Nickrjís Rant for WCW Bash At The Beach 1995


This event aired on July 16th 1995 at Huntington Beach California, an outdoor show at the beach.


Your hosts are Tony Schiavone and Bobby Heenan


We get a look at Meng and how dangerous he is.


Opening Match: U.S Title Match Sting VS Meng

This is a rematch from the Great American Bash which was the finals of the U.S. title tournament where Sting won the title. Michael Buffer is the ring announcer here. Meng starts by trying to nail Sting. They both do a test of strength which Sting backs Meng into the corner. Meng nails a chop and starts pounding on Sting. Sting fights back on Meng. They tie up again and Meng backs Sting in the corner. Meng hits a headbutt into the abdomen. Sting fights back but Meng goes into the test of strength again. Meng chokes out Sting in the corner. Meng hits a legdrop for 2. Meng goes into the nerve pinch and Sting grabs the right arm of Meng. Meng pounds on Sting in the corner and tries for a suplex and puts Sting in the corner again. Sting hits a clothesline which Meng no sells. Meng slams sting goes to the 2nd rope and misses a splash. Sting goes for the scorpion Death Lock and gets it. Col. Parker jumps on the apron and Sting goes after him opening the door for Meng. Sting is thrown outside the ring and into the turnbuckle from the apron. Meng gives a brain buster from the apron for 2. Meng hits 3 back breakers for 2. Meng does an Ankle Lock submission. Yawn. Meng works slowly on Sting in the corner. Meng does an Ab Stetch. Sting does a Sunset Flip for 1. Meng hits a Sunset Flip but Sting splashs him and both are down. Meng hits a kneeling headbutt. He goes for a version of a Boston Crab. Sting gets to the ropes and Meng thinks itís over but he goes back to work on Sting and misses an elbow drop. Sting hits a belly to back suplex. He starts working on Meng. He hits a backdrop. He clips Meng and hits a Lou Thesz Press for 2. Sting hits an inverted victory roll for 2. Sting hits a flying cross body for 2. Sting goes for the Stinger Splash but gets kicked in the face and Meng almost gets 3 and the foot was on the ropes. Meng slams Sting and goes to the 2nd rope and hits a big splash for 2 Ĺ. Meng thought it was 3. Sting ducks the kick and rolls up Meng at for the pin at 15:27. Like their last match this one picked up near the end but itís not as good as their one at GAB *1/2. Meng beats up on Sting afterwards but Road Warrior Hawk comes out and aids sting to the back.


Television Title Match The Renegade VS Paul Orndorff

Orndorff hits a knee and takes him down. He starts pounding on Renegade early. Orndorff hits an elbow in the lower abdomen. He goes to the top and yells at Jimmy Hart. He runs into a foot into the top and Renegade takes over and clotheslines Orndorff into the sandy area outside the ring. Renegade pulls Orndorff back in. Renegade goes to the chinlock. Renegade hits a lousy dropkick on Orndorff. Orndorff gets a handful of sand outside and throws it in Renegadeís face. Orndorff hits a back suplex. Orndorff goes to a chinlock of his own. Orndorff is pounding on Renegade now. He hits a drop kick. Orndorff goes for a a spike piledriver but gets back dropped. Renegade hits another couple lousy dropkicks and hits a powerslam. Orndorff pulls Renegade outside the ring. Orndorff goes for a suplex but Renegade hits a belly to back suplex for the pin at 6:13 although Orndorff had his right shoulder up. What a bad ending to a bad match DUD. Orndorff pounds on Renegade and hits a spike driver. Renegade no sells it and hits a flying bodypress on the top rope. No wonder Renegade didnít last very long in WCW. Heís a terrible Ultimate Warrior wannabe.


We get a look at how Kamala was introduced to the Dungeon Of Doom via Kevin Sullivan. This is a stupid segment.


Hacksaw Jim Duggan VS Kamala

OH MY GOD! THESE TWO GUYS ARE FACING EACH OTHER?!!! You know youíre in trouble when Duggan is the better worker of the two. Duggan gets the crowd chanting U.S.A. Duggan starts pounding on Kamala. He canít knock Kamala down. He knocks him down with a clothesline. Kamala takes advantage with an eyerake and he pounds away on Duggan in the corner. He chokes out Duggan in the corner. Duggan tries to slam Kamala but gets nailed. Kamala gets into a bear hug. Duggan canít get out of it with a head butt. Duggan steps on the foot to break it up and misses a charge in the other corner. Kamala pats his stomach and works on Duggan. Kamala works on the right arm and Duggan bites on Kamala to get out of it. This is just bad! Duggan hits a clothesline and slams Kamala. He hits the 3 point stance and then goes after Task Master and the Zodiac comes in and hits him from behind with Kamalaís Mask and Duggan is pinned at 6:06. Thank god itís over -***.


