Nickrj’s rant for No Way Out 2000


Live from the Hartford Civic Center in Hartford, Connecticut on Feburary 27th 2000. The main event is a Hell In The Cell title match between Mick Foley as Cactus Jack and Triple H, the champ. If Jack loses then he will retire. He’s doing this because he’s never main evented at Wrestlemania before.


Your hosts are Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler


IC Title Match: Chris Jericho (with Chyna) VS Kurt Angle

Angle won the European title on Smackdown beating Val Venis. If he beats Jericho he’ll call himself the Eurocontinental champion. Crowd chants “Y2J”. They tie up and Angle gets a knockdown but Jericho gets a hiptoss. They slap each other and Chris gets a clothesline. He hits some hard chops but Angle gets a drop toehold but he’s backdropped onto the floor. Chris hits a springboard dropkick. Angle catches Chris outside the ring though. He rams Chris to the announce table and Chris hits his arm on the post. Chris does a springboard asai moonsault using the steps. Chris goes to the top and is crotched. Angle hits a belly to belly superplex for 2. Angle hammers on Chris in the corner and he hits a suplex for 2. Angle goes to a resthold now but Chris gets up and hits an underhook backbreaker for 2. Angle gets a belly to back suplex drawing some heat for 2. Angle goes back to the chinlock. Angle counters a headdown into an armbar takedown for 2. Angle goes to work on the right arm now. Chris runs into a boot but hits a spinning heel kick and a face slam. Chris hits a flying fist for 2. Chris blocks a hurricurana and hits a power bomb for 2. Angle hooks his armbar submission and he goes to a cross armbreaker. Angle gets the Olympic Slam for 2 and Kurt can’t believe it! Kurt grabs the IC title and brings it in the ring but the ref takes it away. Chris hooks the walls of Jericho on Angle. Angle reaches the ropes however. Chris slams Angle in the announce table but is nailed. Angle grabs his European title and almost hits Chyna with it but Chris pushes Angle into  Chyna who goes into the steps. Chris suplexes Angle back in the ring and he goes for an Asai moonsault but is nailed by the Euro title from Angle and Angle gets the pin at 10:13 becoming the new IC champ. Great opener!! ****


Tag Team Title Match: The New Age Outlaws VS The Dudley Boyz

4 man brawl to start. Road Dogg with some jabs at Buh Buh Ray but takes an atomic drop. D-Von hits the FLYING CROTCH HEADBUTT OF DOOM on Road Dogg for 2. Buh Buh comes back in and hammers on Dogg. D-Von back in and hammers on Dogg some more. Dogg gets a sunset flip for 2 but takes a clothesline. D-Von chokes on Dogg and tags Buh Buh. He pounds on Dogg in the corner. Clothesline and a cover for 2. D-Von gets the tag again and hits an elbow. Buh Buh is back in and he slams Dogg but he’s nailed in the crotch by Dogg and Dogg hits a superplex. Dogg makes the hot tag to Billy Gunn who hammers on both Dudleys. He hits the Fameasser on D-Von but Buh Buh pulls him out of the ring and he nails him in the shoulder with a steel pipe. The Dudleys hit the 3-D on Road Dogg and D-Von gets the pin at 5:20 to become the new tag team champs. Another good match **1/4. This was the last match ever for the Outlaws as Billy Gunn was injured legit I think and they argue in the ring.


Mark Henry VS Viscera

Oh god. Mark doesn’t get much of a pop here and Vis doesn’t get much heat. Slugfest to start and a lame one at that. Vis hits a shoulderblock. JR knows that this match is going to be bad so that he reminds the people at home. Vis kicks away at Henry and he hits a clothesline. Another clothesline sends Henry outside and Vis throws him to the steps twice. “Boring” chant is audible as Vis gets a 2 count. Vis hits a samoan drop and Mae Young comes down to the ring as Vis hits a belly to belly. Vis knocks down Mae but he’s nailed by Henry and he slams Vis and pins him at 3:47. I think Vince knows a bad match when he sees one these days so that’s why it was kept short DUD


