Nickrj’s rant for IYH Over The Edge 1998


This was right in the thick of the Austin/McMahon wars, with a title match of Steve Austin VS Dude Love with Vince McMahon as the ref, Pat Patterson as the Ring Announcer and Gerald Brisco as the Timekeeper. Let’s get to it!


Live from the Mecca (?!) Arena in Milwakee Wisconsin on May 31st 1998


Your hosts are Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler


LOD 2000 (with Darren Drozdov and Sunny) VS The DOA (with Chainz)

What a way to start a PPV with this mindless feud. It lasted forever and nobody cared. The BOREicuas and the Truth (or Dare) Commission were gone by this time but not the OLD 2000 or the DOA (Dead On Arrival). 6 Man brawl to start including Droz and Chainz. Animal hits a tackle on 8-Ball but takes a weak DDT and a legdrop. Animal elbow 8 at twists his leg. Headbutt to the abdomen. Hawk (or Puke) comes in and so does Skull. They tie up and shove each other. Elbow by Skull followed by some elbow drops. Sidewalk slam for 2. Skull botches a reverse piledriver and Hawk is back up. Neck breaker by Hawk. Animal comes in and a double team occurs. Chinlock by Animal. Hawk back in and hits a clothesline. Slam followed by a legdrop for 2. Another slam and Hawk misses a top rope flying tackle and takes a cheap shot outside by Chainz. Droz comes over and slugs it out with Chainz. 8-Ball back in and they hit a double boot on Hawk for 2. Hawk comes back with a clothesline but Skull comes in and they choke Hawk on the ropes. Slam by Skull followed by an elbow for 2. Choking follows. Hawk fights back but is clotheslined by 8-Ball. 8 comes in and taunts Animal to allow Skull to choke out Hawk. Chinlock by Skull. To make it easier to tell these two guys apart why doesn’t one have a Black 8 pool ball on his back vest and the other with a skull and crossbones? DOA continue to double team Hawk as the crowd is just dying here. 8-Ball misses an elbow and Animal gets the hot tag. He hits a double clothesline. 4 man brawl happens and Animal hits a back suplex on Skull. 8-ball comes in and takes is place. Droz comes in and nails 8-Ball and Animal hits the power slam to pin 8-Ball at 9:56. What a major yawner this was DUD. Why didn’t this feud end here?


The Rock comes out to the ring and cuts a promo. He says some stuff about Milwaukee. Farooq comes on out and brawls with The Rock and he piledrives The Rock on a steel chair. He misses the chair completely blowing this spot. The Nation comes in and Farooq gets out and The Rock has an injured neck now. Boy Farooq just loves to injure people doesn’t he? I’m surprised he’s still around the WWE now today!


Steve Blackman VS Jeff Jarrett (with Tennessee Lee)

Who’s idea was it to bring the old Double J back to the WWF? This gimmick I think sucks worse than the Aztec Warrior gimmick he had when he was with Jim Cornette’s NWA. Anyway Jarrett has given Blackman the only blemish on his record at this point. Blackman slides into Jarrett outside the ring. He press slams him back in the ring. Steve hits a missle dropkick and a flying chop. Jeff takes advantage of a head down and hits a sitting butt splash. Blackman comes back with some kicks and a German suplex gets 2 ½. He hooks Jarrett underneath the turnbuckle an pulls his hair on the outside. JR says that The Rock will defend the IC title here. Uhhh yeah. Jarrett clotheslines Steve outside the ring and runs him into the railing as we see Al Snow and the Head with the Spanish announce team. Don’t ask. Steve takes advantage of a head down but misses a diving headbutt. Dropkick gets 2. Blackman hits an elbow but gets kneed on a Vader Bomb. He gets a backslide for 2 however. Security now gets rid of Al Snow as Jarrett hooks a sleeper it goes on for a minute. Blackman gets up and hooks a sleeper of his own but Jarrett counters with a back suplex. Jarrett gets up and Blackman reverses a suplex. He tries a slingshot splash but is kneed again. Blackman hits a clothesline. He hits a backbreaker and a heel kick. He strikes an elbow for 2. Bicycle kick and Lee jumps on the apron and Jarrett almost hits his own manager and is rolled up for 2. Jarrett grabs Blackman’s stick but Blackman nails Jarrett with it but Lee gets Jarrett’s foot on the ropes. Steve goes up top but Lee whacks him in the back with the stick and Jarrett gets the pin at 10:18. Decent enough **


