Nickrjís rant for Invasion Of The Bodyslammers


This is a Coliseum Video release from June 1993


Lord Alfred Hayes is your host. He is in a bowling alley with Kamala and Reverend Slick as Slick tries to teach Kamala how to bowl. Slick has a pair of bowling shoes for Kamala and Kamala is afraid of them.


Earthquake VS Yokozuna (with Mr. Fuji)

Jim Ross, Randy Savage and Bobby Heenan are doing commentary for all of these matches. This match is from Superstars and I hope itís quick. Yoko is wearing white instead of red here. They stall as Yoko gets a sumo stomp and Quake responds with his quake stomp. Staredown as I yawn. Yoko gets a shove and Quake retaliates. Quake gets some kicks and Yoko no sells a shoulderblock. Another one doesnít budge him that much. Quake drops Yoko down to one knee but takes an elbow and Yoko drops the leg on him. Yoko pounds on Quake and hits an avalanche and the Banzai drop finishes it at 3:42. Ask and ye shall receive DUD


The Nasty Boys Vs The Beverly Brothers

From Prime Time Wrestling. Jerry Sags starts it off with Blake. He powers him into the corner but Sags is caught with a right. Sags comes back with an elbow drop and he catches Bo. Bo comes in and hiptossed. Brian Knobbs comes in and hits an elbow. Sags is back in and works on the right arm as Knobs misses a charge. Knobs comes back with some rights and hits a faceslam and clotheslines Blake. They hit the pit stop on Bo (gross) but Blake catches him from behind and Bo hits a flying butt splash on the ropes. Bo hits a Rude Awakning and Blake hits a top rope double axehandle. Snapmare followed by a legdrop for 2. Blake hits a headbutt and a slam. He misses a 2nd rope splash but Bo catches Knobs. Bo hits a low blow. Knobs fights back in the wrong corner but takes a right from Bo and counters a headdown. Sags gets the hot tag and he pounds on Blake and hits a backdrop and hits Bo. He works on both Beverlyís and hits a double faceslam and a legdrop for 2. 4 man brawl now erupts and both teams are DQíd at 6:46. Terrible ending. 3/4*


Back at the Bowling alley, Kamala is still barefooted. Slick says that a good bowler needs his own ball. Slick gives Kamala a ball with the paintings on Kamalaís chest on it and he likes it


The Undertaker (with Paul Bearer) VS Razor Ramon

From PTW. Staredown to start and Ramon backs outside the ring and UT follows him. Razor gets back in and hammers on UT and he no sells it. UT with some thrust punches and he hits the top rope walking elbow. Razor kicks UT in the head and clotheslines him to the outside and UT no sells it too. He clotheslines Razor on the top rope. He chokes Razor on the top rope. Razor places him on the top rope and UTís to the outside. He rams him face first into the post and the steps outside. Back inRazor hits a sidewalk slam and drops several elbows and steals the urn and UT sits up and is nailed by the urn. Razor covers UT for 2 and he no sells it. UT hits the chokeslam and Razor just leaves the ring and is counted out at 5:03. Iíd like to see him be pinned cleanly but whatever.1/4*


Typhoon VS Bam Bam Bigelow

Tie up and Bam Bam gets a waistlock. Typhoon breaks it up. Side headlock by Bammer and they bump into each other. Bammer runs into a powerslam. Bammer takes a breather outside. Back in Bammer kicks Typhoon but misses a charge and is slammed. They each miss moves and Bammer sends Typhoon into the turnbuckle. He slowly goes to work on Typhoon and gets a front facelock. Typhoon comes back but Bammer blocks a suplex attempt. Bammer hits a suplex for 2. Chinlock follows. Typhoon gets his shoulder up the third time and gets up and rams some elbows but goes right back down. Bammer hits a falling headbutt for 2. Typhoon comes down on a slam and clothelines Bammer twice. He hits an avalanche in the corner and he hesitates before going for the splash. He gets caught by a knee in the corner and a clothesline. Bammer hits the diving head butt from the top for the pin at 7:28. Yawner DUD


At the alley. Slick bowls a strike and tries to get Kamala to do the same but Kamalaís more enthralled with his ball.


The Repo Cam segment is next. A father is taping his wife and son with his video camera and Repo Man comes out and asks the father to spend a day with him in order to keep his camper and camcorder. Theyíre in a parking lot and Repo steals a Cadillac and throws a man out because the guy is late on his payments. The father and Repo go for a ride to a park and Repo steals a kidís bike. At a video store and Repo wants to steal it too. He talks to the owner and he puts in a tape of his greatest hits. On the tape we see Repo steal a car. He breaks into a garage and steals another car. Back at the video store Repo finally decides to go home but not before stealing the camcorder. Pretty funny stuff here.


IC title Match: Bret Hart VS Shawn Michaels (with Sensational Sherri)

From the summer of 1992 on PTW. They tie up and Shawn gets an armdrag. Shawn goes to the right arm and takes down Bret. Bret with a knip up but Shawn grabs the hair. A sequence of elbow tie ups and Bret takes Shawn to the outside. Bret brings Shawn back in and hits a legdrop on the shoulder into an armbar. Shawn gets a right hand in the corner. Bret comes back with a clothesline for 2. Back to the armbar. Shoulderblock but is kneed in the gut. Shawn takes advantage now and he rams Bret hard into the turnbuckle. He chokes him with his foot on the throat. Sherri gets a cheapshot. Shawn hits a sitting butt splash on the ropes and a high knee for 2. Chinlock follows. Bret powers out of it but is hairpulled once again. Bret gets up again and takes a superkick. Bret blocks the back suplex and gets a right hand. Shawn runs into a boot and takes a 2nd rope clothesline. Bret hits an inverted atomic drop and a back clothesline for 2. He hits his backbreaker followed by a 2nd rope elbow for 2. Bret hooks the sleeper and Shawn pulls both himself and Bret to the outside where they slug it out. Shawn gets an eye rake and gets back in. Sherri grabs Bretís leg and Shawn sends Bret into the rail and Bret is counted out at 8:51. Disappointing ending to an otherwise good match. *** Shawn thinks heís won the title but he didnít so he nails the ref and Bret pound on Shawn and sends him outside.


Slick shows Kamala about timing and Slick bowls another strike. He tries to get Kamala to bowl but he still canít let go of his ball. Slick grabs a silver ball and tries to give it to Kamala.


Kamala (with Reverend Slick) VS Doink

From Wrestling Challenge. Doink comes out with a present. Kamala pats his belly and Doink tries to give the present to Kamala and puts it down in the corner and nails Kamala and goes to the armbar. He trips Kamala and continues with the armbar and hits a clothesline. Back to the armbar and he pokes him. Kamala comes back with a kick and he starts pounding on Doink and chops him to the outside. Kamala chases Doink outside the ring and Doink grabs the present again and gives it to Kamala and gets inside the ring. Kamala opens it and finds nothing and is counted out at 3:20. Wowwee that was bad DUD. Kamala pounds Doink as a result and hits the big splash.


Undertaker (with Paul Bearer) VS Papa Shango

From Superstars and why do we need another UT match on this tape? JR wonders why UT is so popular (Good for him.) They stall to start and staredown which has been a popular move on this tape. Papa gets a choke hold and UT does the same. Shango runs into a boot and takes a top rope walking elbow. UT no sells a headdown and slams Papa and misses an elbow. Shango clotheslines UT outside and the crowd is dying. UT comes back with a stungun. Shango comes back with the FIREWORKS OF DOOM coming out of his club. He pounds on UT outside the ring and hits him with a chair. He throws UT into the steps. They go back in and Papa continues to hammer on UT. He slams UT and UT now sells it. UT no sells another slam and a third one. Papa with some elbowdrops and UT sits up again and hits a flying clothesline. He hits the chokeslam and pins him at 6:29. Major yawn fest -*


Slick still tries to give Kamala the silver ball. He tells Kamala to roll the ball and not throw it. Kamala takes the silver ball and runs down the lane with the ball.


16 Man Battle Royal

From Monday Night Raw on 2/1/93

The Partipants are The Bezerker, Koko B. Ware, Kimchee, Kamala, Tatanka, Tito Santana, Razor Ramon, Shawn Michaels, Bob Backlund, Typhoon, Owen Hart, Terry Taylor, Skinner, Damian Damento, Some guy in black and Giant Gonzalez who is not in it.


Everyone pounds on each other which is usual. The jobber in black is eliminated first by Bob Backlund I guess. Koko almost gets Shawn out but he is backdropped out by Shawn. Bezerker pounds on Santana. Damento goes to work on Typhoon. Santana tries to get Taylor out. Shawn is almost out again. Typhoon clotheslines Skinner out. Damento is gone via Kamala. Bezerker gets Owen Hart out and is almost out by Santana but he gets a low blow. Kamala kicks Bezerker out. Shawn tries to eliminate Tito. Typhoon and Kimchee get Kamala out and Kamala gets back in and throws Kimchee out. They go thru the audience and brawl. They also go thru the balcony of the Manhattan center. Commercial follows in which both Backlund and Taylor are eliminated. We come back and Shawn backdrops Typhoon out. Down to 4 men. Santana, Tatanka, Razor and Shawn. The same 2 guys who would face in the classic ladder match are now teaming up to take on Tatanka and Santana. Razor knees Santana in the corner and Shawn is pounding on Tatanka. Santana hits the flying forearm on Razor but is stopped by Shawn. Razor is resting while Tatanka and Santana pound away on Shawn and they dump him out. Razor catches Tatanka from behind but is caught by Santana. They both work on Razor but Giant Gonzalez comes into the ring and he easily eliminates Tatanka as Razor goes under the bottom rope and he throws out Santana and he eliminates himself by stepping over the top rope to end the match at 13:08. Razor Ramon is the winner and this was a pretty good battle royal until the end. *3/4


Tatanka VS Repo Man

From PTW.They tie up in the corner. Tie up again and Repo gets some shots. Tatanka reverses a hiptoss and hits 2 dropkicks. Repo gets to the outside. He comes back in and Tatanka gets an armbar and legdrops him on it. He gets a wristlock and trips him. Shoulderblock and a sloppy crossbody only gets one. Armdrag back to the hammerlock. Tatanka gets a sunset flip and ducks out of a punch and he rolls him up for 2. Back to the armbar. Tatanka with some chops in the corner and he misses a spinning cross body. Repo now takes control. He works on the right arm. Tatanka gets up and is brought back down. Tatanka gets up again and hits some chops and hits a falling chop in the eyes and sells it. Repo takes a shot from the second rope. Tatanka hits a chop and a clothesline and starts the wardance and hits some more chops and a slam. He goes to the top and hits a clothesline for 2 ĺ. Repo blocks a roll up and Repo misses a clothesline and Tatanka hits the fallaway slam for the pin at 7:43. Decent matchup *1/2


Kamala is ready to bowl but he drops the ball as he goes back.


Mr. Perfect VS Ric Flair

Iím looking forward to this one. Perfect gets 2 shoves and slaps him. Henning gets a shoulderblock. Flair with a sideheadlock and he is drop toe holded and is slapped again. Tie up in the corner and Flair gets a knee and a chop. He puts Henning into the turnbuckle and he oversells it. Perfect gets a backdrop and a dropkick and he clotheslines him to the outside. Test of Strength and Flair pokes Perfect in the eyes and Flair sends him into the corner again and Perfect oversells it. Flair with a snapmare followed by a kneedrop for 2. Flair gets some right hands. Flair with some jabs in the corner and some more chops. They slug it out and Perfect runs into a boot. Flair goes to the top and is slammed off the top for 2. Perfect misses an elbow and they slug it out again. Flair blocks something and hooks the Figure Four and uses the ropes for leverage. Perfect turns it over but Flair breaks it. Both men are limping now. Flair goes after the weakened leg of Perfect and Perfect fights back. They hits some chops on each other. Perfect hits some jabs of his own and Flair begs. Perfect does the 10 punch count. He hits a backdrop. He sends Flair upside down and outside the ring. Perfect clotheslines Flair and they go back in. Perfect hits a lariat. Flair sends Perfect in the ropes but puts his head down and Perfect hooks the Perfect Plex for the pin at 10:51. Good match as I expected ***1/2


Slick fumes over his inability to teach Kamala how to bowl and then Kamala bowls a strike although its obvious someone else bowled it for him.


Summary: Well this was a pretty mediocre tape. There were a couple of good matches and the rest was pretty much forgettable stuff. MILD RECOMMENDATION TO AVOID