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Nickrjís rant for Monday Night Raw Prime Cuts


This is a Colsieum Video release from Feburary 1994. Itís over 2 hours of highlights from the first season of Monday Night Raw which will be celebrating itís 10th anniversary next week!


Your hosts are Vince McMahon and Bobby Heenan. These two do commentary with Randy Savage for most of the matches here. BTW for those not familiar with Bobby Heenan. Heís MUCH better than Jerry Lawler and much funnier. Iíll put some of his quotes on this page to show how funny he was as he was in his prime in 1993 which was his last year in the WWF ironically.


IC Title Match: Shawn Michaels VS Marty Jannetty

Live From May 17 1993. From January to September 1993, Raw was shown almost every week at the Manhattan Center which looked cool. Anyways at the beginning of this ep, Shawn says that heíll defend the title against anybody and Marty stepped up and challenged Shawn on the spot. So we have this match. Vince mentions that Razor Ramon was upset earlier tonight which is the next match on the tape.


(On Martyís entrance)

Bobby: I donít like this.

Vince: You probally wouldnít like it.


Shawn powers Marty to the corner to start but Marty block the ram head and rolls him up for 2. Leapfrog Sunset flip gets another 2. Headlock by Marty and he comes out of a hiptoss and hits a clothesline and another clothesline sends Shawn out. Baseball slide by Marty and a slingshot bodypress on the outside. Marty throws his former partner back in and Shawn counters a headdown but misses a superkick and Marty gets an armdrag and a flying head scissors for 2.


Bobby: Everything Jannetty knows, Michaels taught him. Michaels told me that.


Shawn comes out of it but misses an elbow. Backdrop by Marty and he throws Shawn upside down in the corner to the outside. Shawn decides to leave the arena with the title but he is stopped by Mr. Perfect. Commercial break follows and Shawn is back in the ring with Marty. He throws Shawn in the ring but takes a stungun. Chokehold by Shawn followed by some jabs in the corner. Foot in the throat now.


Randy: Mr. Perfectís the lumberjack of the century keeping guys in the ring.

Bobby: No heís the jackass of the century.


Shawn hits a butt splash on the ropes followed by a snapmare. Followed by the chinlock


Bobby: You never know whatís gonna happen I hate it here.

Vince: You might even tell the truth one time.

Bobby: I never lied to you. I never lied to the public.


Dropkick by Shawn but Marty catches another one and he slingshots Shawn to the post. Marty covers Shawn for a close 2 count. Backslam by Marty followed by some rights. Flying elbow and a powerslam for 2. Marty fakes Shawn and hits a spinning top rope bodypress for 2. Shawn comes out of the atomic drop but is rolled up. Shawn tries pulling the tights but gets 2. Superkick by Shawn.


Bobby: Well itís almost 10 o clock we shouldíve seen the moon anyway by now.


Shawn goes over to Mr. Perfect but Perfect throws the towel at him and Marty rolls him up for the pin at 8:51 to become the new IC champion! Great nonstop match. ****


Razor Ramon VS The Kid

Also live from May 17 1993 in what appears to be a TV squash match. The ring card girl here is a fat lady and she kisses Razor.


Bobby: Would you let a Winnebago kiss you?
Vince: Would you please be nice.


Razor throws the toothpick at the Kid and shoves him off. He throws him to the corner and gives a hard chop.


Bobby: Are the Smoking Gunns back? I heard something go off.


Another chop and he tosses the Kid off. Ab stretch by Razor. Kid tries a cross body but is back slammed. Razor misses a charge and oversells it and the Kid uses the time to go to the top and hits a moonsault for the pin at 2:12!! Match gets 1/2* but this match proved anything can happen on Raw and it launched the career of Sean Waltman AKA the 1-2-3 Kid and later Syxx and X-Pac.


RAW Moment: Live From September 13 1993. Bobby goes over to Doink the Clown who has a bucket of water and tries to get him to throw it at Vince and Randy but instead Doink throws it at Bobby turning him face. The funny part is Bobby slips and falls twice afterwards!