The Hardy Boyz (with Terri) VS Edge And Christian

The Acolytes come down to the ring for whatever reason before the match is underway. Edge starts with Jeff Hardy and hammers on him. Jeff misses a corkscrew moonsault. Christian comes in and Jeff comes out of a backdrop and tags Matt. Matt hits a top rope legdrop and they take off their shirts. Matt hits a back suplex for 2. They exchange hard chops and Christian drop kicks both Hardy’s. He is thrown into the rail though by Jeff. Matt kicks and taunts Christian and tags Jeff who hits a springboard charge in the corner. Jeff powerslams Christian and hits a springboard something for 2. Matt is in and they hit a double face slam. Christian comes out of a power bomb and hits a neckbreaker. Jeff comes in and is kicked in the face off the top rope. Edge gets the tag and hammers on both Hardy’s. A four man brawl erupts as Edge rolls up Jeff for 2. Edge does the 10 punch count in the corner. Christian comes in and kicks away at Jeff and he does a face slam. Edge is back in and they kick away at Jeff and he hits a low headbutt with the help of Christian for 2. Edge starts working on the back of Jeff. He misses a dropkick and hits a piledriver for 2. Edge goes to the chinlock now. Jeff hits a hurricurana but is powerbombed by Edge. Christian is in and works on the back of Jeff and hits a powerslam for 2. Edge is back in and goes to the chinlock. They both hit a face slam on each other. Christian comes in illegally and Matt hits a flying elbow on Edge. Jeff gets a 2 count. Jeff is slammed by Edge. Edge goes to the top and is dropkicked in midair by Jeff. The first time I’ve seen something like that was a match between Hakushi and the 1-2-3 Kid on Feburary 5th 1996. Jeff gets the tag and hammers on his opponents and hits a neckbreaker and a sleeperdrop on Christian for 2. They go for a Doomsday Device and a douple pin almost occurs. Both Hardys go to the top and they nail Christian for 2. 4 man brawl occurs now and Edge spears Jeff in midair but takes a face slam by Matt. Christian is atomic dropped as Terri climbs the apron and pushes Jeff to the outside on the wooden rail. Matt gets slapped by Terri and Christian hits his finisher for the pin at 15:18. Terri leaves with E&C. This was a terrific non formula tag team matchup. ****1/2 Matt grabs Terri but is attacked by the Acolytes along with Jeff.


Tazz VS The Big Boss Man (with Prince Albert)

Tazz pounds on Boss Man outside the ring and he gets an armbar take down. They go in the ring and Boss Man pounds on Tazz and hits a weak avalanche. Tazz hits a clothesline however and a pump handle suplex. He hooks the Tazzmission and Albert runs in for the DQ at :48. Anybody knows why this match was so short? DUD Boss Man and Albert pound on Tazz now. Boss Man hammers him with his knifestick but Tazz continues to fight back as another “Boring” chant starts. They bust him open but he still wants to fight back. Boss Man breaks the knifestick over the head of Tazz but Tazz gets up again! Sgt. Slaughter and other officals finally come in the ring to break it up.


No Holds Barred Match: Kane (with Paul Bearer) VS X-Pac (with Tori)

