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Nickís Links page


Youíre leaving? Thatís okay, here are some of my favorite links


Major League Baseball

I love baseball. This website has all the details and news on the stories of everyday MLB.

I also love football. Hereís all of the news and stories plus team pages.


Tim Connollyís Loogslair

Iíve traded with Tim three times and he pretty much shares the same interests I do.


David Livingstonís Game Show Galaxy

Iíve also traded with David three times. We talk most of the time on AOL and he likes Game Shows and Sports just like me.


Matt Kaiserís College Of Game Show Knowledge

Matt is one of the best game show people out there. Heís got a huge collection and he has pages on Double Dare (CBS)

The Challengers and Play The Percentages.


Nick Nostagala Site

This is a website that exploits the golden days of the Nickelodeon cable network. It was a lot better then than it is now.


Classic Nick Homepage

Another website of Classic Nick except there is a lot more detail here.


Hitman383ís Rant Center

This guy does a lot of Wrestling rants and he does them much better than I do. J


The Internet Movie Database

Anything you want to know about your favorite movies are right here. Also I put up some reviews for some movies on here.


The Price Is Right Season Summaries

All the news everyday on TPIR!


AtariGuide Ė The Atari Collectors Resource

I bought an Atari from here! Those who love the old Atari 2600 will love this website!


More to come soon.