We get a look at the feud between Dave Sullivan and Diamond Dallas Page which started at Great American Bash.


Dave Sullivan VS Diamond Dallas Page

A boy from ringside gives flowers to the Diamond Doll and DDP smacks her in the face with them. Sullivan runs into the ring and pounds on DDP to start and he rams the flowers into DDPís face. Sullivan gives DDP a brain buster from the apron. DDP pulls Sullivan into the turnbuckle. Sullivan hits an atomic drop and a clothesline. Sullivan hits a snap suplex. Sullivan goes after the Doll and DDP takes advantage of it. DDP is working over Sullivan now. Sullivan catches DDP but DDP breaks out of it. DDP misses a knee in the corner. Sullivan fights back and hits a clothesline. He steps on the hand. And gives an eye rake followed by a clothesline. Sullivan goes for the inverted back breaker but Max Muscle comes in and hits distracts Sullivan and DDP nails him and hits the Diamond Cutter for the pin at 4:22. Another DUD.


We get a look at the history between Harlem Heat, The Blue Bloods and the Nasty Boys. The Nasties win the titles at Slamboree from Harlem Heat but they lose em back to the Heat one month later thanks to the Blue Bloods


The Blue Bloods take a tour around Hollywood and they think itís disgusting.


Triangle World Tag Team Title Match Harlem Heat VS The Nasty Boys VS The Blue Bloods

Anybody can tag anybody no matter who it is. The coin toss decides that the Nasties and the Heat will start it out. Brian Knobs starts with Booker T. But all 6 men come into the ring and brawl. Steven Regal is left in the ring with the Nasties and he gets a pit stop just like at GAB. Earl Robert gets one as well. Knobs pounds on Booker T but runs into a boot. Knobs hits a clothesline and tags Regal. Regal pounds on T. T clips the leg and hits a nice kick. Stevie Ray comes in and he pounds away on Regal. Robert comes in and gets backdropped. Sister Sherri hits him outside the ring. Ray hits a power slam and Jerry Sags comes in and pounds on Ray. Both Nasties pound on Ray. Knobs hits a headbutt to the lower ab. Sags hits a legdrop in the ab. Sags tags Regal and he gets dragged into the corner. T comes back in and works over regal who tags Robert. Robert tags in Knobs who pounds on T but runs into a foot. Regal nails T on the outside. Knobs hits a clothesline for 1. Both Nasties clothesline T. Regal comes in and pounds on T. He tags Sags who pounds on the Blue Bloods. T hits Sags with a dropkick and tags Ray. Ray hits an elbow. Sags tags Robert who tags Regal. Regal works over Ray and grabs the right arm. Regal tags Knobs who hits an elbow followed by a splash for 1. Booker T comes back in and hits a flying knee for 2. Stevie Ray comes back in and Regal makes a blind tag. Regal hits a snap mare and tags Robert. He tags Regal back in and they both work on Knobs. Robert comes in and hits a flying knee drop from the top rope. Regal comes in and tags Stevie Ray who pounds on Knobs. Booker T comes back in and works on Knobs some more. Regal makes another blind tag and gets pounded by Knobs but he pounds on Knobs some more. Regal hits a sunset flip but Knobs sits on him and tags Sags. Sags pounds on both Bloods. All 6 men are in the ring now. Now there is four men and Sags cannonballs T into Regal.and T pins on Robert as Sags sits on T at 13:09 to help Harlem Heat retain the title. This is easily the best match of the afternoon thus far ***