A heated feud between these two former friends but X-Pac turns on Kane and he steals his girl Tori as well. Kane brings his manager and father Paul Bearer back a few weeks earlier. He no sells X’s offense to start and hits a tilt a whirl backbreaker and clotheslines him to the outside. X tries to leave but no such luck as he’s nailed by Kane. X starts to fight back and he climbs the fence but Kane catches him and he tries a torpedo but fails and X nails Kane with a trash can and Kane returns the favor. They go into the audience and back towards the ring. X is dropped over the rail and is almost nailed with the steel steps. He nails Kane with the ring bell and Paul stops him from using a steel chair and Tori stops Paul and Paul starts chasing Tori. X is thrown to the steps. Kane climbs the top rope but is dropkicked. X hits some kicks and hits the Bronco Buster in the corner. Kane no sells it and nails X with a clothesline. X hits a baseball slide to the kneecap and starts to work on the right leg. Kane pushes X to the outside and he throws him to the rail. X counters a headdown and hits a spinning heel kick. He goes to the top and is caught and almost Tombstoned and X hits the X Factor and nails Paul and Kane sits up. Kane hits a big boot and he goes to the top and hits a flying clothesline. Tori is in the ring now but Kane chokeslams X-Pac and signals the Tombstone but Tori jumps him from behind. She is tombstoned as a result. Kane grabs the steps and X dropkicks the steps onto Kane and he pins him with the steps at 7:49 for the upset. Good brawl ***1/4


Six Man Tag: Too Cool and Rikishi VS The Radicals (Chris Benoit, Dean Malenko and Perry Saturn with Eddie Gurrereo)

This is the first PPV for these Radicals. Six man brawl to start and Rikishi almost squashes Malenko and he stops Eddie from using a pipe. Saturn starts working on Grandmaster Sexay. He sets him on the top rope and is dropped. Sexay hits a missle dropkick and an enzuguri. Chris Benoit is in now and he’s not faring any better. Bulldog by Sexay for 2. Scotty 2 Hotty gets the tag and they hit some elbows. Benoit drops Scotty on the ropes. Scotty gets a snap suplex. He tags Rikishi who hammers on all 3 Radicals. He hits a clothesline in the corner and the STINK BUTT OF DOOM on Benoit. Dean comes in and dropkicks Rikishi in the leg. He now starts going to work on it. Saturn comes in and does the same. Rikishi hits a thrust kick and tags Scotty. He hammers on Saturn but is caught doing the Worm. Benoit hits a clothesline and a back suplex for 2. A snap suplex for another 2. Drop toe hold by Benoit and a drop kick to the face by Malenko. Dean with a double arm suplex for 2. Perry comes in and hits a top rope knee drop for 2. Snap mare into the chinlock. Saturn hits a hurricurana. Malenko comes in and hits another dropkick to the knee. Benoit comes in and hits some hard chops and Scotty comes out of a suplex and he rolls up Benoit for 2. Saturn comes back in and he covers Scotty for 2. Dean is back in again and hits a one foot dropkick and a kneedrop. Benoit is back in and hits a short clothesline. Scotty comes out of a shoulderbreaker and Rikishi gets the hot tag and hammers on all 3 Radicals. 6 man Brawl euprts as Rikishi hits 2 avalanches and he hits a Driver on Saturn. Scotty comes in and hits the WORM OF DOOM on Perry. Dean clips the leg of Rikishi but he belly to belly’s Benoit and takes another clip. Grand Master hits a top rope legdrop on Saturn and Benoit hits a top rope headbutt on Sexay. This is getting too confusing to follow now. Malenko takes Rikishi back in the ring and blows his back. Malenko works on the leg but Rikishi shoulder Dean into the post and he hits the driver. Rikishi pulls Malenko in the corner and hits the Banzai drop for the pin at 12:42. Another great tag matchup!! ****


The Rock VS The Big Show

This is because TBS thought that Rock’s feet hit the floor first at the Royal Rumble so we have this matchup and the winner gets the title shot at Wrestlemania. Slugfest to start and Rock gets a clothsline and a DDT for 2. Rock almost hits the Rock Bottom and is thrown to the outside. Rock throws Show into the steps. They go out into the audience now. Show hits a short clothesline but he is backdropped over the rail. Show is rammed into the table but Rock is rammed into the rail and press slammed onto the rail. Show hits a headbutt inside and an elbow. Rock hits some rights and a power slam for 2. Rock drinks some water outside and spits it in Show’s face but he’s rammed into the rail again. Back in Show kicks away at Rock and Rock fights back and hits a Russian leg sweep for 2. He hits a DDT for another 2. Show hits a sidewalk slam however for 2. He goes to the outside and grabs a steel chair. He misses with it and Rock is thrown into the ref. Show hits a big boot and he sets up the Chokeslam and hits it but there’s no ref. Another ref comes down but Earl Hebner pulls Tim White out of the ring and argue. No Chance In Hell starts playing and Shane McMahon makes his return and Rock hits Show with a chair and hits the Rock Bottom. He sets up the People’s Elbow but is nailed by Shane with a chair and Show gets the pin at 9:28. A less than enthralling ending there **


