Bagwell

Buff pounds on Scott to start. He hits a neckbreaker. Steiner hits a low blow and another one. Steiner hits a clothesline followed by an elbow. He powers Buff into the top rope. Buff is thrown outside where Scott takes it to him on the floor. Scott sends Buff in the corner again. Buff comes back with a stunner but is heaved into the turnbuckle. Buff continues to get pounded on. Steiner hits a powerbomb for 2. He hits a belly to belly and goes to the outside to grab a chair. He misses and Buff hits Steiner into the chair. Buff with new life now. He hits some dropkicks and hits an inverted atomic drop. Steiner pulls the ref in front of Buff and is bumped. Buff grabs the chair but Rick Steiner comes in and tells Buff to go to the top and Rick nails Buff with the chair. Scott dows the double camel clutch for the submission at 7:11. Another bad one. DUD


Rowdy Roddy Piper VS Ric Flair (with Asia and Arn Anderson)

The winner will be the president of WCW. A shove match between Flair and the ref. Charles Robinson comes in a striped shirt and Flair fires Johnny Boone the ref. Piper slaps Flair to start and pounds on him in the corner. He hits a backdrop. He grabs Robinson the ref to intimidate him. Piper spits on Flair and is backed in the corner. Piper contiues with chops and punches Flair who does a flop. They brawl outside the ring. Back in Piper does an eye poke. Piper with the 10 punch count in the corner. Flair hits a low blow. Piper is thrown outside and Arn beats him up. Back in Flair chops and Asia comes in and knees him. Flair covers Piper for 2. He continues to pound on Flair slowly. Piper fights back but takes an eye poke. Flair takes a backdrop and covers him for 2. This is turning to be one of the worst matches of the year. They do a slugfest and Piper chops Flair and sends him to the outside. They brawl outside if you would call it that. Double KO spot occurs. Flair gets back in and starts to work on the leg of Piper. He locks the Figure Four. Piper turns it over but it’s broken. Piper’s thrown outside and nails Arn. He tries a sunset flip and pulls Flairs tights down. He does a backslide but no count. Piper with an inside cradle but again no count by Robinson. Flair is thrown off the top rope and Piper hooks the figure four. Arn comes in and nails Piper but Piper hooks the sleeper and is nailed by Flair. Piper hits the sleeper on Flair but Asia nails Piper. Shouln’t have done that. Sleeper on Asia. Piper then nails ref Robinson. Flair nails piper with a foreign object and gets the pin at 12:08. Eric Bischoff comes out now. He declares Piper the winner because Flair submitted to Piper’s Figure Four and Robinson didn’t call it. Piper fires Flair as his first move as president. Piper thanks Eric. Horrific match by these two 80 year olds. -****


Sting VS Goldberg

Hopefully these two guys can do better. I love Goldberg’s music. Staredown to start. They lock up and Gold takes down Sting. Gold hits a powerslam. He clotheslines Sting to the outside. They tie up and Sting hits a dropkick and clotheslines Goldberg outside. Tie up again and Goldberg takes down Sting and goes to the cross arm breaker. Sting hits a face slam and a drop kick to the injured right knee of Goldberg. He goes after the knee now. He hits the Boston Crab but Goldberg powers out of it. Sting continues to work on the leg. He takes Gold down with a side headlock. Sting hits a suplex and Gold no sells. Gold hits an armdrag suplex for 2. Gold hits a swinging neck breaker for 2. Gold misses a charge and Sting hits a top rope forearm. He hits two stinger splashes. He tries a third but is speared. Bret Hart comes in with a chair shoves the ref and cracks Gold over the head with a chair and Sting is DQ’d at 8:15. Bret hits the injured knee with the chair. The Steiners come in and pound on Sting and Goldberg. Nothing match here *1/4


WCW World Title Match: Diamond Dallas Page VS Kevin Nash

They tie up to start and Nash sends DDP outside with an elbow. Page punches away at Nash but takes a knee. Nash sends DDP into the rail. He drops him onto the rail again. Nash pounds on Page in the corner now very slowly. Nash is sent into the corner and DDP pounds on Nash in the corner. DDP hits a low kick. He loosenes a turnbuckle pad in the corner. DDP hits Nash with the Mike for 2. Nash sends DDP into the unprotected buckle. Nash covers Page for 2. Page clotheslines Nash to the outside. Baseball slide into Nash. DDP hits the Diamond Cutter on the floor. He tries to cover Nash on the floor. Idiot you have to do it in the ring. Back in the ring DDP covers with his feet on the ropes for 2. Page hits a low elbow. Page hits another low elbow. He starts working on the leg of Nash. He tries the Ringpost Figure Four but is shoved into the post. DDP continues to pound Nash inside. They do a slugfest and Nash hits a big boot. Clothesline in the corner. He throws Page into the unprotected buckle. Nash hits a butt splash on the ropes and a big boot. He hits the jackknife but Savage comes in and attacks Nash at 13:00 for the DQ protecting Page. He takes the World title and KO’s Nash with it. Eric Bischoff comes out again he sends Savage out. Eric tells the ref Nick Patrick to continue the match (Please Eric!) Page kicks Nash. He clotheslines Page for 2. Page locks the sleeper. Nash fights back and hits the sleeper himself. But he takes a jawbreaker for 2. Page grabs a chair and misses Nash and hits himself with it for 2. Page hits a low blow for 2. Nash kicks the chair on Page. Nash tries the jacknife and hits it for the real ending at 18:21. And Nash is the new World’s Champ. Usual crapfest between these two ½*


Summary: Well after an awesome Spring Stampede. WCW goes back to its old BS ways. No real reason to rent this here. STRONG RECOMMENDATION TO AVOID