Lifeguard Match Randy Savage VS Ric Flair

This is like a Lumberjack Match but since it is on the beach they call it a lifeguard match. Some of the lifeguards from Baywatch make their way to the ring. Buffer is the ring announcer again. Savage knocks down Flair to start. Savage pounds away on the Nature Boy. Savage hits a backdrop followed by a clothesline. Flair is thrown outside where he is thrown back in by the Lifeguards. Savage does the 10 punch count but Flair hits an inverted atomic drop. Flair throws Savage out of the ring where the Lifeguards throw Savage back in. Flair continues to work on Savage but runs into an elbow. They both exchange blows and Savage knocks Flair down. Savage beats up on Flair in the corner. Flair is thrown into the outside where he is thrown in. Savage is thrown to the outside and into the sand. Savage is put back in and Flair is suplexed outside the ring. Savage hits a backdrop inside. Flair goes to the eyes and hits an elbow. Flair hits a sleeper hold in the middle of the ring. Savage gets out but back into another but he rams Flair into the turnbuckle. Flair pounds on Savage. Savage is thrown out to the sand again and he is put back in. Flair goes to the top rope and hits his jaw on Savage and hurts it. Savage pounds on Flair and hits a sleeper but Flair counters it by hitting Savageís knee. Flair works on the right leg of Savage. Savage fights back and rams Flair into the turnbuckle but runs into a foot. Flair hits the Figure Four Leglock and Savage is fighting it. Savage turns it over and Flair is fighting it now. Flair breaks it up and works on Savage some more. He hits a vertical suplex for 2. Savage starts to fight back and does the 10 punch count again and blocks the inverted atomic drop. Flair gets knocked over the top rope and tries to leave but the Lifeguard bring him back in. Savage hits a backdrop. Savage goes to the top and hits a double ax handle. Arn Anderson jumps in the ring but gets nailed. Flair goes to the eyes again but is backdropped outside the ring. Anderson comes back in and DDTís Savage but he kicks out when Flair covers him. Savage hits the backslide for 2. Savage runs into an elbow. Flair goes to the top but Savage throws him off. Savage goes to the top and hits a double ax handle. He goes back up top and hits the flying elbow for the pin at 13:54. Very good match between these two ***1/2


We get a look at the Man they call Vader, who will promise to end Hulkamania. We see the havoc he created at the roadkill tour.


WCW World Title Steel Cage Match Hulk Hogan VS Vader

Hogan brings Dennis Rodman, Jimmy Hart and the Baywatch Beauties to ringside. The winner must get a pin a submisson or get out of the cage. Hogan rams Vader into the cage to start and chokes him with his T-Shirt and he stuffs his bandana his Vaderís mouth and does the 10 punch count in the corner and also the 10 kick count. He hits Vader with a double ax handle. Hogan hits an elbow. They both trade right hands. Vader rams Hoganís face into the cage. Vader pounds away on Hogan. He rams Hogan into the turnbuckle. Hogan rams Vader into his mask gear and Hogan puts it on and headbutts Vader with it. Hogan goes after the mask on Vader and Vader hits an avalanche. Vader goes for the Vader Bomb and hits it on Hogan. Vader goes for another Vader Bomb and hits it again but Hogan kicks out. Vader torpedoís Hoganís face into the cage. He pounds away on Hogan in the corner. Vader hits a suplex on Hogan. He opens the door but Hogan stops him. Vaderís mask is off now and he gets slammed into the cage. But Vader continues to work on Hogan. Vader hits a snap mare and goes to the top rope and misses a cannonball. Hogan gets back up pounds on Vader and hits a clothesline in the corner. Hogan tries to slam Vader but Vader falls on top for 2. Vader goes to the chinlock. They both hammer on each other. Hogan hits a clothesline. Hogan slams Vader this time but hurts his back. Vader goes after the injured back. He hits a clothesline. Vader hits a splash from the 2nd rope for 2. Hogan starts his Hulk Up routine and no sells Vaderís punches. Hogan gets rammed into the cage and no sells it. Hogan hits 2 punches and rams Vaderís head into th e cage repeaditly. Hogan hits the big boot and another one sends him down as the Zodiac comes to the ring but Rodman rams him into the cage and shoos them off with a chair. Hogan hits the legdrop on Vader and another one and decides to get out of the cage but Vader catches him. Hogan chops Vader off and Hogan climbs out of the cage and wins at 13:13. Pretty subpar match * Tony and Bobby sign off when Ric Flair runs into the ring and is upset with Vader losing. Vader responds by attacking Flair and Arn Anderson coming back in the ring. Vader says he wants both Flair and Anderson.


Summary: Well WCW follows up GAB with an equally bad PPV Although there are couple of good matches, but once again more bad than good. RECOMMENDATION TO AVOID