Last Update June 30th 2004


†††††† 363 Game Show Episodes on 40 tapes

†††††† 51 Nickelodeon Episodes on 19 tapes


UPDATE! I have currently suspended all trading. I have found a full time job so Iíll be working on that more often. I will not accept any trade offers at this point. I apologize for any inconvience.


Welcome to my collection! If you want to make a deal e-mail me at


I do have some rules though.


  1. DO NOT ASK FOR MONEY!! I do not sell tapes. If you ask me for money youíll be ignored.


  1. If you donít have any game shows or Nickelodeon shows. You can send me something else instead. Hereís my want list


Any Wrestling show major or minor from WWF or NWA/WCW I donít have from 1998-before (Check my wrestling rants page.)

Nintendo Cartoons I have plenty of Mario Cartoons so send me your ep list first


3.     Usually I record eps in SLP (EP) Mode. If you want a different quality setting let me know.


4.     Donít send me your want list right away. Ask me first if you want to trade with me and Iíll look at your collection and see if itís ok.


Thanks to all who made my collection possible


Tim Connolly (Tapes 1, 10, 17.1-17.6 and N1)

Chris Jaunsen (Tapes 2 and N3)

Matt Kaiser (Tape 3)

Jason ďJ-MANĒ Colflesh (Tapes 4 and 5)

Charles Donegan (Tape 6)

Imad Khuri (Tapes 7 and 12)

J.W. Justice (Tape 8.1-8.6)

David Livingston (Tapes 9 16.1-16.6 and 32)

Adam Marchese (Tape 11)

Tony Harrison (Tape 13)

Kenneth Hawkins (Tape 14 and the theme songs)

Brian Lesko (Tape 15.1-15.6)

Andrew Kudey/Bob Staub (Tapes 33 and 39)

Heather Huston (Tape N8)

Maryanne Cunliiffe (Tape 34)

Andrew Grieve (Tapes 37 and N9)

Michael Kriese (Tape 38)

Ray Dinally (Tape 40)

Chris Wannagat (Tape 41)


Now onto my Collection!


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