WWF title Hell In A Cell Match: Triple H (with Stephanie McMahon Helmsley) VS Cactus Jack

This is the first ever HIAC match for the title. Like I said before this will be Mick Foley’s last match if he loses. Jack finds that the cage door is locked after it’s been lowered. Jack hammers on Triple H to start it off. He continues to pound on him outside. Jack tries to rake Triple H’s face into the cage. Triple H now pounds on Jack inside the ring and Jack hits a clothesline. Triple H hits a facesmasher but he’s backdropped to the outside. Cactus grabs a steel chair from underneath the ring but Triple H stops him. Jack goes flying into the cell. He’s thrown knee first into the stairs and into the post. Triple H grabs the stairs and he throws him at Jack’s face. Triple H now uses a chair on the steps over Jack. A “Slut” chant starts for Stephanie who’s outside the cage. Triple H uses the chair and whacks him across the head for 2. Triple H hits a DDT for a series of 2 counts. Jack asks for a chairshot and nails Triple H instead. He hits a double arm DDT on the chair for 2. Russian leg sweep on the chair for 2. Jack hammers on Triple H who’s sitting on the chair now but Triple H drop toe holds him onto the chair. Jack is clotheslined to the outside and rammed to the cage. Triple H takes the steps again and tries a piledriver on it but Triple H is slingshoted onto the cage busting him open. Jack start hammering on the forehead now of Triple H and rakes it to the cage. Cactus grabs a chair and he climbs the 2nd rope and drops the chair onto Triple H. He grabs the steps and misses Triple H but he breaks the cage open in the process. He runs thru it to the outside and his elbow is busted in the process. He throws Triple H thru the opening to the outside and he throws Triple H to the announce table over JR and King. Cactus hits a piledriver on the table. Jack climbs the cage now and the crowd is popping but Stephanie grabs the leg and pulls him down. Triple H is thrown into the cage again. Cactus Jack grabs his 2X4 wrapped in barbed wire. Triple H tries to go thru the audience but no such luck and he’s nailed by the wrapped board. Triple H tries to climb the cage now and Jack follows him up and tosses the Wrapped Board on top. Triple H saws him with the Barbed wire and Jack is knocked onto the Spanish announce table about 10 feet. Jack is now busted open and I think it’s hardaway. Crowd chants “Asshole” for Triple H. Jack gets up and he grabs another chair and tries to throw it on top but he can’t do it. Jack decides “To hell with it” and climbs the cage again and he’s on top but he’s nailed by the barbed wire in the back and stomach. Both men are on top of the cage now. Jack hits a low blow and hammers on Triple H. Triple H almost goes thru the cage. Snap suplex on the cage by Jack. Double arm DDT on the cage. Jack grabs the wrapped board and he sets it on fire!  He’s crazy and he nails Triple H with it! Jack tries a piledriver on the flaming board but he is backdropped thru the cage and he land in the ring and breaks the ring as well!! Obviously this was booked to cushion his fall unlike last time this happen. “Holy Sh*t!” chant occurs as Triple H climbs down thru the cage. But Jack amazingly gets up!! Triple H hits the Pedigree however and pins him at 23:58. Awesome match but it can’t match up with the first HIAC match with Shawn Michaels. ***** Jack refuses help from the EMT’s and leaves the ring to a standing ovation.


Summary: What an awesome PPV topping the Royal Rumble from one month ago. 4 matches were **** or more and it definetly was a very exciting show! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED