Nickrjís rant for In Your House. Revenge Of The Taker!


Live from Rochester, New York on April 20th 1997.


Your hosts are Vince McMahon, Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler


Free For All Match: The Sultan (with Iron Sheik) VS Flash Funk (with HoísÖ I mean Funkettes J)

Sultan is fresh off losing an IC title match with Rocky Maivia at Wrestlemania one month ago. Sultan attacks Funk from behind and hammers on him. Slide underneath and some low kicks by Funk and 2 drop kicks. Back inside a USA chant starts and Sultan no sells a DDT and kicks Funk. Sloppy tilt a whirl slam by Sultan. He misses a charge though and Funk hits a spinning kick. He goes to the 2nd and hits a cannonball legdrop for 2. Funk hits something like a stinger splash and he sets up Sultan on the top and is power bombed for 3 at 2:55 for a win for the Sultan. Basically a squasher. 1/4*


Now for the real show. The opening is narrated by Classie Freddie Blassie. Why wasnít this PPV called Unforgiven? Because it was a similar opening as one year later.


Tag Team Title Match: Owen Hart and The British Bulldog VS The Legion Of Doom

Owen and the Bulldog are walking to Bretís music here tonight. Owen starts with Animal. Animal kicks away on Owen. Flying tackle gets the crowd heated up. Tie up and Owen starts hammering. Front face lock but is countered by Animal. Bulldog comes in as does Hawk. Hawk gets a clothesline and a fistdrop for 2. Bulldogís in the wrong corner and he takes a hammering. Flying tackle by Hawk and he gives the Fist to Owen. Bulldog counters a headdown and hits a clothesline. Vertical suplex by Bulldog. Owen comes in and hits a top rope axhandle. Sharpshooter attempt but Hawk kicks out. Clothesline by Hawk. Animal is in and he hits a powerslam for 2. Chinlock follows. We see Steve Austin enter the arena and gives crap to Pat Patterson as Animal press slams and crunches Owen. Hawk is back in and he hits a flying splash for 2. Both men collide in the corner as an LOD chant starts. Enzuguri by Owen. Bulldog is back in and he kicks away on Hawk. Snap mare into the chinlock by Davey Boy. He hits a knee in the gut. Owen is back in and he hooks the sleeper. Slam by Hawk but heís kicked in the back by Bulldog but Hawk throws Bulldog into owen. Animal comes in and they double team the bulldog. Suplex onto Animal and a top rope powerslam gets 3 at 6:55. BUT WAIT!! Mike Chioda comes in and tells Jack Doan that the Bulldog was not the legal man. The match must continue. And the Bulldog and Owen must get in or else theyíll lose the titles! 4 man brawl erupts and Animal counters a headdown on Bulldog. Owen makes a blind tag and hits a spinning heel kick on Animal. Illegal double team antic by the champs now. Neck breaker by Owen and a legdrop for 2. Bulldog comes in and Animal gets a sunset flip but the ref is distracted and he gets 2. Bulldog pounds on Animal and tags Owen. Owen hits a suplex. He goes to the top and misses a flying splash. Hawk gets the hot tag and he hammers on both champs but is caught by Owen. Hawk no sells a double clothesline and nails them both. 4 man brawl erupts and Bulldog is slammed on the steps. Hawk hits the Doomsday device on Owen but Bret Hart comes in and nails Hawk for the DQ at 10:14. Dumb ending there as well as a subpar match. *1/4. If you ask me Jack Doan must hate the Legion of Doom. (See Unforgiven 1998)


IC Title Match: Rocky Maivia VS Savio Vega (with the Nation)

If this were 1998 or later Rocky would say ďSavio, The Rock is gonna kick your candy ass all over Rochester!Ē But here he says ďSavio Vega to get this title youíre in for one hell of a fight.Ē He doesnít get much of a pop either. Rocky hammers on Savio and the nation while still holding the title to start. Nice arm drags by Rocky into the armbar. Farooq comes down with his arm in a sling and he does commentary. More armdrags by Rocky into the armbar. JR lets Farooq borrow his headset due to audio difficulties. Spinning heel kick in the corner by Savio to take control. Vince talks about running the gauntlet match with Ahmed Johnson VS all 3 nation members which would happen in the next PPV 3 weeks later. Rocky starts to fight back and hits a cross body for 2. Nerve pinch now by Savio. Small package by Rocky for 2 but he is kicked down. Choke hold by Savio back to the nerve pinch. Rocky blocks and hits a german suplex but the ref is distracted. Vega hits a spinning kick to the back. Hard chops by Savio and a hip toss for 2. Back to the nerve pinch again as I yawn. Rocky hits a backwards DDT but he canít cover and he does for 2. Right hands by Rocky but Savio rolls up Rocky for 2. He misses a charge in the corner and Rocky hits a back suplex. Belly to Belly for 2. Rock Bottom gets 2. Backslide gets another 2. Savio throws Rocky to the outside and Rocky lands on Crush and Crush hits the HEART PUNCH OF DEATH as a result and Rocky is counted out at 8:32. Another dumb ending to a subpar match *1/4. Savio is angry at Crush because Crush cost him the IC title. Farooq leaves the announce table and cools things off but then the Nation kicks away and beats up on Rocky. Ahmed Johnson comes in with a 2X4 to make the save and he accepts Farooqís challenge of running the gauntlet. Amazing that later that year, Ahmed and Rocky would each join the nation.


Dok Hendrix interviews Sable and an injured Marc Mero and Steve Austin enters the Mens bathroom and a beatdown ensues. Owen and the Bulldog run out of the bathroom and Dave Hebner tells Dok that he needs some help.


Jesse James VS Rockabilly (with The Honky Tonk Man)

THE NEW AGE OUTLAWS EXPLODE!! Honky wants to retaliate for Jesse destroying his own guitar. This is Billy Gunnís first appearance as Rockabilly as Honkyís new prostege. Jesse James was still saddled with his country singer gimmick. Billy is Honkyís new prostege despite nailing Honky 2 weeks earlier. Billy hammers on Jesse to start. Jesse gets a big hip toss and armdrag and a dropkick and he knocks Billy to the outside. He hits a flying forearm on the outside and taunts Honky. Billy stalls on the outside and Jesse comes out after him. Billy gets an eye poke though and hits a fameasser on a headdown by James. He stalls before covering for 2. He kicks on Jesse and hits a Rude Awakning and stalls before covering again for 2. Chinlock by Billy now. Jesse starts fighting back but takes another eye poke. Yawn! Billy misses a Stinger Splash though. How many moves is this guy gonna steal from other wrestlers? Jesse with some jabs and right hands. 10 punch count by Jesse and he hits 11. He hits a charge in the corner and Billy throws him to the outside. Back in Billy stalls some more and he is small packaged for the pin at 6:45. Yawner of a match here. DUD Honky misses a guitar shot on Jesse. At least these two guys survived their lame gimmicks and they went on to become one of the greatest tag teams of all time.


Steve Austin is shaken up after being beat up by Owen and the Bulldog in the bathroom but heís still angry as usual. President Gorilla Monsoon allows the match go last instead of next to allow Austin to recoup.


WWF Title Match: The Undertaker VS Mankind (with Paul Bearer)

Boy I donít know why this feud started again. Is it because UT is now the WWF champion? Mick Foley brings with him a fire extinguisher after throwing a fireball in his left eye weeks ago. Mankind jumps on UT to start it off. UT comes back and kicks away as it looks like UTís left side of his face is pale white. Mankind hammers on UT but UT sits up. They both go to the outside and UT throws Mankind to the rail twice. It looks now like a huge bandage over UTís burned eye. UT throws Mankind into the audience and into the rail once more and several more times. Back in UT hammers some more on Mankind. He goes to the top rope and hits a flying clothesline faking out Mick. He tries the Tombstone but he goes after Paul and it allows Mankind to nails UT with the Urn for 2. Mankind now pummels on UT and hits his running knee. UT starts pounding away again but Mankind hits a neckbreaker for 2. Armbar now by Mick and he goes into a camel clutch type hold. ďRest In PeaceĒ chant by the audience. UT fights back and he knocks Mankind to the outside. Mankind pulls him out and is rammed into the steps. Mankind grabs a water pitcher and shatters it over UT. He grabs a chair now and cracks it over UTís head. UT is into the rail and Mankind goes to the 2nd rope and drops the elbow outside! He tries to rip the bandage over the bad eye now. We get a look at the bad eye and itís pretty gruesome. Mankind kicks on UT in the corner. He hits a piledriver for 2. Mick continues to work on the left eye and hits another piledriver. UT starts to fight back with some wicked right hands. Flying clothesline. Mankind thrown into the corner and the ref is sandwhiched in between a charge and knocked out to the floor.. Mankind hooks the Mandible Claw but thereís no ref now. Jack Doan comes in and he gets the Mandible Claw as well. Just like I said Jack Doan canít catch a break. Paul throws a steel chair in the ring and Mankind takes the steps and puts them in the ring. But UT gets up and he dropkicks the steps onto Mankind. UT is up now and he takes a chair and whacks Mankind over the head with it. He throws Mankind onto the apron and his neck is caught. UT pulls off his mask and he takes the steps and nails Mankind from the apron all the way to the Spanish announce table head first!! Vintage Mick Foley right there folks! J They go back in and UT hits the Chokeslam for 2 as the ref is back up. UT signals for the Tombstone and he hits it for the pin at 17:24. Wicked match with some cool spots! ***1/2 UT stalks Paul Bearer now. He brings him to the ring stops Mankind and Paul as well.UT grabs the cigar lighter that Mankind tried to use and he burns Paulís face!! This would be the last time we would see Paul with black hair and a white face.


Steve Austin VS Bret Hart

This is a rematch from Wrestlemania XIII which featured a very bloody Steve Austin! Bret had turned heel by turning on the American wrestling fans and by reuniting with Owen Hart and the British Bulldog and forming a new Hart Foundation. Officals and Gorilla Monsoon come out however and send Owen and the Bulldog back to the locker room. They slug it out to start and Steve starts winning the battle. He hits an elbow. Suplex followed by a low kick. He chokes Bret on the 2nd rope and hits a double axhandle outside. Bret takes control however but gets rammed into the steps twice. Bret gets thrown into the other steps across the ring. Heís rammed into the rail and thrown over it. Steve hits an ax handle from the top of the rail. They go back to the aisleway and Steve hits a 2nd rope elbow for 2. Bret goes to the outside and Bret grabs a chair and brings it in the ring but is nailed by Steve. Steve grabs the chair now and Bret dropkicks him into the ref. Bret now uses the chair right on the injured right knee of Austin just like he did at Wrestlemania. Bret helps the ref back up and works on the bad knee of Austin. Austin starts fighting back though but takes an eyepoke. Bret with the Ringpost Figure Four which I love! He smacks the knee of Steve with a chair. Bret continues to work on the knee but Austin comes back and works but Bret comes back on the bad leg again. UPDATE Paul Bearer is being stretchered out of the arena! Bret takes off the knee brace of Austinís as the ref trips over for whatever reason. Austin is reeling in pain now. On the outside Bret continues to work on the bad knee. Back in Austin gets a low blow and a legdrop in the lower part. An elbow and Steve is choking Bret. He takes the tape off his wrist and tries to choke Bret out with it. Austin misses a 2nd rope elbow and Bret goes back to work on the bad knee. He now hooks the ankle under the 2nd rope stretching the hamstring. Steve clotheslines Bret on the top rope though and is suplexed back in. Bret hooks the Figure Four inside and Steve is almost pinned. Austin turns it over but Bret makes the ropes. Austin gives the bird to the ref but is kicked in the bad knee again. Bret takes Steve to the outside and Steve drops him over the rail into the audience. Austinís elbow is busted open. Austin drops Bret on the rail and hits an apron clothesline. Bret is whipped forward into the buckle and Steve pummels on him for a 2 count. Bret with a shoulderblock and Steve sets up a piledriver but his leg went out. Bret whips Austin and Austin goes down and Bret continues to hammer on the bad leg. Austin drops Bret face first on the top turnbuckle for a 2 count. Bret blocks the stunner and hits a low kick from behind. Bret sets up Austin on the top rope and hits his superplex right on Austinís brace. Bret sets up the sharshooter but Steve nails Bret with his leg brace and Steve hooks in the Sharpshooter on Bret. Owen and the Bulldog come out though but they get nailed. Steve hooks the Sharpshooter again but Bulldog comes in and nails Austin with a chair for the DQ at 21:07. Bad ending but another great matchup between these two. ****1/4 Bret grabs the ringbell but Steve nails Bret with a chair right in the knee and hooks the sharpshooter again! Owen and the Bulldog have to bring Bret out of the ring.


Summary: The first 3 matches sucked but the last 2 saved this show. So itís worth a look but nothing really outstanding. MILDLY RECOMMENDED