We get a look at the last Raw Is War where Marc Mero challenges Sable to a match with the opponent of Sable’s choice. If Sable’s man wins she’ll break up with Mero. I Mero wins, Sable has to leave the WWF forever. Sable accepts


Marc Mero VS Whoever Sable chooses

Sable comes out in a boxing outfit. Mero wants to know where Sable’s man is and Sable says that she’s wants to get out of this herself. Mero is pretty jealous of this idea but he allows Sable her freedom anyway so he allows the timekeeper to ring the bell and lies down for Sable to pin her. Sable gets 2 but then Mero cradles Sable for the pin at :29. DUD Mero then sings Na Na Hey Hey Kiss Him (I mean Her) Goodbye. This was pretty pointless because Sable would come back a couple weeks later as part of Vince McMahon’s corporation.


Handicap Match: Bradshaw and Taka Michinoku VS Kaientai (Dick Togo, Mehns Teo and Sho Funaki with Yamaguchi San)

This was a bonus match. The 2 faces clear the ring with Kaientai and Bradshaw dumps Taka on all three members. Taka is nailed by Funaki though by a dropkick. Bradshaw comes in and chases Kaientai to the outside. Taka back in and Teo hits a clothesline. Bradshaw chases Kaientai outside the ring and inside as well. Togo hits a flying clothesline on Taka and some chops. He misses a charger however and Taka hits a tornado DDT for 2. Funaki is throw out and Togo is caught outside and slammed by Bradshaw. Taka hits an Asai moonsault on Funaki. Togo hits a inverted powerbomb and Funaki is in now and hits a suplex for 2. Teo is back in and hits some chops and a high kick. Double underhook suplex for 2. Togo back in and chops Taka in the corner and hits a somersault cannonball on Taka. Togo hits a snap power slam for 2. Funaki and Teo hit the 3-D but Bradshaw makes the save. Togo to the top and hit a cannonball. Togo and Funaki hit a double chop. Funaki hooks the sleeper. Taka comes out and hits a flying tackle. Funaki goes to a Boston Crab onto a camel clutch and Teo hits a dropkick to the face. Teo hits a reverse piledriver and Togo back in and Taka finally gets the tag to Bradshaw who wails away on all three members. He powerbombs Funaki but takes a low blow and a fameasser by Togo. Kaientai holds Bradshaw but is shoved off. Bradshaw hits a back suplex for one. Taka hits a missle dropkick. He’s back in and hits the Michinoku driver for 2 but the other make the save. Teo hits a chokeslam and Togo hits a top rope Senton Bomb for the pin at 9:54. Good fast paced matchup ***


IC Title Match: The Rock VS Farooq

Man Farooq sucks as a babyface. He still has his Nation outfit here, and he gets booed by the crowd as well. Rock doesn’t come out but Sgt. Slaughter does and he also is booed. He says that if Rock doesn’t come out in 10 seconds Farooq wins the IC title. Rock does come out at the count of 8 wearing a neck brace. Farooq jumps Rock on the outside. He takes off the neck brace and whacks Rock with it. Farooq hits some clotheslines but Rock slides out of the ring. Farooq chases him and they bring it back to the ring. Farooq is kicked in the head. Rock goes after the throat of Farooq. Farooq fights back but takes an elbow. Rock with a slam and he hits the People’s elbow for 2. Rock hammers Farooq in the corner. Farooq comes back with a chokeslam. He slams Rock and hits a falling headbutt for 2. Rock hits a DDT for 2. Farooq hits a crappy spinebuster for 2 and the ref counts 3 but Rock’s foot was on the ropes and Farooq argues with the ref for about 30 minutes before he clotheslines the Rock. Rock trips Farooq and pins him with his feet on the rope at 5:09. Farooq then hits 2 piledrivers but Owen Hart and the Nation come in. DX comes out and makes the save. Hoo boy. 3/4*


Mask VS Mask Match: Vader VS Kane (with Paul Bearer)

Rematch from No Way Out Of Texas three months ago. Slugfest to start. Kane powers Vader in the corner. Kane runs into a boot however and Vader hits a shoulder block but Kane reverses a suplex but misses an elbow. Vader clotheslines Kane and hits an elbow. Kane hits a clothesline. He slams Vader and goes to the top and hits a flying clothesline. Vader starts punching away as Kane hits a boot and a clothesline. He chokes Vader. They hammer each other but Kane gets the snapmare into a chinlock. Crowd is pretty dead here. Kane hits the chokeslam or goozle as Mick Foley calls it. Vader goes to the outside and grabs a wrench and hits Kane with it. Vader hits an avalanche and a clothesline. He goes to the top for the moonsault and misses but doesn’t land on his feet this time (See Badd Blood 1997.) Kane hits the tombstone for the pin at 7:20 and unmasks Vader and gives the mask to Paul Bearer. Didn’t think Kane would lose the Mask did you? 1/2* Michael Cole interviews Vader and Vader calls himself a big fat piece of sh*t. Man Vader loves to use that word on PPV doesn’t he? (Again see Badd Blood 1997.)


Michael Cole then introduces two Milwaukee legends. Maurice “Mad Dog” Vachon  and The Crusher (One of my dad’s favorite wrestlers who gets a big time pop). Jerry Lawler doesn’t like it and he comes into the ring to attack both legends. He takes off Vachon’s wooden leg and tries to batter both men with it but the Crusher nails him with some potato punches. Why did they waste time with this stuff?


Six Man Tag: Degeneration X (Triple H and the New Age Outlaws with X-Pac and Chyna) VS The Nation (Owen Hart, D’Lo Brown and Kama Mustapha with Mark Henry)

Crowd chants “Owen sucks” Brown starts it off with the Road Dogg Jesse James. They tie up and they go thru a hammerlock sequence. Brown gets an elbow. Side headlock into a shoulderblock and another one. Dogg gets a hiptoss and a inverted sitting butt splash on the ropes. Billy Gunn is tagged. Brown gets the tag to Owen and is leveled. Gunn works on Owen in the corner and hits a press slam. Gunn blocks a rollup but Owen hits a spinning heel kick and a back drop. He tries the Sharpshooter but is poked. Triple H is in and these two have feuded since the beginning of the year. Triple H pounds on Owen but is kicked and reverse atomic dropped. Triple H hits a tilt a whirl backbreaker for 2. Road Dogg is back in and kicks away and hits a snapmare and a legdrop for 2. Triple H is back in and is low blowed. Kama comes in for the first time and pounds on Triple H. Triple H counters a head down and Gunn gets the tag. He is kicked by Kama and into the wrong corner. Brown pounds on him now. Gunn slingshots Brown into the post. Triple H is back in and kicks away at Brown. Road Dogg is back in and hits a knee drop to the neck for 2. Brown is in the wrong corner and Gunn gets the tag and they hit a double elbow. Gunn hits a suplex for 2. Triple H gets the tag and continues to work on Brown and hits a back breaker followed by a knee drop for 2. Road Dogg comes in and X-Pac gets a cheap shot. Dogg takes a kick in the corner and Kama gets the tag. Owen nails Dogg from behind and is knocked to the outside but Kama nails Dogg. Kama drags Dogg into the wrong corner and Owen is back in and hits a piledriver for 2. He hits a neckbreaker and a 2nd rope elbow for 2. Brown and Owen make a wish on Dogg. Brown hits a legdrop for 2. He goes to the chinlock. Brown takes some punches but Brown hits a tiger bomb for 2. Owen gets a “tag” and Dogg gets a cross body for 2. Owen hits an enzuguri. He tries the sharpshooter but Triple H nails him. Kama gets the tag and slams Dogg and goes to the 2nd rope and misses a Vader Bomb. Kama gets a wicked clothesline for 2 and it’s back to the chinlock. Dogg gets up and sunset flips Kama for 2. Brown is back in and hits a sloppy backbreaker and hits a moonsault for 2. Brown misses a 2nd rope legdrop and Dogg gets the hot tag to Gunn who hammers on the Nation. Backdrop to D’Lo. 6 man brawl erupts and Gunn hits a fameasser and Chyna nails Henry outside. The Outlaws hits a spike piledriver on the European title on Brown and Triple H covers Brown but Owen nails him and hits a Pedigree on the belt and Owen gets the pin at 18:32 in an upset. Fairly good match and ending **3/4


We get a look at the Austin/Dude Love feud. It continued at Unforgiven with Austin VS Dude. Austin nails Vince with a chair and is stretchered out. Vince counters by ordering a rematch with Pat Patterson as the Ring Announcer, Gerald Brisco as the Timekeeper and himself as the referee. Later that night Vince assaults Austin. The next week Austin comes out and has Vince arrested on the spot. Vince is released after apologizing to Austin. However next week Vince orders someone to stand guard during the title match and says that not one WWF superstar on the roster that can intimidate him. Undertaker however chokeslams Vince and Ausitn comes in and stuns Brisco and Patterson. He ties up Vince but Dude comes out and whacks Dude with the chair.


Dok Hendrix interviews the Corporation and Vince says that if Austin puts his hands on him then he will stop the match and award the title to Dude Love and he says that the match will end on his hand only


WWF Title Match: Steve Austin VS Dude Love

I’m going to list the ring announcements because this is so funny


Howard Finkel: Ladies and Gentlemen, at this time it is both my privilege and honor to introduce to you a man who for over four decades has gained the squared circle like no other before him. A man who built a career on pride, dignity, honor and integrity. A legend who held over 20 titles over his illustrious career. This man made World Wrestling Federation history by becoming the first ever Intercontinental Champion by surviving a grueling tournament held in Rio De Janeiro. When we speak of this great man, we can only compare to other Canadian legends such as Wayne Gretzky, Gordie Howe and the great Ann Murray. A role model for children. A friend to us all. Ladies and gentlemen please welcome tonight’s guest ring announcer. World Wrestling Federation Hall Of Famer. Mr. Pat Patterson! (Crowd Boos)


Patterson: Well for the 2nd guest of the evening. This man is like beating Tom Tom herd on the reservation in his native Oklahoma. Inside this man beats the heart of America. Throughout his shining career which began as an amateur champion at Oklahoma State. This gladiator has truly been the foundation of which this industry was built upon. He’s a loving father. He’s a devoting husband. This man is destined to be the only native American Indian in the World Wrestling Federation Hall Of Fame (There goes Strongbow) Some call him the reincaration of Jim Thorpe. We call him a friend. And Ladies and Gentlemen, he’s a proud full owner of the Brisco Brothers body shop located at 4350 north Hubert Avenue, Tampa Florida. That’s right. 813-879-4421. And folks, it’s worth a drive. Your guest timekeeper this evening for tonight’s main event. Jerry Brisco!


Patterson: Our 3rd guest this evening. There is no word to describe what this American icon has meant to all of us. We laughed with him. We cried with him. But through it all, he made all of our lives worth inviting. He’s given us hope, love, understanding and a will to say “Yes I can!” Ladies and gentlemen and children of all ages, Please stand in honor of special guest referee and the owner of the World Wrestling Federation, Vince McMahon! (Crowd boos unmercifully as Lawler is the only person in the building cheering)


Patterson: And now, the challenger for tonight’s main event. Perhaps no greater success stories have been written in recent history in the World Wrestling Federation. This rag to riches story shows what can happen by following Vince McMahon’s example. He’s an inspiration to us all and one of the most popular and respected athlete of his generation. Adorned by millions as a cat that makes the kittens purr. Ladies and gentlemen, your number one contendor. Give it up for Dude Love!


Patterson: And now, his opponent (crowd pops) Whoa whoa whoa just sit back and relax for a minute. Just sit down a minute and be quiet. First of all, He’s a beer swilling fool. He’s a foul mouthed punk. He’s a disgrace to every human being alive today. Well I got news for you. I’m not going to introduce a bum!

Doesn’t get more classic then that. Anyways Austin’s music hits and the crowd goes wild. Right before the match starts, The Undertaker’s music hits and UT comes out to make sure Vince runs the match fairly. The match starts and both men tie up to start. Vince breaks it up and Steve gives the double bird to Vince. Dude hits a clothesline for 2. Austin is mad at the quick count. Crowd is going bonkers for Austin. Love hits a knee and covers him for 1. Side headlock by Dude but he takes an elbow. Takeover into a chinlock by Austin. Crowd chants “Vince is dead!” Austin knocks out Dude’s teeth and stomps on them and pays for it. Dude hits a headbutt and works on Austin. Austin hits a Lou Thesz press with some right hands and clotheslines Dude to the outside. Dude throws Austin into the steps. Vince taunts Austin to get back in the ring. Dude hits a leg sweep for 2. Dude with the foot to the throat and he bites Austin. He rams Austin hard in the corner. Dude goes to work on the back and follows with a knee in the corner for 2. Austin hits a neckbreaker and some clotheslines. He kicks down Dude in the corner but Dude gets the Mandible Claw and Austin ties Dude’s head in the ropes but Dude pokes him in the eye. Vince goes over and talks to Patterson and Patterson says “This is a reminder, That this match is a no Disqualifcation.” As Dude works over Austin over the Spanish announce table and chokes him with a cable. Austin throws him into Brisco though. He sets him up on the railing and clotheslines him into the audience and Dude hits with a thud! Austin stomps on Brisco and clotheslines Love. Back in the ring Austin misses a rope butt splash. Brisco is back up now with the hammer. Love hits a baseball slide and goes to the outside and hits a neckbreaker. Vince runs to Patterson again and Patterson says “This is a reminder, in this match Falls count anywhere!” Dude hits a backslide in the aisleway for 2. Austin comes back with a clothesline but he is backdropped onto a car and he breaks the windshield. Austin is rammed onto the hood. Austin slams Dude onto another car for 2. He covers Dude on the car for 2. They go on top of the car but Dude throws Austin off the top of the car. Dude with a sunset flip off the car for 2. Austin is now busted open after being thrown into the railing and the car. Dude grabs a pipe and hits Austin in the back with it. Austin fights back and tries a piledriver but is backdropped for 2. Dude gets a snap suplex on the floor. Dude goes on top of the car and misses an elbow drop and Austin gets 2. Austin throws Dude into the steps and it’s back in the ring now. Austin is tripped by Patterson and Dude hits a flying clothesline. He takes the turnbuckle pad off and rams Austin into it. Dude hits his running knee in the corner. Dude goes into a camel clutch type hold. Austin gets up and is rammed into the unprotected buckle again for 2. Pat grabs a chair for Dude and Dude hits Austin with it. Dude hits a double arm DDT on the chair for 2. Austin kicks the chair into Dude and hits a clothesline. He hits Dude over the head with the chair and covers him but Vince refused to count. Austin gets up and argues and Dude tries to hit Austin with the chair but Austin ducks and Vince takes the shot and Austin stuns Dude and covers. A 2nd ref counts but Patterson pulls him out and nails him. Dude locks the Mandible claw and Patterson counts but UT chokeslams Pat thru the announce table. Brisco tries to count but UT chokes slams Brisco thru the Spanish announce table. Love hooks the claw again but takes another stunner and he makes Vince count by slamming Vince’s hand to get the pin at 22:27. Wow what an awesome match! The match and the stuff before it give it *****. Afterwards Austin and UT have a staredown which pretty much sets up their feud for the remainder of the year.


Summary: Well other than the title match there wasn’t much else memorable about this show. I can’t give this show anything higher than MILDLY RECOMMENDED