King Of The Ring 1st round match: Mr. Perfect VS Doink The Clown

From May 24 1993 (but taped May 17th after the above show). This was the third time theyíve had this match and the first two ended in draws. This time there must be a winner. Doink climbs under the ring during his entrance.


Vince: Wait a minute. Lord Alfred Hayes is standing by. Heís demanding to go on the air.

Hayes: (From outside the arena) Vince you are never going to believe this. You saw who came down ringside you saw who climbed under the ring. But guess whoís standing beside me. (Camera pulls back to show another Doink.) Where are you? Arenít you supposed to be underneath the ring somewhere?

Doink: Iím not standing here itís an illusion! (takes Alfredís flower and squirts his flower in Alfredís face before leaving laughing.)

Hayes: Heís done it again.
Vince: An illusion what? Hey what is going on here on Monday Night Raw?

Bobby: Itís just Doink heís a funny guy.


Doink comes out from under the ring with the same flower he stole.


Bobby: The manís a magician and heís going to make Mr. Perfect disappear from the King Of The Ring.


Doink jumps Perfect as he enters the ring and he tries to choke out Perfect with his own towel and he rubs himself with it cracking Bobby up. Perfect comes back and clotheslines Doink with the towel. Slugfest develops and Perfect jams the right knee and goes to work on it. He rams it into the ring post as we have a commercial. Slap by Perfect but Doink knocks him off the apron. This appears to be clipped. Doink with a fireman carry but Perfect goes to the head scissors.


Vince: Weíve got it all at the Manhattan center. Itís uncut.

Randy: Uncensored!

Bobby: UnderÖUnderachiever.

Randy: Right and thatís what Doink is.


Doink reverses the hold and tries to pin Perfect with his hand on the ropes.


Bobby: Doink is like Jello, thereís always room for more.


Doink grabs the right arm and takes him down but Perfect reverses it. He goes to the bad right leg of Doink now and he snaps it. Chop by Perfect followed by a different version of the Figure Four. He slaps Doink as he tries to get out but the eye poke gets Doink out of the hold and he starts biting Henning and he rams him to the post outside. Perfect trips up Doink however. Doink rams the right arm of Perfect into the post as Heenan laughs again. Foot in the throat by Doink into an armbar on the bad arm. He kicks on the arm and Perfectís really selling as a Doink chant starts.


Randy: What are the people yelling at? I donít understand it.

Bobby: ďDoink! Doink! We love Doink! Doink!Ē

Vince: Yeah sure.

Bobby: Thatís what I hear.


Doink slams Perfect right on the bad arm for a 2 count. Another commercial and Perfect hits an atomic drop and a clothesline. Doink drags Perfect to the 2nd turnbuckle but Perfect clotheslines Doink to the outside and the 2nd Doink comes out and goes under the ring.


Vince: Thatís another Doink!
Bobby: No thatís some tape that they rolled before.


The 2 Doinks pull the ol switcheroo from underneath the ring. Perfect bring Doink in but Doink hammers on Perfect and he throws him to the corner as Vince realizes that Doink has new makeup.


Bobby: You know what that is itís resealable makeup.


Perfect however gets the Perfect Plex on the 2nd Doink for the pin at 10:00 but the other Doink comes out and the 2 beat down on Perfect.


Bobby: He beat the wrong Doink! He beat the wrong Doink!


Crush comes out to make the save along with the rest of the DOA. Oops sorry got carried away there.


Vince: You Bobby said Perfect beat the wrong Doink.

Bobby: I didnít mean the wrong Doink what I mean was He was wrong from the beat Doink.


This was a decent match despite all the weirdness **1/4.


Irwin R. Schyster VS P.J. Walker

From September 20 1993 (but taped September 13th). Another squash match expected. ďIrwinĒ chant starts by this crowd and Irwin hammers on PJ as Vince and Bobby talk about a couple getting enganged and Bobby puts a wet Kleenex and puts it in the wife to bes hand. Iíll talk about this later. Razor Ramon comes down to the ring and he distracts IRS and Walker rolls up Irwin for the pin at 1:20. DUD but the Crowd (and Razor) loves it. Walker would go on to become Aldo Montoya and Justin Credible.


Vince: IRS was defeated by P.J. Walker One two three!

Bobby: He wasnít defeated! You donít beat a man like that. That was a fluke.


We get a look behind the scenes about how Monday Night Raw is made. Quite frankly how any program the WWF does is made. Intresting segment here.


Randy Savage/Crush Summit

Live From October 18 1993. Crush comes to the ring with Mr. Fuji and Bobby Heenan is in the ring.


Bobby: Hey Savage, Things donít look good at the corral does it cowboy? Crush as a broadcast journalist Iíve got to ask you something. Weíve never seen eye to eye on a lot of things. But I know how your mind works now. Youíve been betrayed. Youíve been talked about by (points at Savage) that man right over there. Letís hear what itís all about.


Crush: Randy Savage. I used to call you not just my friend brother. At one time you were my best friend. Me and you went up and down the highways and byways together brother. Anything you told me was like gold. Your word was like gold to me brother. When you told me what to do in the ring and what to do outside of the ring, I listened to you word for word didnít I brother? But when the student past up his teacher. Thatís right Randy. When I became your superior you couldnít handle that. Could you brother?


Bobby: Well youíre right about that. It seems like everything he told you to do was for his benefit. Not yours. It didnít put any money in your pocket.


Crush: And thanks to the help of people like yourself Bobby, and not Mr. Fuji but Master Fuji they made me see the light (Crowd boos) Shut up out there! Randy, when you told me to get in the ring with Yokozuna. Thatís right you told me to step in the ring with Yokozuna, you said you would have my back. You knew I wasnít 100% you knew my back was bothering me from the bodyslam that I did at the Intrepid. But you told me ďNot to worry Crush, I got your back brother. Iíll be right there just in case thereís any outside interference.Ē Well there was outside interference and where were you? You were sitting six feet away from the ring on your butt watching me get Banzai splashed not one time, not twice, not three times, but four times by the 550 pound Yokozuna! And then you suddenly took it upon yourself and pull me out. Yeah some friend you were!


Bobby: Why didnít he pull you out after the first one or maybe even the second. Thereís no excuse for him to let you lay there. Your career, Your whole existence couldíve been over with one more of those. A normal man couldnít have taken what you did.


Crush: Any normal man wouldíve been completely destroyed. There was only one answer. He wanted me OUT of the WWF. In fact he saw me to the plane back home to Kona Hawaii. Yeah you saw me. And you called me twice not to see how good I was doing but to see how bad I was doing. Yeah brother I saw the light. When I was sitting back at Kalahume beach recouperating, one man made perfect sense to me and that was none other than Master Fuji. The man who owns the hotel in my own backyard. His ancestors own the Kaho beach hotel not to mention hundreds and hundreds of us. His word is like gold he makes all the sense in the world. I tell you what Iím thru talking. I just came here to give you one last warning Macho Man. Stay out of my life, stay out of my business but most importantly of all you better stay out of my way! (Randy Savage rises and comes in the ring)


Bobby: Oh here we go now! Now Savage wait a minute now!


Randy: Brother youíre making a big mistake. Iíve made a million mistakes in my lifetime and I admit it. But youíre making a big mistake right now. You understand what Iím saying? YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT IíM SAYING?


Crush: Itís too late now brother.


Randy:Look me in the eye brother, look me in the eye. Youíre making a mistake (points at Bobby) This guy is an agitator. (points at Fuji) This guy is a parasite. They are nothing but garbage. Iím telling you something Crush weíre friends brother. This can be okay. Youíre out of line right now. Just think about something right now brother. We can go away from these two goofs. And we can pound it out we can talk about it we can agree to disagree brother. We can make it happen. But youíve got to give me a chance to talk to you. If Iím wrong Iíll admit Iím wrong. But you need to back up just a touch brother because youíre out of line and itís the wrong thing brother. Man to man Iím telling you. Just shake my hand right now and weíll go someplace brother right now and weíll talk it out and itíll be okay.


Crush: They donít care about me. These people out thereÖ Itís too late brother.


Randy: These people are cool. Each one of these people and all over the world have made mistakes. And youíre making one right now. Shake my hand.


Bobby: Crush donít do it. My advice to you right now is thatís the oldest trick in the book.


Crush: (Shoves Bobby) You shut up! (Shakes Randyís hand after thinking about it.)


It looks like Crush and Savage are together again. But outside the ring Crush clotheslines Savage in the aisleway. He picks up Savage and drops him on the rail face first! The rest of the DOA come out and kick the crap out of Savage. Oops sorry got carried away again. However Yokozuna and Jim Cornette comes out and Yoko and Crush bow. Crush throws Randy to the steps and into the post as we see blood coming out of Randyís mouth. Probally from a blood capsule. Crush throws Savage into the ring and gives him a savat kick. Yoko takes off his robe and banzai drops Savage from the 2nd rope. He tries it again but officals pull Randy out of the ring. Good angle which led to a heated feud between the two men that would climax at Wrestlemania X.


RAW moment: From May 10 1993 (but taped May 3rd) Mr. Perfect attacks Shawn Michaels outside of the Manhattan center before a Raw episode.


WWF Title Match: Yokozuna (with Mr. Fuji) VS Crush

From July 12th 1993 (but taped July 5th). Crush is coming to this match with an injured back from trying to slam Yokozuna on the USS Intrepid. Yokozuna was at 568 pounds at this point. Stalling to start as Yoko throws some salt to the crowd as the two men stall.


Bobby: Hawaii is the 50th state? I thought it was a suburb of Guam.


The two big men tie up and Yoko wins it. Tie up again and another shove by Crush. Crush gets some right hands but takes a slam. He misses an elbow though and Crush kicks Yoko right outside the ring. Yoko comes back in and Crush gets the headlock and a shoulderblock contest starts. Crush hammers Yoko in the corner and hits a Stinger Splash. He misses another one though and Yoko chops Crush. Commercial follows and Yoko no sells a dropkick but he sells the clothesline. Crush goes to the top and hits a flying clothesline for 2. Crush hammers Yoko some more and he goes to the top rope again but Fuji nails him with the Japanese flagpole and Yoko slams him on the outside. Back in Yoko hits a Belly to Belly suplex. Legdrop by Yoko and he couldíve pinned Crush right there but he drags him to the corner and hits the Banzai Drop for the pin at 7:03. The first really bad match on this tape 1/4*


Bobby: I donít hear any ticking though.

Vince: What ticking?

Bobby: The heartbeat of America.


Yoko goes up and hits another Banzai Drop as Bobby blames Lex Luger for Yokoís weight gain. He hits a 3rd one. Tatanka tries to make the save but is chopped. Yoko goes up and hits a 4th one. Three jobbers come out but Yoko takes care of them all. Randy Savage leaves his announce position and he pulls Crush out of the ring when Yoko goes for number 5 and Crush is stretched out. Crush probably wishes he had formed the DOA at this point so they could save his ass.


Contract signing for WWF Title Match at Summerslam: Yokozuna/Lex Luger

From August 9 1993 (but taped in July) and this is not from the Manhattan center. Vince and Bobby and Randy are in the ring with 500 officials and president Jack Tunney. Yokozuna and Mr Fuji come to the ring as a USA chant starts by this crowd.


Bobby: Well Fuji said he weighed 568 pounds that afternoon on the intrepid. I believe heís closer to 575 maybe 600. And look at the dignity how he carries the belt.


Vince:(notices another guy with Yoko and Fuji) Wait a minute whatís going on here? What is this?


Bobby: Thatís Jim Cornette. I told you heís going to set the WWF on fire. Heís full of surprises.


Vince: What is the meaning of this? Pardon me what are you doing here?

Jim: Donít come to me if you want to know the facts go to Mr. Fuji because he is the manager of the champion.


Vince: Whatís he doing here?


Fuji: Yokozuna and myself have officially hired American spokesman Mr. Jim Cornette (Crowd boos!)


Vince: Wait a minute let me understand. Youíre the official spokesperson for Yokozuna.

Jim: Let me explain one thing to all you people. You see the people of Japan are the leaders worldwide when it comes to industry, finace, converse. They work harder. Theyíre honest, theyíre diligent, and they mean everything they say. They are without doubt the most honest people on the planet. However, Mr. Fuji and Yokozuna-- (USA chant.)


Vince: Listen to this!


Jim: Theyíve got good rhythm. Mr. Fuji and Yokozuna have been at a disadvantage. They are at a handicap since theyíve been in the World Wrestling Federation because they have a limited knowledge of the English language. And the interpreters, the loggers that they have been furnished by the World Wrestling Federation by crooked politicians like Jack Tunney over there.


Vince: How dare you!


Jim: Oh I dare and he does too. They have furnished them the interpreters and given them false information. So now Iím the official spokesperson. Iím the official English language interpreter. And brother, there ainít a word of English you can run by me that I canít dissect and shoot right back at ya. And Iím going to take a look at that contract before anything gets signed around here because Mr. Fuji has instructed me to look it over and make sure thereís no irregularities like Jack Tunney has been noted for in the past.


Vince: Can we?


Jim: (Looks over the contract) Uh huh. Ok. Hold it. Itís in there. Ok I think thatís aboutóWait a minute is that in pencil? No ok thatís allright. That is the contract that Mr. Fuji has approved that I have interpreted for him to sign for Yokozuna so everything can proceed. Just chat amongst yourselves. We got some business to attend to. Donít worry Iíll get you thru this kid.


Vince: All right ladies and gentlemen. With that in mind would you please welcome right now the man who slammed Yokozuna on Americaís birthday on the U.S.S Intrepid. Would you please welcome the man who is criss crossing this great country of ours on the Lex Express, the Lex Luger call to action campaign. Would you please welcome the man who steps into the ring at Auburn Hills, Michigan at Summerslam to face Yokozuna. Ladies and gentlemen here is LEX LUGER!!


(Luger comes out to a medium pop but not huge)


Vince: All right gentlemen.


Jack: Gentlemen please be seated.


Vince: Gentlemen if you please be seated. Mr Luger. Mr. Yokozuna. Mr. Tunney if you would proceed.

Jack: Yokozuna if you will please sign the official contract affirming your participation in the title match at Summerslam. (Huge USA chant builds as Yoko signs in Japanese characters)


Bobby: Look McMahon heís never taken his eyes of Luger.


Jack: Mr. Luger would you do likewise (Luger signs the contract) Thank you very much.


Vince: All right itís official! The matchup for Summerslam. Lex Luger VS Yokozuna!

Jim: Hey hey hey wait a minute Luger. Before you get antsy brother. Iíve got something to tell you. Jack Tunney, well he canít even see with binoculars heís blind as a bat. But Lex Luger, Thereís a clause in that contract that Mr. Fuji instructed me to add. At Summerslam youíve got your shot at Yokozuna. If you beat him then you will be the World Wrestling Federation champion. Youíll be soaring with the eagles.


Vince: No question about it.


Jim: BUT if you donít beat Yokozuna then youíll never ever get another shot at that title cause thereís no rematch. Youíll be scratching with the chickens brother. Youíll never see that belt again. You blow it once thatís your last chance.


Vince: All right what about this last attempt at chicanery on the part of Mr. Fuji. What about this last minute provision.


Lex: Iím glad they are so amused with themselves with the fine print. Cause you can fine print me and all these people to death and it doesnít matter. You want a stipulation to a forearm pad, well thatís fine with me. All I asked for was one shot, one opportunity and this great country of ours thatís what opportunity is all about. I wonít need more than one shot. You can count on that. And Iím going to keep on taking the Lex Express from one coast to the other. Iíve already met thousands of people who have supported me. Thatís why Iím standing here right now with a contract in my hand. And Iím going to meet thousands of more people when I go to that ring and I pull up curbside at Auburn Hills at the palace. Weíre going to kick that door in and when I say we, I mean everybody in here. Everybody across this country and weíre going to take that belt and bring it back to the United States of America where it belongs. (Yoko wipes his sweat and throws it at Luger) Oh real cute. And remember one more thing. There will be one more thing on that plane back to Tokyo without the belt that you can think about thatís going to be ringing in your ears. It begins with a U and ends with an A and it has a middle initial at that (to crowd) and I want you to let him hear it right now! (Another USA chant builds)


Well we all know what happened at Summerslam do we?


RAW moment: From August 2 1993 (but taped in July). Randy Savage VS Doink. Doink hammers on Savage on the outside of the ring. Savage crawls underneath the ring and on the other side a midgit dressed up like Randy Savage comes out!


Tag Team Title Match with Quebec Rules: The Steiner Brothers VS The Quebecers

Live from September 13 1993. Here are the Quebec rules:


  1. DQís can change the titles
  2. Countouts can change the titles
  3. Piledrivers are illegal
  4. Leaping off the top rope is illegal
  5. Throwing an opponent over the top rope is illegal


Works for me as Hunter would say. Rick Steiner starts it with Jacques Rougeau. They tie up and Jacques gets some knee lifts but Rick counters a leap frog into a powerslam. Clothesline and Jacques almost go over the top rope. Idiot you shouldíve went over and you wouldíve won the titles! Pierre Outlette comes in and takes a powerslam for 2. Scott Steiner gets the tag and he hits a double underarm suplex for 2 which Bobby thinks itís a piledriver.


Bobby: A 3 year old couldíve been an all American at the University of Michigan.


Armbar by Scott followed by a dropkick for 2. Front face lock by Scott and he rams Jacques to the post but runs into a boot. Pierre hits a flying clothesline from the 2nd rope for 2. Pierre pounds away on Scott and his a snapmare. And a flying clotheline or headbutt for 2. Scott hits a backdrop and a gut shot to Jacques. Bobby is confusing us with these false rules of his. Rick gets the tag and sets up a piledriver but Scott warns Rick. Commercial follows and Rick comes out of a powerslam and pulls Jacques thru the ropes.


Vince: Are you referring to the book Under The Tarnished Dome?

Bobby: Are you talking about Howard Finkelís head?


Scott gets the tag and goes to the chinlock and blocks a hiptoss but Pierre nails him with a clothesline. Scott gets a belly to belly for 2. Half Boston Crab follows. Jacques comes in and breaks it but Scott hangs on. Rick comes in and gets a 2 count. He goes to the half crab now. Jacques breaks it again and the offical sees it. But Rick hangs on! Scott comes in again and hooks him for 2. Rick is in again as Johnny Polo comes out. Belly to Belly by Rick. Rick almost blows it again by leaping from the top rope and he gets caught by Pierre. Polo wears a T-Shirt saying ďWeíre The Quebecers Jacques & Pierre and I am Johnny.Ē Guess Poloís now the manager of the Quebecers.


Vince: What is going on?

Bobby: I guess Poloís now the manager of the Quebecers or he wouldnít be wearing the Canadian hockey t-shirt

Vince: Brilliant deduction Watson

Bobby: Thank you Mr. Holmes.


Rick counters a suplex from the 2nd rope for 2 and Jacques elbows his own partner. The Quebecers regroup with Polo outside. Another commercial and Pierre nails Scott from behind and Jacques nails him as well. Double boot and Jacques slams Pierre on Scott for 2. Double stun gun on the top rope and Scott is hooked in the ropes. Pierre comes in and wraps the tag rope around the throat of Scott behind the refís back. Pierre gets the tag now and another effective double team for 2. Chinlock by Pierre followed by a slam. He hits a Vader bomb for 2. Flying elbow by Jacques for 2. Scott counters a head down but Pierre gets the tag and nails Scott. Pierre slams Scott and Jacques backdrops Pierre on Scott. But Pierreís the illegal man so he must leave.


Bobby: Well one Quebecer is the same as another one.

Vince: No not on Monday Night Raw. Not anywhere else either.


Come on Bobby, anybody knows that Jacques is the thin one and Pierre is the fat one. J Scott gets a DDT on Jacques but Pierre nails Rick preventing the tag. Rick hammers on Pierre and Jacques throws Scott thru the ropes. Pierre comes in and Jacques has him on his back and slams him and he tries a Boston Crab as Pierre is on the 2nd rope and legdrops Scott. Boston Crab now by Jacques and Rick slams Pierre of the ropes and nails Jacques. Scott clotheslines both Quebecers. Rick finally gets the hot tag and he hammers on both Quebecers. All 4 men are in and the Steiners are winning the battle. Scott hits the Frankensteiner on Pierre but Jacques makes the save. Polo jumps on the apron and is nailed but he throws his hockey stick in the ring. Scott and Jacques battle for the stick and Scott uses it and the Ref calls the DQ at 17:23 and the Quebecers are the new tag team champs. Bad ending aside this was a very good match ***1/2


Bobby: The Steiners can now go home and instead of hanging the belts over the mantle. They can hang that hockey stick so they get some idea of what Quebec rules are all about.


RAW Moment: From September 20 1993 (but taped September 13th). Bobby Heenan interviews a couple and the guy is about to propose to the girl but Bobby puts his Kleenex in the girls hand as the guy puts the ring on her finger


20 Man IC Battle Royal

From October 4 1993 (but taped September 27th). One week earlier Shawn Michaels was stripped of the IC title for not defending it and suspended for 2 months. Jack Tunney announces a battle royal for the title. The participants are Mr. Perfect, Diesel, Giant (donít call me speedy) Gonzalez, Razor Ramon, Bam Bam Bigelow, Tatanka, Jimmy Snuka, Adam Bomb, Marty Jannetty, MVP-00 (Abe Schwartz), Bastion (Iím fat and disgusting and proud of it) Booger, The 1-2-3 Kid, The Quebecers (Jacques and Pierre), Owen Hart, Bob Backlund, Irwin R Schyster, Mabel, Randy Savage and Rick Martel. The last two participants in the ring will meet for the title one week from now for the title. Onto the match.


Randy Savage is the last man introduced and he climbs to the top and hits a double ax handle on the Giant as the match starts. He hits another ax handle. He tries to get the big man over but then everyone else comes over and they get the Giant Gonzalez out first!


Bobby: Iím have to go with the Quebecers because theyíre the only team.

Vince: You said that you were going to pick Booger.

Bobby: Well I was gonna pick Booger but I wasnít talking about this.


Hey I wouldíve picked Booger too. He could clear the entire ring if he farts. J Everyone hammers on each other. Diesel works over MVP.


Bobby: This Battle Royal reminds me of watching Red Square in Russia.


Adam Bomb almost gets Janetty out as Diesel and Booger try to get Savage out.


Bobby: Diesel at a disadvantage. Because the top rope is where the top of his back starts.


Mabel works over Tatanka. Bammer almost has Savage out. Backlund almost has Booger out. Razor almost gets Jacques but Pierre saves him. Mabel now has Backlund almost gone and Razor almost has IRS out. Booger works over Razor now. The Kid almost got IRS over. Diesel tries to get Mabel out and he and IRS do it. Mr. Perfect almost has Savage out but Randy hangs on the ropes. Razor throws IRS out and makes the mistake by turning his back and is almost thrown out by Jacques. Savage and the kid make the save. Booger literally throws the Kid out. Diesel tries to get Perfect out but Tatanka makes the save and hammers on Diesel but Diesel reverses it. Diesel goes after Perfect but misses and goes out. Commercial follows during which Backlund was eliminated. Snuka is dumped out by Martel. Martel tries to get Marty out but canít do it. Booger and Bomb try to get Tatanka out as Bammer dumps out Perfect.


Vince: Perfect is a guest on the Kingís court with Jerry Lawler this weekend.

Bobby: Would he be on his hands and knees kissing the kingís feet just like he was right now?
Vince: I highly doubt that.


Tatanka goes after Martel but is held by MVP.


Vince: Who is the MVP Bobby Heenan?

Bobby: Heís the guy in the baseball uniform.

Vince: Thank you very much.


Marty helps Randy who was hooked in the ropes but then Marty is dumped out by Adam Bomb. Owen almost has Martel out. Tatanka is chopping Bammer but Bammer ducks and out goes Tatanka. Pierre saves his own partner again. Bammer and Booger almost get Savage out. Savage throws Bastion Booger out as Bammer throws Razor thru the ropes so he gets back in and nails Bammer out. Another commercial follows and weíre down to 8 men. Owen dropkicks the MVP out but he is thrown out by Jacques.


Vince: Owen Hart, the son of Stu and Helen Hart. The brother of the WWF former champion Bret Hart.

Bobby: That has nothing to do with that new movie The Good Son starring Macualay Culkin doesnít it?

Vince: I donít believe so. Why?
Bobby: Because Stu and Helen never had any good sons.

Vince: Donít you get on the King Jerry Lawlerís bandwagon now.


Down to 6 men. Razor Ramon, Randy Savage, Rick Martel, The Quebecers and Adam Bomb. The 2 faces team up as well as the 4 heels. They starts hammering it out. The Quebecers hammer Razor as Bomb and Martel hammer Savage. Jacques backdrops Pierre on Razor. Bomb and Martel try to get Savage out. Quebecers and Martel triple team Razor now but Bomb nails Martel inadverntally. Savage gets out of Bombís grip and throws out Bomb but the Quebecers, Martel and Bomb on the outside get rid of Savage. Down to 4 men now. The Becers and Martel start triple teaming Razor. Bobby notes that the Survior Series in Boston sold out in less than an hour. All 3 heels start taking shots at Razor but they all miss dropkicks. Razor start hammering on everyone but is caught by Martel. They start triple teaming him again with everyone getting some shots in. Double slam by the Becers and they try a double team but Pierre hits his own partner and Jacques is out and Razor throws out Pierre to end the match at 18:53 and your winners are Razor Ramon and Rick Martel. Very good Battle Royal. One of the better ones out there. ***1/2


IC Title Match: Razor Ramon VS Rick Martel

From October 11 1993 (but taped September 27th after the above show) for the vacant IC title. Martel gets some good heat coming into the ring and Razor gets a big pop. Martel gets some heat by showing off at the start of the match.


Vince: You wonder that if Razor wins the IC title that there would be a town named after him.

Bobby: It would be Ghetto. Because thatís where he should be. In the Ghetto.


Shovefest to start and Martel gets a slap. Arm wringer reversed by Ramon. Collar lock into a drop toe hold and Martel gets some slaps. Razor throws Martel in the corner but misses an elbow and Martel takes charge. Razor catches Rick and backslams him and Rick goes to the outside. Rick gets some knee lifts and goes to the facelock. Razor sets him on the apron and sends him back in the hard way. Razor works on the right arm of Martel. Commercial follows and Martel kicks on Razor on the outside. Slam by Martel on the floor. Rick rams Razor to the corner twice. Back suplex by Martel. Rick tries to get the pin with his feet on the ropes. He goes back to the lower back on Razor. Martel counters a headdown and rams the knee to the back. Boston Crab now by Martel. Razor reaches the ropes. Bobby calls Razor Desi Arnez. Side slam by Martel and he hooks the Crab again in the middle of the ring. Razor powers out of it and they trade 2 counts. Martel knocks down Razor for 2. Razor catches the foot and sets up Martel on the top rope but Rick hits him with an elbow. He goes to the top and hits a flying bodypress which Razor reverses for 2. Clothesline by Martel for 2. Razor counters a headdown with 2 kicks and he hits the Razorís Edge on Martel for the pin at 10:45 to become the new IC champion. Good match to boot **3/4. But more important this match and the battle royal before would lead to the Ladder match at Wrestlemania X


Summary: WHAT AN AWESOME TAPE!! Some great matchups from the first season of Raw and some history to boot! I think everyone should watch this tape at least once. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED